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    And the last thing I saw Craig Reynolds doing was a NASCAR show.

    The guy who owns Schneider BMX is a race car fabricator, as well.

    I remember running into old BMXers on Friday nights at Raceway Park all the time.

    Kenny Martin is a automotive speed nut, as well.

    I think there’s a pattern here.

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    John, holy cow, the Mongoose! Yeah, I think that was the bike you used. I had the Diamond Back, Harry Leary Turbo by then.

    I still have a picture of that bike with my WWBA, green, novice, number plate. I remember dad laughing about you having to race a girl. Classic. Are you sure you beat her? 😀

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    Yeah, John. Get off your @ss and get back on the bike!

    in reply to: NJ BMX Heroes Non-riders, riders, companies. #35436

    Scavone’s Bike Shop
    SMB (Steve’s Moped and Bicycles)
    TNT Bikes

    in reply to: Best NJ teams before "RAD" #35435

    My brother and I were on both of these teams:

    Scavone’s (Bellville/Bloomfield)in the early to mid-80’s.
    SMB (Dumont) in the mid to late 80’s.

    They weren’t as dominant as teams like DJ’s, but people knew who we were.

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    Cool flyer! Great idea!

    Another thing I do is keep old copies of the ABA/NBL rags in your car. I always seem to catch attention when I’m goofing around at a track (Most of Colorado’s tracks are in public parks and are open to anyone duirng park hours, and a porky, old, balding guy flying around the track like he just got shot out of a cannon tends to do that.). I almost always strike up a converstaion with a parent or two. Being that I don’t race as much as I’d like, I don’t have all of the answers for them, but the ABA/NBL papers can get them going in the right direction much quicker than I can by saying, “uh, I dunno.”

    Just my .02

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    Right on! Keep that torch lit!

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    I’ll be leaving Colorado on the night of the 25th. I should be there on the 27th. I’ll be staying in Union, with my family. I’ll be there until Nov.4 or 5. I’m mainly coming out to go fishing, but I’ll probably tie a couple bikes to the rack, as well. The sprockets are in my fishing tackle crate, so I won’t forget them. PM me if you want to meet up that week.

    in reply to: New Sanction for BMX Racing (and Freestyle) #35232

    Erick, you’ve got some great ideas with this. With the hatred between the ABA and NBL in full swing out here, I’d love to be the stick in the spokes and start talking BMX blasphemy to both camps. My two cents, if it’s worth even that:

    TV coverage is tough. First off, other than Louisville, Pittsburg, Woodward, Orlando, are there really any tracks that are worthy of filming? And how many of these big, fast tracks can be covered with a small camera crew? John, chime in on this. You know much more about this than I do.

    The 2 man/4 man gate thing sounds a lot like mountaincross/dual slalom. I like the 8 man system,mostly because I’m used to it and it’s more fun having eight of your friends smack into you in the first turn than four, but also because it does differentiate us from the MTB scene.

    While I ldo ike the tracks of today, mainly because they’ve forced me to be a better rider, I do miss the sprinting aspect of the final straight from the old school days. And BAN those f**king clips! The MTBers are pretty clear that a mountain bike has gears (unless your into 24 hr. MTB rides) and front and rear brakes. Track bikes have definitive rules about their bikes being fixed gear. These rules define both the bike and the historical aspect of the sport. I think that we should make clear that a BMX bike is completely rigid, has only a rear brake, and NO CLIPS!

    If you can devise a points and transfer system that works and makes most happy, consider running for President.

    As far as the pro thing goes, pros need an incentive to show up to a local race. Enter the almighty dollar. Let’s face it, 100% payback with four or five riders, just sucks! If I was a local businesses and knew that I could get some mileage out of a modest investment, ie, banners, ad space in a BMX newesletter/website, etc., then donating a few hundred bucks into a purse would do wonders to get local pros off their butts and ride. Construction companies, for one reason or another, also tend to be good sources of pro donations. In Colorado, the pros here kept themselves busy by running their own 50/50 for the purse, and also held $5 clinics in order to help the youngsters and put some gas in the tank for the drive home, and relied on the sporadic generosity of a local business owner who wanted to see a few testosterone-laden kids tear each other apart for a few bucks. Maybe a local-oriented pro series, sponsored by a real estate agency, or something of the sort?

    The ABA has always outdone the NBL with regards to national events. The difference is that the NBL is bound to non-excitement (non-profit) status, and the ABA relies on capitalism. Compare the lower end of your FM radio dial to the upper end. Which do you listen to more often? What happened to the real War of the Stars series?
    I wore holes in the national event shirts I owned.

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    By default, Colorado has been doing this type of thing for quite some time. No real advertising/marketing, the MTBers just show up and decide to practice first, then race. Some have even sold their DH and DS rigs and got into the sport full time because i”t’s so much cheaper and so much more down to earth.” Not my words, but the words of a converted MTBer. I’d have to agree with him, though.

    The MTB scene was great for indoors racing, when the DH and DS seasons are done. Scary part is when the roadies think it’s a good idea to get on a BMX bike. Entertaining for almost everyone but the medics. All that speed and no coordination makes a 17 Novice moto look like an Elite Class Main.

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    NICE! I didn’t mean to add fuel to the fire, but since I already did, what took you so long?

    in reply to: cylinder 6, and Dayton Ohio #35092

    Back in the days before cars grew computers, this wasn’t a problem. I love cars, but I feel your pain.

    in reply to: BMX Plus on the 1982 35 over class… #35047

    I was 10 years old when that article was written. I remember reading that and wondering if I’d still be riding/racing when I turned 35. I would’ve never guessed that the answer would be yes.

    in reply to: Old School New Jersey pros #35008

    There was also “Fast Eddie” Clark, who raced pro from 1983-1985 or so. I don’t know where in Jersey he was from, but I do remember meeting up with him at several nationals those years. He was a blast to hang out with. Funny as he** and always had a good attitude. I think he rode for DJ’s.

    Also, there was Jason Alvarez. He was from Cranford. I think he turned pro sometime in the early 80’s. I ran into him at the original Cranford Trails 20-something years ago, when I first started racing. I sold him some fishing gear back in the early 90’s. He said he still had his bike, then, but there was too much dust on it to ride.

    He used to hang out with Christine Lisnock, one of the first female pros in the state. I think Cathy Schacel was the first, though.

    I got busted by the Cranford PD with Christine. Charges – elluding a police officer and careless driving on a bicycle. We were minding our own business in the center of town, when the cops started chasing us for no reason. Bastards. Actually, I think they confused us with a group of skaters who were messing with a parking lot gate. We were so used to getting chased, we just booked. Dumb move. I didn’t have my DL at the time, so the judge hit me with a $50 fine. Christine got a fine and points on her license.

    I think I’d rather have Brad Sheply’s speeding ticket from Pittsburg, though. I think it was 52 in a 35 on his 20″. That’s the rumor I heard, anyway.

    in reply to: 40 tooth old school redline gear #34962

    I have a 40T and a 43T sitting in my Diamond Back Turbo sprocket bag. If you’re interested, make me an offer plus shipping from Colorado, or wait a month until I come out for my annual pilgrimage.

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