#RememberThis- More PA AFA Footage

ou gotta watch these 20+ year old videos of flatland from the late 80’s. The riding stands up to today and the amount of riders pushing the envelope in flatland chilling around the contest area is amazing. Here’s some video of Jay Jones, Craig LePage (flatlands first World Champion) So… Here’s Craig LePage at Woodhaven […]

#RememberThis- Lost Footie of a Charlie Huber PA AFA Flatland Comp 1989

Rodney Morweiser of Grove Street brought this to our attention. Scope out the flatland being dropped in this thing from 1989….TWENTY ONE years ago…almost 22. Names in there, East Coast Flat Legends: Jay Jones, Mike Smeed, Sean Leslie, Leslie Freud, Ross Smith….crazy. This video was actually taken when I was the “manager” of the General […]