This weekends sponsor. Also thank you to NJBMX Inc. for their inclusion of the holeshot award. This series would not be possible without the many unpaid volunteers who help out.

1- Delizia, Phil $103.50 + $100 Holeshot
2- Kelty, Matt $86.00
3- Farside, Rich $62.00
4- Tantum, Jeff $34.00
5- Knapper, Jeremy $31.00
6- Weimar, Steven $27.50
7- Dawejko, Stosh
8-Moore, Jimmy

Video of Round 1

Stosh, Jimmy, Phil, Timmy and the men of the Pro-Am Open
Tantum leading, Moore skying, Sullivan hiding
Philly D in space, Weimar wishing he was where Phil is, Farside wondering how he got to the semi.
Rich Farside