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    May 24, 1986, 16 novice at Deptford on my Diamond Back Super Streak. I got something like 5th out of 6 in my first moto but I’ll never forget the feeling I had. I came across the line and thought, boy that was fun. I had been all around and done all the things in life any 16 year old had done but nothing ever made me feel like that. It was like I was alive for the very first time. I guess that’s what keeps us all doing it 20 years later.

    I made the main and in my class was this 6’3, 135 lb, squirrelly ass black kid. We were side by side rolling through the doubles coming out of the first turn when he lets out a yell and falls, letting his bike go. Well his bike kept going so here I was, racing a ghost ridden bike down the second straight. The thing kept going halfway down the straight right next to me until it decided to swerve into me and take me out. Not only was the rider a squirrel but his bike was too!

    I was so furious and I vowed to beat him the next week. I did and I won. Good times.


    First race ….. 7 years old, englishtown. I raced a girl…. just the two of us…… i kicked her butt woo hoo! George, do you remember what kind of bike i had….. was it the mongoose??


    @DigetyelaD wrote:

    my first race ever was in howell in 79 maybe 80 still got my first place trophy in my room. my first race back in flemington in 1993 mike nunn pimped my i was so mad i wanted to fight him .now he is one of my best friends alot of my real close friends are from bmx the lynch mob will never die.

    Back when you liked some stoner surfer. I thought you were gonna get all point break on me and give me the locals only speach and jump me. I am sure over the 10 period we raced you got me back at least once!!!! Remember this one— Hey pete you should have worn knee pads!!!!!!!–


    @CrazyCraig wrote:

    Mikey goes from getting pimped to doing the pimping…

    Gee Mike, did you pick up some “skills” riding with the Wrecking Crew in 1989??? 🙄

    There is a shall i say agressiveness that was common among not only the wrecking crew team but all braddock locals that never will go away.


    Easy one for me. Last year at cjbmx. Nervous as hell. Don’t remember what i got oh yeah last!! But that day set the footwork for me. Now I am hooked. Me on my first day. Brett remember this?


    1978 Vineland, NJ
    NBA Scwhinn Tour
    I wasn’t a NBA member so the person in the sign up booth told me I had to race Expert. I had no clue what that was, since I never raced before.
    Had Jeff Utterback in my moto, I remembered his name from the one issue of Bicycle Motocross Action I owned.
    Crashed over this set of jumps, they had three of them in a row. (Later found out they were called triples). Well trying to keep up with 15 experts on my 4 1/2 cranks on my Schwinn Stingray was impossible – but I didnt know that.
    I didnt even know what my gears where or what that meant. Freewheel? What didnt everyone use Bendix coaster brakes?
    The crash knocked the joffa off the track helmet I was borrowing and I got 3 stitches in my chin, but at least that got us to know the Zeuners.

    That was the old track with the low starting hill.
    I watched with awe as Porky Mayes just pedaled thru them over the next year or two. I vowed to do that and by the time Langleys picked me up I could pedal thru those puppies also.


    john salzman is my hero.. union crew represent


    Sunday afternoon, June 27, 1982. Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ.

    Seems to me there is a dragstrip still there!


    John, holy cow, the Mongoose! Yeah, I think that was the bike you used. I had the Diamond Back, Harry Leary Turbo by then.

    I still have a picture of that bike with my WWBA, green, novice, number plate. I remember dad laughing about you having to race a girl. Classic. Are you sure you beat her? 😀


    It was the summer of 1976 and it was the last race of the season at the Berm Busters MX track in Millville NJ. The girls age groups back then were 9-12 years old and 13 and up. I was twelve and Jennie Zeuner and Donna Elliot were the nine-year-olds who had previously dominated the class. They weren’t happy to have someone show up and take away the big trophy, but almost by default, I walked away with the first. There were so few girls that we soon all became friends and Jenn and I still keep in touch.

    I just realized that was 30 years ago. Um uh, maybe it was ’86 not ’76…

    Donna’s dad ran the track and her Uncle’s family, the Veale’s, owned Action Enterprises- the only BMX shop anywhere for miles. I bought my red, hi-ten DG from them the week before that race. Total cost $167. It was a coaster-brake model with an Ashtabula flat-bladed fork. Quite the rocket. Wish I knew where it was.

    Hey, Erick, thanks for tuning me in to this site! Caveman- when are you gonna road ride with us again? Rich Farside- long time no see. Like 20-some years…


    Patty hasnt forgotten her roots!
    1976 Millville. NBA or NBL?
    Was that track different from the one in Millville in 1979 when I started racing there? The ’79 track was in a grass feild, I think it may have had a fence along the first straight but not even sure about that. It had a few trees between the track and the cars.
    I know in 80 or 81 it moved to inside the fairgrounds race track. That was the track that had the off camber turn.

    Yeah that old DG would be nice to have now.

    What other tracks ran in 76 and 77. Was Millville, New Jerseys first track?

    I went to Mr. Veales house once. I remember he was a Ham radio operator. I believe AER was run out of his garage. They had red white and blue uniforms and a cool logo.


    Millville was Number One.


    The first Millville track (NBL) ran through the woods a bit. They only raced a few seasons as there was an argument with some riders/parents and the guy who ran the track. Mr. Elliot shut the track down over the argument. My dad said they even had an expo planned for Vet Stadium and they canceled that, too.

    AER was in the Veale’s basement, I think, and my jersey was white and yellow- but that was early on- they probably switched colors.

    I have a few folks I can call to get some of the dates more in line. I’m sure Greg Ferguson will have some good answers for me. We met him at the first Millville track. I’ll quiz brother Jim, too, he has a great memory for all things BMX.


    first of all is that xbmxchick Patty Woodworth. If it is I deffinatly remember her. Now my first race was January 28, 1983 Egg harbor City BMX Heaven. I raced 14beginer and didnt make it out of my motos (ABA). They raced three times on the weekends. I was told my first night by my parents that I was only allowed to race once a week that changed after three weeks. the next friday night I made the main and got second. The following friday I got second. Raced the next day (sat) got second. Was asked if I would like to ride for Beacon(I was stoked). Then on suday that week I won my first main.


    First race was the WWBMXA National at Action Park 81 or 82. It was a Mud-fest. Ran 10 beg on my sweet Fuji Orange Peel with my Go Pro padded denim race pants and some volley ball elbow pads. Made the main and took 3rd. Second race was at Englishtown and got beat by Mark Zelewski….all was going great until my third race at Oakland with my new Hannah Pro full face helmet (to replace the open face motorcyle lid) crashed hard and scratched up the new skid lid…….1st win came later that year at E town on my new GT…came close before that at that Island Dragway track….

    I just got my daughter an Old School GT junior to build up. Needs a stem and bars, but has red Dura ace cranks and a red Bullseye BB.

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