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    When I first started in the 1970’s AER (Millville,NJ) and Pedalers East (Vineland, NJ) and Petes (Flemington, NJ) dominated.

    Alot of good South Jersey riders rode for DG and SE and later Hutch.
    Alot of good North Jersey riders rode for Thruster, Redline or other Factorys. But I dont remember them having a dominate Bike shop team. Probably cause most of them raced NBA and i didn’t.
    Bike World and Breille Cyclery had some teams I remember.

    Around 1980/81 Langleys (Vineland,NJ), Wooden Wheels (Deleware) and Action Wheels (Woodbury, NJ)
    where the dominate teams.

    Anyone add to the list of the top teams BITD???


    My brother and I were on both of these teams:

    Scavone’s (Bellville/Bloomfield)in the early to mid-80’s.
    SMB (Dumont) in the mid to late 80’s.

    They weren’t as dominant as teams like DJ’s, but people knew who we were.


    I still have my old Wooden Wheels jerseys. I wore one in practice at the MA ABA national.

    What about Cycle Works out of PA? (Chase Diget rode for them)


    NICE!!!! Rocking the MULLET!!!!!!!! 😆


    North Jersey Shops:

    At one time Marty’s Reliable Cycle sported a good team and a couple went on to the early Factory Thruster team. Mike Hundorf (spelling may not be correct) was one of them. Mike was a bad a** out of Morristown. That was back when Craigmeur was rockin.

    Cliffside Cycle: Pete Woghelmuth and me both rode for them, with Pete staying on longer than me.

    Action Wheels

    The Original Bike Shop

    JV Bicycle (James Vincent)

    Cosmic Wheel

    Help me out my Braddock brutha’s, I know there were more than this.

    Heck, I remember when Beacon Bike Shop had a pretty big team in South Jersey.

    …and, although not a bike shop team, there was this wild bunch called the Wrecking Crew that did some damage back in 1989…. but that is another story…


    What was that team Brian Shute used to ride for B-4 Acition Wheels ???


    😆 Nothing like air in the hair!


    Holy sh*t that crossup, that hair, that pic screams Kevin Hull.


    als bicycle shop

    that was my 1st sponsor

    thats some braddock shit


    I rode for Scovone’s in ’80-’81 and John got me hooked up with a Thruster co-sponsership which led to a full factory ride the next two seasons. I worked there as well from ’81-’84. John and Marie were great people.


    ahahaahaa nice shorts Jess. Thank god i wasnt born yet! If i wore anything like that, i’d have to beat the sh*t out of myself.


    Chase was with Cycle works or Canon cycles. Chris Canon, Franky K from NY, Chase, Mark Sterious, I forget the tall A pro they had. They spent alot of time at Drexel Brook on the trails. Pretty good team at the time around when they ran Lums Pond in DE. Track raced in March and April so you could get ready for the nationals.

    Pedaller Bike shop was pretty good back then to when Joyce owned the shop and was healthy. Dave and Karen Clymer, Brett Hendricks, Keith Taylor, Keith Herd, Jason Lonergan, Dave Mocross.

    I probably killed the spelling on most of the names.

    Someone needs to bring back those Crit plates, bigger and heavier than most bikes now a days! Them or Zeronie Landing Panels need to come back.


    Rock on Jess!!!! You know you’re a hardcore BMXer when you suit up and ride your bike through the living room. He is soooo Kevin Hull. I think that’s the BMX Action cover shot taken from the other side. 😀 Yeah, you weren’t NBL unless you rode a Cyclecraft with a Crit Plate on it.

    Drew Jenkins, trail boss at Drexelbrook was the A pro that rode for Cycle Works. He had stupid, crazy, mad, def, illegal skill.

    Where the heck was DJ’s based out of? All I ever knew was that Lynch, Salzman and Warnicke rode for them. Cool looking jerseys.


    About 3 miles from where I work.
    There is a public skatepark 2 blocks from there.
    That doesn’t allow bikes.


    That old Wooden Wheels jersey looks new to me lol. That was after I had already moved to Cal. The old old ones were Blue and Yellow. Greg Ferguson is still around and I bet he has shots of him in the old uniforms.
    DJs was just getting big if I remember around the time i left. Didnt they have the red,yellow, blue uniforms?
    Beacon forgot about them. They had the Yellow/Black/Red/White uniforms from what I remember.

    thought Id throw in this old school Kuwahara shot speaking of kool uniforms

    It was taken at Ascot in Southern California, not far from BMXA.

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