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    that some people higher up on the “food” chain concerning BMX racing in NJ are starting to take a notice to this little off the wall site here…or at least I’m hoping!
    This post is hopefully directed right at you guys and gals! (Hi Lisa!)
    You’re seeing a lot of bickering and nonsense, your typical interweb board B.S., but make no doubt that every single RIDER you see here has a very big interest in returning BMX to it’s glory days.
    The question becomes “Why”?
    We grew up and learned so much from this “sport” above and beyond racing or riding, the biggest thing we learned, having an open mind.
    You have here on this board at least 8-10 EXCELLENT minds in the world of BMX waiting to be tapped. Hayden, Farside, Ant, Wilson, EVEN the guys who are a little agitated with each other, still have a common goal.
    To bring NEW blood into the sport, we are desperately wanting to be listened to, no joke.
    On behalf of all these guys I would respectfully ask that you let us in on the board meetings or start having board meetings again so that we may start to give you some excellent insight.
    I’m about to get nasty…
    I personally knew 2 guys who ABSOLUTELY LOVED BMX and died IN LOVE WITH BMX, and I’m starting to get a little upset remembering both of,
    Bob Warnicke, who without him I would not have the job I have today, and Charlie Huber who was with CJBMX from almost day one.
    These 2 men did everything they could to promote racing, riding, freestyling in any way possible and most times did it out of their own pockets.
    I KNOW that if these guys were alive today they would be asking what is going on with racing in NJ?! A majority of riders don’t get listened to? Other people put conditions on things without just sitting down and talking like 2 friends who share the same interest.
    Close your eyes and wake up thinking like a brand new racer that has never been to the track before, are things too intimidating to a new rider? can a new rider find all the information they need easily? I have sent new riders to the tracks, they get discouraged because there is no place today for true beginners at our tracks.
    I am going to ask again, when is the next state meeting?
    You see all these guys, they want to give input, they want to help at the track, but you can’t ask people to come out and help and then when the majority has an idea not listen to them, it will not bring volunteers back.
    We’re here, we’re ready.
    I’ll be at HC on saturday for a few, you guys can hit me with a shovel there, and of course I’ll be at CJ on sunday for my usual slapdown.


    bob warnike fucking ruled..he was a great guy.. and you know.. he still is.. cause he rides with me everytime i race


    Bob Warnicke asked me to come out and do shows at the Bicycling Hall of Fame 2 years in a row.
    He told me, “Brett, We’re gonna get some BMX guys in here some day and I’m gonna make sure the first one is Stu Thomsen”
    I want you all to know you would have been proud.
    Two gnarly BMX guys sitting there at that first awards ceremony that actually let “BMX guys” behind their doors hanging with all those suits and ties.
    Being nice, being cool, but still being 100% BMX.


    I’d also like to ask all the board members to please come over and join the site!
    I will assure you ONE thing.
    I WILL never let anyone bash anybody on the NJBMX b od because you all go through a lot of s…stuff.
    On the other hand, it’s pretty obvious our opinions can get pretty…opinionated!


    Bob was a hell of a guy I was upset when I heard he past. I wasn’t involved then. But he really cared. He called me one day, to tell me I was suspended and the letter was coming from the NBL. I knew what I did was wrong, he didn’t lecture, he was well a real gentleman about it. But even better was that when I was allowed back it was over, move on RIP Bob, if there are tracks in Heaven, the show is running smoothly cause of you


    bill yet another thing we have in common.. bob suspended me from the nbl also.. hahaha.. at a 1990 state qualifier i went off on linda luden.. i fporget why.. but i really went off on her.. and they suspended me for like 3 months.. hahaha

    i miss being 16


    I feel honored that every time i raced a national and Linda Dorsey announced the race my name was forever attached to bob warnicke because of our matching DJ’s Cycle uniforms. I got to know Bob pretty well. A great man he was. Evenwhen I made a rare apppearance and raced I was doing if for TNT …..and Bob Warnicke.

    Thanks Linda!


    is that john salzman?????

    if it is.. hey john, get back on a bmx you fuck

    ham owns you


    Yeah, John. Get off your @ss and get back on the bike!


    Yeah John…WTF, im 36 and im probably gonna do it…
    Give you three guesses who this is..

    One hint, we used to run into each other about once a month at Jimmy’s in Morristown back in the day.


    salzmann WILL be at the eht national


    tencious is dan M? I used to run into you at poor billys all the time!!!


    Yeah man…
    I remember that.


    poor billy’s.. you guys are guido’s man, hahaha


    Hell no !!

    I think this was pre guido infestation.

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