#RememberThis- NJ History Zines Asphalt Action #1

Ya know it’s funny. I was looking at all these zines over the past couple weeks and kept asking myself, “I remember there being something special about this one”…even though it looks the same as all the others. Zeroxed, etc. Then it dawned on me. This was the first zine I had seen that was […]

#RememberThis-NJ History Zines Whiplash

This zine was one of the best of its era. BMX was really taking a down turn at this point in time. The 80’s were ending, the AFA was waning and the underground scene was exploding. Whiplash would spawn many great riders like John Nicholson and one of the greatest overall riders to come out […]

#RememberThis-NJ History Zines Power Surge

Back in the days before the ‘net, riders kept up on each other’s scenes by xeroxing small magazines called ‘zines. You’d go to contests and everyone and their brother had some literature they were hawking for a buck or just giving away to tell people about what they were up to. NJ was no different. […]