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    I sent him a link to this site so he can get involved


    This website kicks ass. Mike Nunn let me know about it and told me Kenny Martin said hello. Kenny, my brother and myself say hello. Hope all is well. This is a great site to stay in touch. Just to clear things up….. I turned pro in the late 90’s and raced in 2000 and 2001, although an appearance was rare. My brother actually moved to Colorado and turned pro. Im still wondering who would beat who in each of our primes…. brother vs. brother….. how bout a vote…..

    George Salzmann


    Johnny Salzmann

    ?? :wink:!


    Robbie Morales was definately from Long Island NY, Ive been to his house.
    ROBBIE MIRANDA was from Virginia.


    Yo George, what’s up? Crazy Craig Wilson here. Don’t know if you remember me from Braddock in the mid to late 80’s when you were younger, but I remember you. Its great to have you here on the site!!


    George vs. John

    Hard to say I never saw George race, because I was so far ahead of him 😆

    He did crash into me once at the Armory while I was stopped to pick up my trophy…..he was going pretty fast then!!!

    The grudge matches are growing:
    Wog vs. Craig: Already done
    George vs. John: TBD
    Bring me Gibby….



    correct Morales was from LI my bad. I always get them mixed up


    I was born and raised in NJ. I moved to Colorado in 1998. I turned pro at the end of ’99 so I could race Ray Luscombe, Shawn Texas, Justin Brunner and a bunch of other ABA yahoos from Wyoming, at the indoor series out here. I think I took a couple purses, but then I got a real job, found a good woman, who I eventually married, I stopped training, got fat, etc. At least when I declassified, I maintained my diginity and reclassed as an expert. I just couldn’t live with myself as a novice and I’m not sure how anyone else does.

    Kmart, is the smack talk really necessary? I think I might have raced you once or twice in open, and you might have actually beaten me, but I’m not so sure of that. Granted, on a good day, you were a litlte bit quicker if you could remember not to leave after the last light, but if memory serves me correctly, your gates were worse than mine most of the time.

    And this Jersey City Armory thing? What was that? I wrecked in the first “turn” once or twice, but I don’t remember running into you. Enlighten me, please.

    Ken, once my little brother figured out that the little lever on the right made him go slower and that his elbows wouldn’t fall off if they rubbed up against someone else’s, I think it was all over for both of us. I’ve seen videos from our best years, and then from his, and I know it might be a little tough on the ego, but it’s safe to say he’d clean both of our clocks.

    Viva la Gibby Granner! He was one tough competitor. You didn’t want to tick him off, though. My favorite Gibby story was a 14 Expert 1/4 semi in Columbus. I transfered in the moto before and saw that Gibby almost lost his spot to a typical, Todd Lyons t-bone for third place in a transfer race. Gibby leaned on him and nothing happened. It must have ticked off Gibby, though. When Todd went to congratulate him after the race, Gibby pushed him. Todd pushed back, and shortly after, his Whitman’s teammate, Steve Smith tried to pile up on Gibby. I raced over, held Steve back, and in short order, Gibby cold-clocked Todd. Before the officials knew what was going on, Gibby turned to Todd, who was now laying on the ground, and in true Gibby form, said, “See you in the second turn, **cker.” Sure enough, we were all in the same semi, I was in third at the second turn, Lyons was right beneath me, and Gibby, who was somewhere behind ust, tried to send Todd into the upper bleachers. None of us transfered that day.


    LOL if you raced Pro once you were a Pro!!!!
    I turned Pro the second year I was in california, but couldnt afford to throw my money away racing Mike Miranda, Andy Zirzow, Denny Davidow, Stu Thompsen etc at the local races. Man I shoulda raced just once to say I raced Pro.
    Your so lucky.

    Besides. Luscombe and Brunner were insanely good. I met Brunner when he stoped by my clinic (or after it for a race) in Ft Collins when I owned American Bicycles. Colorado had some hella fast pros over the years. many of them moved to California only to find out like me that hurt their career in BMX. Guys like Richard Fleming (Robinson- great guy). Mike Darnley (Still tearing it up), Richard Long (quickly went back to AM and dominated on cruiser), Robert Raymonde (still races sometimes) and others whos names escape me.


    Good point.


    Craig, who could forget you? How could anyone forget the infamous “yehaw!” once they heard it?



    Just playing, if memory serves me, you, Gibby, Mark Z all mixed it up equally. And after watching your brother he was clearly in another league. and Yes my gates were a little on the sketchy side, but when your trying to get a 46/16 moving it takes some time……

    Keep the Gibby stories coming

    Glad your on the site


    I’m glad my brother told me about this site. This is a blast.

    46-16? That explains a lot. Did you run that in the Armory as well? Oh, how I miss the first turn of the Armory. Go wide and die. Live with rubber dust on your leathers the rest of the season. Those were the days.


    Yea I ran the Armory, with my Home Brew slicks…actuall was first in points for for my class (14 and 15x I think) for 2 years (83 – 84) and was second overall in points in 83. Rode for SMB in 83 and TNT in 84. Nothing like dumping it at the Armory and melting your race paints on the floor. Ghetto but good times…..


    There was also “Fast Eddie” Clark, who raced pro from 1983-1985 or so. I don’t know where in Jersey he was from, but I do remember meeting up with him at several nationals those years. He was a blast to hang out with. Funny as he** and always had a good attitude. I think he rode for DJ’s.

    Also, there was Jason Alvarez. He was from Cranford. I think he turned pro sometime in the early 80’s. I ran into him at the original Cranford Trails 20-something years ago, when I first started racing. I sold him some fishing gear back in the early 90’s. He said he still had his bike, then, but there was too much dust on it to ride.

    He used to hang out with Christine Lisnock, one of the first female pros in the state. I think Cathy Schacel was the first, though.

    I got busted by the Cranford PD with Christine. Charges – elluding a police officer and careless driving on a bicycle. We were minding our own business in the center of town, when the cops started chasing us for no reason. Bastards. Actually, I think they confused us with a group of skaters who were messing with a parking lot gate. We were so used to getting chased, we just booked. Dumb move. I didn’t have my DL at the time, so the judge hit me with a $50 fine. Christine got a fine and points on her license.

    I think I’d rather have Brad Sheply’s speeding ticket from Pittsburg, though. I think it was 52 in a 35 on his 20″. That’s the rumor I heard, anyway.


    @theanimalsalzmann wrote:

    Craig, who could forget you? How could anyone forget the infamous “yehaw!” once they heard it?

    I got to let one more out Saturday winning the Regional Championships in…35…Novice. 🙄

    Yeah, I came back as a Nov, and recently 9 pages got devoted to Craig bashing to shame me back into Expert (see the “Greetings from Kentucky!” thread in BMX Events). But, I was in rough shape when I came back, so I swallowed my pride a little. Of course I had to stay off ABA tracks or I would have been an automatic Expert. I did however turn myself up to 35 Expert for the National on Saturday morning in Woodward and came in 5th in the main. I was chasing Tom McMurray and London Wilmot in motos, and I almost made a move on London in the second round. Wanted to make sure they know I am not moto-fill.

    Farside said he’ll take care of my “initiation” at some point. 😀

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