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    I started this thread on vintage.


    I was using football as a comparison. And of course it blew up into something else.(as usual) Well geuss what the kid that i have been helping used to play football. Told me he quit to focus on his bike. I had no idea he was that into it. He might be coming to the track with me next week to “check it out” My point If we can convert one kid we can convert alot more. So push those flyers If you see a kid riding a bike and jumping off curbs approach them. I have given out alot of flyers that way. Do not know if they used em but ya gotta keep trying.


    How do I get the flyers.


    We have them at CJ. You can also print out your own to hand out, the printable pdf of it is here:


    and I just had some fun again on that post…


    Thanks for the info I will be at cj this weekend.


    I have been givin the flyers out at the store for a while kids are taken them just dont know if they are using them . what if we mark them( like a sticker on the back or signed ) so we find out where they came from istore , rider. etc. ?? brett let me know if that is a good idea


    Thought I’d add my comments.

    My son Alex is in 1st grade and every morning the teacher gets the kids together to share stories about the summer.

    As some of you know we hit a good amount of nationals and regionals this year. That being said Alex shares these BMX stories with his class.

    The kids in his class are becoming more aware of BMX. Not sure if this will generate more riders, but it seems like his class-mates are eager to hear his stories.


    While were adding stories…This was my sons first summer racing he absoulutly loves it and is having so much fun. Long story short we had a great summer watching him do better and better with every race, when he won at the state finals at CJ (then 6 rookie) I was so excited for him that I contacted our local newspaper(NJ Herald)I thought they would put a little paragraph in about him and mabey a picture.
    When we got the call that the article was going to run the next day I couldn’t wait to see it. I was so supprised when I got the paper the next day they did a 1/2 page story on the cover of the sports page( with a captioned picture on front cover)The story ran on Wednesday Sept. 13th.
    We got so much response from people we knew and even people we did’nt!
    I’m glad I called the paper because so many people are asking us all about BMX racing.


    your son is the best advertizement…. the more he talks it up the more friends will want to try it.

    kids talking about it in school is a great firt step…. when my son was in kindergarten he brought one of his large trophies in for a “show and share” day and boy was that a hit… the following weekend i took 2 kids to the track to check it out on a non race day if it wasnt for the flat we got on the one kids bike( they had to share after that) we prob would have been there all night… unfortunately the parents didnt come with us and i think the hard part is getting parents to go the distance whether its the drive or the commitment i dont know… i say we get them before little league or pop warner and we have a better chance… parents are a hard sell to a sport that is not as “mainstream” as we would like it to be. so get um while they are young before they commit to a spring/summer sport. the flyers are key the more the merrier!!


    Cool flyer! Great idea!

    Another thing I do is keep old copies of the ABA/NBL rags in your car. I always seem to catch attention when I’m goofing around at a track (Most of Colorado’s tracks are in public parks and are open to anyone duirng park hours, and a porky, old, balding guy flying around the track like he just got shot out of a cannon tends to do that.). I almost always strike up a converstaion with a parent or two. Being that I don’t race as much as I’d like, I don’t have all of the answers for them, but the ABA/NBL papers can get them going in the right direction much quicker than I can by saying, “uh, I dunno.”

    Just my .02


    I usually leave a mag at the gym, or at the Dr.s office.

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