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    This was pasted directly from the NBL site under points.

    NBL Points Allocation Chart

    Local Race Single points Single points
    Local Double Point race Double points Double points
    State Qualifiers race State points Double points
    State Championships State points Triple points
    Pre-National/Regional Race Triple points Triple points
    Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race Quadruple points Quadruple points
    Regional Race SingleRegional/National points Quadruple points
    National Race Single National Points Quadruple points

    NBL Grand National race Single National Points Quadruple points
    US Open race Single Regional/National points Quadruple points
    President’s Cup race State points Quadruple State High points

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    good research chick – except that the TEAMS were represented. That is like saying the eagle players had a say because the team was represented. no the nfl was formed by owners, not players. Ant, what is the obsession with me getting on the track? In my (ignorant) opinion, that should not matter. As for freestyle contests, maybe they are run by riders but it is not the same. Racing is the only sport where 5 y/o kids compete on the same surface at the same events as pros. And before you say it, no I dont see Scott C. entering an event at Hackettstown. Who is the state freestyle champion? Who is the Incline club champion? See, there is a big difference. Al I was trying to point out is that you cannot give everyone a voice – it just doesn’t work, and when that voice differs depending on age and profficiency it gets even worse. So only some riders are going to have a voice?
    Dave, maybe you are right after all, maybe I need to be a “lurker” as I seem not to be on the same page.

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    Bill the reason that people associate bmx with tricks is because that is what they see on tv. Instead of ranting over the things that we do here, What we really need to do is get racing on tv. Changing things at the local level will effect the rider count but will not address your question. I have a few questions.

    1. Why aren’t both the NBL and ABA breaking down the doors of the Dew tour to get racing shown?

    2. For that matter Why isn’t it a category at ALL of the Dew tour stops?

    3. Why isn’t racing a staple at the X Games?

    4. How do we get these questions answered?

    5. Once answered , how do we fix it?

    There are more questions but I am ignorant and probably don’t know what I am writing about

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    Thanks Ant. Once again you show what you are all about. You take a 5 minute conversation and all you heard was 1/2 of 1 sentence. If you bothered to listen, you would have heard what I was really speaking about, but you don’t care. You got enough to make as comment and thats all you needed. I can be called a lot of things but ignorant is not one of them.

    now, the truth.

    What I was actually saying was that:
    1. You cannot have kids having a say in most of what we talk about HERE. they are kids and they only think in the moment. If you ask my kid, he would tell you to get rid of all of the easy jumps and make it more like dirt jumping. Since the VAST majority of riders are young, they MUST be left out of any decision process . The other reason is one you all say is the problem, parents. Tell me most parents wouldn’t over ride their kids . So you have more parent involvement, not less.

    2. There aren’t many examples of a sport that is run by CURRENT participants that has any credability. DO current NFL players make policy on how the league is run? NO. How about baseball? No. There arent many, if any. so tell me why this sort of management model, which doesn’t work fior any other sport, would work here?

    Now, anyone who has read anything I have written knows that I think there are changes that need to be made in the sport (as a whole not piecemeal). Ant, in this situation you have become what you rant against. Someone you doen’t want to hear anything that doesn’t fall in line with what you think is the right way and just call names instead of listening and possibly learning.

    You can’t use freestyle as an example of success anymore, there is no comparason. Locally, there is no established “league”. If there was, be assured, it would be run by the parents and volounteers, just like racing. So if you want it to be JUST LIKE FREESTYLE then you need to eradicate the local proigrams and just have 6-10 national events for “pros” only. That won’t work because, as you all like to say, without building the local program, racing will fail. Like it or not bmx racing has more in common ,by how it’s run, with little league baseball, and youth soccer programs than it does with freestyle bmx.

    Ant, next time just a few questions first,instead of calling me ignorant and turning it into a argument.
    wrong – maybe
    ignorant – I don’t think so

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    The union was never in serious jepardy of losing the war. They had the population (plus the large infusion of Irish), the banks, and the infrastructure. The south had a limited amount of men guns and ammo. The only thing that kept it going so long was that the south had all of the best commanders. But as they fell, the south could not replace them. The north , hoever only needed to keep replaceing commanders until they found some that could fight.

    As for freedom, I don’t think the poor in northern cities like boston, ny, and philly, wanted emancipation. They rioted against the expected influx of poor that would take away their jobs.

    glad to have you back adam, its been dull.

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    don’t let facts like the north NOT fighting against slavery and fighting ONLY to keep the union together stop anyone from a good story

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    looks interesting. I may get one to try on zach’s bike

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    duckyboy, yeah, that a good one…. except that if you ever read a post ive written, you’d know that I’M not stuck there. I hated that movie anyway. now, the chines exchange student from 16 candles? maybe.

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    nope, just stuck in the 80’s

    that should be the catch phrase here

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    adam, you and i agree on something…lol!

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    I think that WE should stop when we think that there is a problem and ask – is this detrimental to the sport of bmx in NJ or is it something that, quite frankly, is irrelevant? If it is detrimental, then we should fight to change the problem. if not then, when all of the REAL problems are corrected, then we can go back to these other things to fine tune the sport. If you took your car in to be fixed, the mechanic wouldn’t fix the torn seat covers before he fixed the leak in the gas tank would he?

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    Sorry to hit and run yesterday but….

    OK, I tried to be nice but that did not work sooo…

    1)With the constant difficulties involved in the proper marketing of this sport to new riders,
    2)Financial records being seceret,
    3)The aparent inability of the current board members to accept new blood on the board(only current board members can vote for new members?)
    4)monetary accounts doing flip-flops,
    5)suspected sabbatoge among the tracks to state equipment,
    6)the innability of a person to VOLOUNTEER his paving company to upgrade a track’s turns FOR FREE without a general election,
    7)making sure that ALL tracks in NJ have the NEW start system,
    8)riders making deals with other riders to let them win their motos because they are on their team sheet,
    9)the total contempt and utter disregard shown by some that are in authority for anyone that does not agree with them,
    10)the infighting and bickering that goes on between tracks,

    the things that get the most attention here are:
    1) clips
    2)wether rookies and novices can go to nationals
    4)wether rookies and novices can be used on STATE seam sheets
    6)how much worse it is now compared to say 1982(picked the date by random)
    7)wether a team can look at the moto board before picking his team(WOULDN’T THE WHOLE DEBACLE WITH KB BEEN MOOT IF THAT JACK-ASS JUST LOOKED AT THE MOTO BOARD BEFORE PUTTING HIS SHEET IN?)

    There are times when a battle is necessary and there are times when i think that some of the people here complain just to complain. Unfortunatly, when people complain about everything, the times that really need change are then ignored by those who can affect said change because they have already tuned out the complaints from these people.

    Brett, I would like to thank all who were instrumental in the pro-am series, it was a success in all regards, the people who moved the pile to get the grant money, and all of the other positive things that were accomplished this year (and there were quite a few) that I can’t remember.

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    I’d vote for you, but I don’t get a vote.

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    I am not saying every old school rider is…. well, i guess i am. But I wouldnt count you as an old school racer. you believe in using technology to your advantage.

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    Sure it will, according to brett, all of your riders should be expert to count then you need to get a dartboard and a blindfold to pick your team.

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