#RememberThis- “Hippie” Steve Wisbeski slams corrupt politics and makes home into BMX wonderland!

The main man who learned backflips at 32 after a 16 year hiatus from BMX. The guy who brought you the Barn Ramp back behind the illustrious Christine Todd Whitman’s house. The visionary who invented the Jump For Joy comp-jams, is at it again. BMXNJ was up near the other side of the Driscoll Bridge […]

#RememberThis- Decaprio brings The Rapture to Brielle Cyclery in Asbury Park

BMXNJ got word through the grapevine (George Hoernig) that TR and Area 51 local John Decaprio was having an art show and BMX demo at Brielle Cyclery’s new Asbury Park location Saturday night March 14th. John has just started up a new clothing company called The Rapture and is running his own website named therapturetherapture.com […]