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    So I find this “other site” on BMX in New Jersey, and I read this quote from there

    “It is interesting to note that the decline of BMX racing coincided with the rise of freestyle. Moreover, freestyle has actually become more popular and may be what an uninformed person thinks of when they hear the term BMX”

    Anyone wonder why this is so? There is a reason, but it can be changed


    Bill because the freestylers took control. Face it it is the truth. I had a conversation with someone last week. and was told by this person that riders are not capable of being in control. And that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. SO that means i am rider and should not have a say? It is attitudes like this that will continue to halt progress, well I for one will not sit by and let this happen. I am all for THE RACERS HAVING A SAY IN WHAT GOES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh btw i said this in an earlier post racers like matty crammer-kyle dulock -little rez-nick jones-dan forte -etc. These are the next generation of leaders, Show them the right path now so 20 years from now the same drama that is going on does not repeat itself.



    In order for racers to have a say in what goes on, they must first ~say something~.
    The door has been opened, it is up to them to walk through.
    I would hope that the older riders who enjoyed the pro-am this year will show up at a state meeting and begin to be something more than just another rider, they should also know that they have many people and not just other riders who believe in them as well.

    I would hope that we have reached a turning point with BMX racing in NJ and everyone will work together to finally make racing grow bigger. The talent here is beyond compare, let us use it.


    I also say your female racers are in NJ are part of the movement.


    Thanks Ant. Once again you show what you are all about. You take a 5 minute conversation and all you heard was 1/2 of 1 sentence. If you bothered to listen, you would have heard what I was really speaking about, but you don’t care. You got enough to make as comment and thats all you needed. I can be called a lot of things but ignorant is not one of them.

    now, the truth.

    What I was actually saying was that:
    1. You cannot have kids having a say in most of what we talk about HERE. they are kids and they only think in the moment. If you ask my kid, he would tell you to get rid of all of the easy jumps and make it more like dirt jumping. Since the VAST majority of riders are young, they MUST be left out of any decision process . The other reason is one you all say is the problem, parents. Tell me most parents wouldn’t over ride their kids . So you have more parent involvement, not less.

    2. There aren’t many examples of a sport that is run by CURRENT participants that has any credability. DO current NFL players make policy on how the league is run? NO. How about baseball? No. There arent many, if any. so tell me why this sort of management model, which doesn’t work fior any other sport, would work here?

    Now, anyone who has read anything I have written knows that I think there are changes that need to be made in the sport (as a whole not piecemeal). Ant, in this situation you have become what you rant against. Someone you doen’t want to hear anything that doesn’t fall in line with what you think is the right way and just call names instead of listening and possibly learning.

    You can’t use freestyle as an example of success anymore, there is no comparason. Locally, there is no established “league”. If there was, be assured, it would be run by the parents and volounteers, just like racing. So if you want it to be JUST LIKE FREESTYLE then you need to eradicate the local proigrams and just have 6-10 national events for “pros” only. That won’t work because, as you all like to say, without building the local program, racing will fail. Like it or not bmx racing has more in common ,by how it’s run, with little league baseball, and youth soccer programs than it does with freestyle bmx.

    Ant, next time just a few questions first,instead of calling me ignorant and turning it into a argument.
    wrong – maybe
    ignorant – I don’t think so


    Bill the reason that people associate bmx with tricks is because that is what they see on tv. Instead of ranting over the things that we do here, What we really need to do is get racing on tv. Changing things at the local level will effect the rider count but will not address your question. I have a few questions.

    1. Why aren’t both the NBL and ABA breaking down the doors of the Dew tour to get racing shown?

    2. For that matter Why isn’t it a category at ALL of the Dew tour stops?

    3. Why isn’t racing a staple at the X Games?

    4. How do we get these questions answered?

    5. Once answered , how do we fix it?

    There are more questions but I am ignorant and probably don’t know what I am writing about


    OK here goes, I think all of you kinda missed the point, and no this isn’t pot shots at anyone. Like I said “anyone wonder why”, well not because riders took over, but what is missing that seems to still be in just plain frestyle and riding, is FUN!!!!

    To some degree I think Brett and Ant are right, riders need some more say, but Mac is right, having riders run things isn’t the answer either.

    The answer is make it fun, and have a good product (track, sanction), I think if you got a businessman who could market the fun factor of racing, it would be huge. Remeber, the people that really got the sanctions and tracks going in the beginning weren’t all riders, they were riders parents, bike shop owners and firemen (Bob Osbourne), what did they know about BMX then, nothing!!! But they knew that their kids were having fun and others saw it, and it grew!!

    At Howell last week I had a blast, I want to go back, why FUN!!

    All of you think about that, cause that IS what the riders want.


    It seems the NFL was created by the players. little NFL history

    Pro football was in a state of confusion due to three major problems: dramatically rising salaries; players continually jumping from one team to another following the highest offer; and the use of college players still enrolled in school. A league in which all the members would follow the same rules seemed the answer. An organizational meeting, at which the Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians, and Dayton Triangles were represented, was held at the Jordan and Hupmobile auto showroom in Canton, Ohio, August 20. This meeting resulted in the formation of the American Professional Football Conference.

    A second organizational meeting was held in Canton, September 17. The teams were from four states-Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Dayton from Ohio; the Hammond Pros and Muncie Flyers from Indiana; the Rochester Jeffersons from New York; and the Rock Island Independents, Decatur Staleys, and Racine Cardinals from Illinois. The name of the league was changed to the American Professional Football Association. Hoping to capitalize on his fame, the members elected Thorpe president; Stanley Cofall of Cleveland was elected vice president. A membership fee of $100 per team was charged to give an appearance of respectability, but no team ever paid it. Scheduling was left up to the teams, and there were wide variations, both in the overall number of games played and in the number played against APFA. Jim Thorpe, a former football and track star at the Carlisle Indian School (Pa.) and a double gold medal winner at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, played for the Pine Village Pros in Indiana

    The American Professional Football Association changed its name to the National Football League, June 24 1922


    Um mac i never said the riders should have total control. I said they should have more input in decision making. And yeah i stand by what i said. And i never mentioned your name did I? I said a person.

    they MUST be left out of any decision process

    Wrong just wrong. Mac I wanna thank you for giving me the drive to do what i have been thinking about.

    Show them the right path now so 20 years from now the same drama that is going on does not repeat itself.

    I mean come on, doesn’t this make sense????? 🙄


    Please check the front of the site. The freestyle contests I attend in the state are run completely by riders, they are older riders but they also get input from anyone who is riding. Yes, other volunteers do help, but the majority of the comp is done by people who ride the bikes.

    Racing can be no different at this point as there are many older riders out there. I am not saying parents should not voice opinions as well, but to disregard the people who actually do it seems to be self defeating.
    Again, I ask everyone to check the freestyle section of the site.
    Scoll down to the freestyle section.




    I should also add that the people currently in charge of racing, listen to the riders to begin with, so this discussion sorta seems self defeating.


    im pretty happy that i dont post my opinions on here anymore..so glad


    I should also add that the people currently in charge of racing, listen to the riders to begin with, so this discussion sorta seems self defeating

    Bro i agree with you but I wanna take it to the next level and make riders around the country and world have more of a say.


    Yep, Football, and Nascar both at one point were run by the participants, however somewhere along the line, someone came along and took it to the next level, and both have more spectators than BMX, and more corportate sponsorship, hence more money for growth, than BMX. And if you look at little league football who runs that? Not the players, but parents.

    My point is that, if it is just fun to go to the local track, the local scene will grow, and the rest will take care of itself. I think one day someone will come along who will figure out the formula the will expand the sport, just as in football and nascar

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