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    I was just looking at the NBL website and I came across a points allotment table. In this table it shows that a regional race counts for single points for both a regional and national #. However, it states that a national result only counts for the national #. Is this right>? If so, when did this change? That would change things for some riders.


    This was pasted directly from the NBL site under points.

    NBL Points Allocation Chart

    Local Race Single points Single points
    Local Double Point race Double points Double points
    State Qualifiers race State points Double points
    State Championships State points Triple points
    Pre-National/Regional Race Triple points Triple points
    Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race Quadruple points Quadruple points
    Regional Race SingleRegional/National points Quadruple points
    National Race Single National Points Quadruple points

    NBL Grand National race Single National Points Quadruple points
    US Open race Single Regional/National points Quadruple points
    President’s Cup race State points Quadruple State High points


    i think what it means its worth different things depending on what you use the race for

    such as a regional used for national points( you are allowed 2 correct) is single points

    but if you use a regional for regional points its worth quadruple points.

    if the chart you pasted is stretched out with the columns/ heading above it …it would make more sense.. i dont keep track of regional points anymore but i know in the past certain races like state and bob w were worth more than a local( double ?) and then championships were worth triple? something like that.

    so a regional is worth different points depending on what you use it for… thats all. dosnt seem like anything has changed if i am reading it correctly.

    i could be wrong though. call the nbl office tomorrow if you want to know for sure..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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