brokenspokes bios- Letters to Leapin’ Charlie Litsky from Deanna Jamieson

A couple months back I started a page here dedicated solely to one of the great NJ BMX promoters, Charlie Litsky. At the time I was talking to a few people on getting back to me with some personal memories of the man. One of them, Deanna Jamieson, ex-factory GT ace and current ladies cruiser […]

#RememberThis- 12-2006 Shields Skatepark Comp

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the state….ah forget those Christmas carols, the week before Christmas BMXers in NJ were getting bizay in Flemington NJ at Shields Skatepark for thier final BMX event of the year! Massive quantities of prizes were given by Mountain Creek, Efinger’ Sporting Goods Immortal Ink, Primo, Pelican Ski […]