A couple months back I started a page here dedicated solely to one of the great NJ BMX promoters, Charlie Litsky. At the time I was talking to a few people on getting back to me with some personal memories of the man. One of them, Deanna Jamieson, ex-factory GT ace and current ladies cruiser ace was good enough to entrust me with a few letters that Leapin had sent to her over her racing career. I have scanned them in and posted them on the page following this one . I hope these letters show everyone how much Charlie meant to all us BMX’ers out here. Before you click the link, here’s a few words from Deanna herself.

“To me Charlie was a big brother. He always kept an eye on me when I was out of town and steered me away from bad influences in my life. Whether it be bad boyfriends (as written in his letters to me) or bad sponsorship decisions. Charlie knew a lot about the sport and was by far my biggest fan as I was his biggest fan. He introduced me to all the right people and eventually knowing the right people led me to the GT Factory Sponsorship throughout the 80’s.

I still miss Charlie from time to time. I believe the world would be a better place with him still in it. To die of heart failure was a great injustice to the man. He was always the one with the biggest heart as a few others have noted.

R.I.P. Charlie, I look forward to seeing you again someday.”