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    Yeah Im aware of the strict rules, they are insane here in Cali also lol.
    But I bet if you walked around both ski resorts and other ski areas in New Jersey you would find vacant land.
    Here is Craigmeur today. Note all the vacant land around the ski runs.,-74.46059&spn=0.011769,0.020084&t=h&z=16&om=1

    Also all the parks now have Mtn Bike parks and races. Why cant they also hold BMX events? look in Nor Jersey alone. “High Point”, “Wawayanda”, “Allamuchy”, “Deleware Rec Area”, “Ringwood Manor” and tons of smaller parks.,-74.52301&spn=0.753794,1.2854&z=10&om=1

    The single biggest issue, back in the day BMX was growing fast and everyone wanted a piece of the action. Now BMX racing is smaller then ever.
    So the financial motivation is limited to a few bike shops that want to sell BMX racing items. And to a few hardcore racers that want a track close to home.

    Bottom line. There were one trillion things to go wrong that would prevent man from walking on the moon. But by god, they did it.
    Getting a BMX track then may not be a walk in the park, but it is possible.
    With broken spokes uniting the Garden State, I’m predicting a track in North Jersey in the next few years.

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    Just dont forget who caused 9/11. It was not an accident or mistake.

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    Braddock was in the middle of that jungle. So was the Armory.
    I bet the ski areas Vernon Valley and Craigmeur which both had tracks are still there and have land.
    Bet if Harry was back in NJ , there would be a track.

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    Work on the tracks seperately. If one doesnt happen the other may. Best case more then one North Jersey track gets going.

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    I started racing ABA in 1979 and could have raced it that far back. Just cant remember. In 79 and 80 I was still racing mostly NBL as there was so little ABA racing.

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    Ok thanks for the details Lead Sled.
    I thought it meant it dropped at a random time.
    Still prefer not using clips and so I see no reason to have the random but now my opinion has changed to it may not be a big deal.

    Hey my second race ever was on a non sanctioned track with a rubber band start. I couldnt tell you how my starts where that first year. The race action
    was just a blur to a noob.

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    EHT was definately around before 83. It was just not known as EHT but rather as Bargaintown. I know I raced it in 81 for certain. Cant remember if I raced it in 1980. But for certain in 81 it was running ABA cause thats all I raced in 81.

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    Ive never raced a random gate but here is my 2 cents. It may change to 3.
    One of my strong points is my gate. Practice, practice and more practice.
    Why punish those that have trained and worked hard to get a snap.

    Id simply make the gate taller or the platform shorter so roll backs could be limited.

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    Hey Greg welcome. My sister now lives in Freehold. My only memory of it was having to drive thru its circle to get to the Monmouth NBL track.
    By 81 I raced only ABA and in Sept. moved to California so we probably
    didnt cross paths as it sounds like if you raced in 81 it was probably NBL or WWBMXA.

    You got any of the old WWBMXA newsletters or point standings?

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    Richie tell the guys about yourself.
    I remember him as being fast and friendly. One of the few North Jersey guys that was both 8)

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    Yeah I was shocked the US only got one rider. But what really sucks is how all those girls could kick my but on the track lol. They where jumping stuff I never have or would. Love the Pros jumping over , errrr I mean Superclass, um correct that Elite, jumping over the berm that was massive looking.

    GJ to Donny and all those that made it into those two mains, you all ride like the wind.

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    This is an amazing series. Tons of cash and prizes and still a gate full of riders that can take home the final big payout.
    Cant wait to see the site updated after CJ. Good luck guys. Since I was actually a PA resident growing up (Bucks County) I’m pulling for an upset by Tim Sullivan.

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    Phil lets see some pics. Not even I could out bunny hop Phil. I could clear a tire. Phil cleared my Quadangle’s seat at the Armory!

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    Yeah Tours dont make alot of money. When I ran the Western half of the Hyper tour in 92. It was the first tour I ever ran and me and Rob Dolecki lived like kings. LOL NOT. We did it in a small Toyota pick up. I couldnt have asked for a better touring parnter. Bottom line Rob will tell you first hand the tour doesnt pay well.

    In 97 I started a new company and ran a tour for American Bicycles. Learned alot from the Hyper tour and this time bought a Van. We actually made alot of money on that tour BUT, it was all eaten up paying the Pro riders entry fees and hotels and all meals on National weekends. Gas eats up a ton also.
    To make it worse some clinics got cancelled or rained out and some had just 5 or 6 riders show. No one gets rich on tour.

    I have learned alot from those two summers and if I ever do another tour it will be even more dialed. Bottom line, I know Phil, and believe his side of the story completely.

    Rumors get out of hand fast. When I started American Bicycles we had a frame builder lined up. He was supposed to get us a prototype before tour. I left with none. I called him every week during the tour. I even put Mike Gul (one of our 4 Pros) on the phone with him. He kept saying they are coming. I got back to California 3 months later and still had no prototype bike. I then found out he told people that he didnt get us bikes cause I owed him money.
    I’m like WTF, he never made a bike, we didn’t owe him a dollar.

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