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    OK Mark, will update the list. Man just making a main with those names is amazing, let alone hanging with them and beating some of them. My biggest regret is never racing Pro, even after Turning Pro lol. I mean just one race to say I raced Pro. If I ever get back into racing shape (been working out for almost a year now, but no cardio) I may one day line up for Pro Cruiser, but it wont be the same as racing 20 when I was at my peak. I hope some of the young AMs read this.

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    I’m sure I won one also but I never bothered going to the shack to get them unless it was a triple points or something. I guess I shoulda got that one lol, sounds cool. (Unless I missed the race).

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    Thanks , never heard of Seralite.
    Its a bike on Craigs list locally. Its not in the Bikes section so I thought I may have gotten lucky with a name brand find.

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    Thanks Raiden.

    Maybe Dave. My frame is a Series 3, im thinking an 84 from what i can tell.
    I have been considering getting a MX-2 and a Proline 1 and 2 to have the whole set (of the old school popular ones).

    Maybe we can trade those old magazines s plus some cash if you still want themwant. I forget what the mags value came too, but face value seems more then fair. So figure out what you want for the MX-2 and let me know.

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    Obsession: One mans obsession is another mans drive, a quest that compels man to climb the tallest mountains or walk on the moon. If you succeed they will remember your passion. If you fail, they will remember your obsession.

    Passion: A direction often taken. Can either lead to great failure or great success. The belief that are you doing the right thing is considered delusion by those that oppose and passion by those that agree.

    Paranoia: Having a bunch of top riders on the gate all around you.

    Delusion: Thinking you are just like Timmy Judge

    Non Delusional: Steve Malaguti, he was just like Timmy Judge.

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    Thanks so now I can picture it. The back straight was along the fence. The building is about where the first jump was. Parking and the sign up boards started along the line where the homes meet the woods.

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    Wow that is cool. Nice colors. Does he do Cruisers?

    My 80-83 Ripper will be have to be rewelded, what you reckon it will be worth then? It is Polished. I bought it hoping to one day trade it for a Reynolds Quadangle.
    I was gonna send it to rod Miles but he may not be doing frames again. I may have found a local welder though.

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    The outdoor track is awesome though. I taught a clinic there and my cousins live just 15 minutes from it. Good people in TN. BTW my cousin grew up in Hamilton Square, NJ. It was my Aunt that showed me a magazine and goes is this what your into? It was a 1978 BMX Action. She got it at a local 7-11 on Rt.33.

    Never saw the indoor track, but with all the fast FL coming up Im sure its a tuff race.

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    Why not bring back the Jag World Championships?
    This coulda been a great way to launch a new sanction to push BMX in a new direction. I predict they wont use this to push BMX in a new direction. It will be just another ABA/NBL race with a bigger Pro Purse.
    I will make the LA stop for sure but predict BMX will not grow because of the series or Beijing.
    Im saying it in 2007. BMX wont grow to the level it already achieved with the current path. Do a track count now, in one year and in 3 years then compare it to the late 70s early 80’s.
    Its not just that they are not helping a new start up like BMXL. Hell its not about me its about getting the sport back on track. Why not convince Ernie Alexander to bring back the NBMXA. Ernie was in Arizona for the legends of BMX reunion. Maybe find John Valdez and bring back the popular UBR.
    Maybe find the guys behind the NPSA and talk to the Optimists and get that sanction going. The Jag NPSA World Championship “Road to Beijing Series”.
    The Jag NPSA East Coast Championship “Road to Beijing Series” Live from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ
    NPSA has teamed up with Jag, Hyper, Red Bull and GHP to launch 5 new tracks in New Jersey at properties owned by the Optimists or theei members. More tracks are being planned as BMX is booming in the Garden State.
    To qualify for the East Coast Championships racers must be NPSA members and by making the main at qualifying races. Each NPSA track has one Qualifier so riders can get multiple chances to make the big show.
    New Jersey at one time was the hot bed of BMX in the Northeast. having over a dozen tracks at one time. In recent years though only 3 tracks have been running. Now with the NPSA growing in leaps and bounds a total of 8 tracks are running with more being planned. Local buisness owners are jumping on the bandwagon with the Olympics coming and the popular Jag NPSA series getting some TV coverage. The Optimists have been away from BMX since the late 80s when the NPSA closed its doors.
    Now the renewed vigor has made the NPSA the second largest sanction of BMX races in just its second year. At its current rate of growth it will take over the number 1 spot. Rumor of talks with the National Bicycle League of a merger to create the biggest sanction in BMX are numerous.

    LOL it coudla went that way. Let me dream, But Im wrong what BMX needs isn’t a new direction it is a big pro purse and bigger doubles.

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    So where exactly was the Oakland track?
    Im sure it was open BITD cause I remember talking to people that raced it. But I never raced NBA so I never went to it.

    Can you find Chip. See if he has any old flyers or pics etc. Stories about WWBMXA and its history etc. Im so mad at myself for not racing NBA and hitting nationals instead of chasing state and district points.

    in reply to: O.S. pic of the day #52447

    Where is that from and where was it taken?
    T is for NBA district Texas.
    Wonder who the riders are. Id guess DG Kevin Harlow but he wasnt from Texas.

    Look at the size of that starting hill. Wait one nuclear second Batman! Holy SE Racing, is that Stu Thomsen in the SE/Shimano jersey on the hill? 1979.

    Texas 1979 . I’m gonna guess Armadillo Downs or Conroe.

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    Oakland. I think that was one of NJs first tracks.
    What sanction was it in 82? WWBMXA?

    in reply to: O.S. pic of the day #50508

    Maybe Scott Holtz. I think he rode a blue Redline for some reason I’m thinking. I mean Ive been to his apartment maybe 3 or 4 times. Always went with a big group street riding at the local shopping center and played bike tag. I showed them how to play Flashlight tag.

    He raced 20 and I 24 so I just cant remember his last name. Maybe if that spandex wearing, I love Klips Kapigian was around BMX he could remember. Hell he probably has pics. I still have my trophy from the 89 Bensalem Classic, I got second (WTF ??) Some one must have jumped the gate or I started backwards or something.

    you need to edit – just add the close tags
    Screw my space, you have to log on just to view a pic. use Photobucket or ImageShack to host photos.

    in reply to: Hyper pro/am round 8 predictions #50295

    PA is clutch. Cummings will be in the main along with
    Some MCS rider
    and a few other hot shoes.

    in reply to: O.S. pic of the day #50294

    Kevin you remember ever playing “Bike Tag” at the track with a bunch of peeps. We played “Build an Army”. I was friends with another older (20+) rider that had a redline (Scott I think was his name) and I had a Boss Cruiser. this woulda been 89/90. Scott lived in Bristol/Fairless Hills area kinda. Been to his apartment (but cant remember the town). We used to play Bike tag and go to the shopping center to ride.

    I lived in PA with my sis or NJ with my dad at the time. Man he lived near this one go-go bar i used to go to. I just cant remember which one or what town. I mean I just went there for research for a essay I was writing.

    Whoa I just looked at the track on google trying to figure out where scott lived.,+PA,+United+States+of+America&ie=UTF8&ll=40.129598,-74.965392&spn=0.002982,0.005021&t=k&z=18&om=1
    They moved the gate. First it used to be up top near turn 1 if I remember right back in 80/81. Then it was moved to the bottom of the track and a huge hill was built so the first straight didn’t feel uphill.
    Now a third starting hill is built. Be cool if someone had pics of all three builds.

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