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    so i come to find out that a friend of my wifes is a top cat road bike racer……. blah blah blah……….

    it seems that she had mentioned to my wife that she had thought about trying to get a track started. well anyway, i am going to meet up with her one day in the future to discuss trying to get this under way and was kinda looking for some advice as to what the first steps to getting this going is.

    i am completely new to this aspect of it and any suggestions and or help would be appreciated.. im thinking it would be in the sussex county area maybe north passaic?

    like i said, this is just a thought right now nothing set in stone. wish me luck



    Brian – there is already an effort underway for a track in the Ramapo Mountains (Northern Passaic / Bergen border?), pm AirportFF (Clint) about that, I do believe there is a thread under NJ Racing regarding this. http://brokenspokes.net/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2190&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=0

    I am not saying another track can’t happen, but just wanted you to know who the other players are so we can all work together.


    I’m rootin’ for the track !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


    I edited a couple of these… reasons have been distributed.


    Work on the tracks seperately. If one doesnt happen the other may. Best case more then one North Jersey track gets going.


    im with hatem….. the north needs a place to ride


    dont get your hopes up.. north jersey is a concrete jungle..


    Braddock was in the middle of that jungle. So was the Armory.
    I bet the ski areas Vernon Valley and Craigmeur which both had tracks are still there and have land.
    Bet if Harry was back in NJ , there would be a track.


    Haaaaa, Veronon Valley is now Mountain Creek, with a HUGE french style resort where the track was. And Cragmier, has a giant Morton building where the track is. Again Erick you are in Cali, Jersey has real strict DEP , and soil conservation rules, and as track need dirt, you have to abide by the soil conservation rules. And if you think you can get around that, good luck, cause even the DOT, when it needs to get safety improvements done for a project, has gotten shut down by soil conservation, and that was to fix safety issues.


    Yeah Im aware of the strict rules, they are insane here in Cali also lol.
    But I bet if you walked around both ski resorts and other ski areas in New Jersey you would find vacant land.
    Here is Craigmeur today. Note all the vacant land around the ski runs.

    Also all the parks now have Mtn Bike parks and races. Why cant they also hold BMX events? look in Nor Jersey alone. “High Point”, “Wawayanda”, “Allamuchy”, “Deleware Rec Area”, “Ringwood Manor” and tons of smaller parks. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=new+jersey&ie=UTF8&ll=40.97264,-74.52301&spn=0.753794,1.2854&z=10&om=1

    The single biggest issue, back in the day BMX was growing fast and everyone wanted a piece of the action. Now BMX racing is smaller then ever.
    So the financial motivation is limited to a few bike shops that want to sell BMX racing items. And to a few hardcore racers that want a track close to home.

    Bottom line. There were one trillion things to go wrong that would prevent man from walking on the moon. But by god, they did it.
    Getting a BMX track then may not be a walk in the park, but it is possible.
    With broken spokes uniting the Garden State, I’m predicting a track in North Jersey in the next few years.

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