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    No shiat craig. Im 8/14 also.
    I just say no to 40-44 and we create a Vet Pro Cruiser class 🙂

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    Welcome. I remember seeing the young guns race alot at Flemington.
    Danny was a name that was announced alot. It seems like all the hot Flemington (Petes Track) riders rode for Mr Stix or Petes Bike Shop.

    I seem to remember Danny riding for Mr. Stix. Just so long ago cant be sure. Post some pics of him when you find them. I swear he also rode a red and white with black checkered jersey also.

    To be honest though the races went so fast I was usually in staging and missed alot of race action. So my memory could be off.

    in reply to: So you think BMX has probs #48378

    Tons of BMX Pros have used steroids over the years. I hate cheaters.
    I personally believe most Pro baseball players and cyclists use illegal performance enhancing tools.

    The problem in BMX is its too expensive to police it. In cycling you cant win with out it (Roadie types) and in football and baseball how can you force entire teams of athletes with payrolls of like 1 trillion dollars to stop taking something that can help their team win.

    When Mike Schmidt and Reggie Jackson and others allegedly started taking them, baseball shoulda have cracked down. Now its too late. The records that have been sacred for 100 years are now worthless.

    For those that never lifted tell tale signs are extreme size growth in one year. Stretch marks, joint problems or liver problems. Wearing long sleeves to cover up stretch marks or your rapid size growth to make it less obvious.
    For athletes like baseball players with a huge calorie burning lifestyle rapid muscle growth is impossible. Want to see who juiced BITD look for those signs and see their High School photos. Some guys like Greg Luzinski and Harmon Killabrew where just big ol boys. Others had a little friend. Another way to tell who was guilty is how they talk about Bonds. It is clear that Henry Aaron never juiced.
    BTW when you see Aaron Rowand play he went to college downt he street from me. Go Titans (yeah some of them juice 🙁 )

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    ABA also has a start a track thing and so does BMXL. Though BMXL isnt sanctioning any races yet. Also Im doing some research for a project. Matt Raymer and Cash Matthews are in the ABA Hall of Fame because at 15 & 16 they helped convince local officials to let them build a track in Shawnee, Oklahoma. That next year they had the NBA Summer Tour come thru town and NBA Nationals the following year. Yes they had adults help them build and run it but it was those two teens and Mark Carlton another local kid who made it all possible.

    Dont be so fast to be certain to go NBL. The ABA has better insurance and this would be on private land.



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    Yeah and the price is affordable. Just a few of us could pony up say $500 each and you have 2K for a down. Piece of cake. Again dont factor in expensive things like electronic gates, bleachers etc. Once you start people will come out of the woodwork. Locals will see the BMX Track coming soon sign and Help Needed. Post that your looking for someone to help with this and that.

    As for zoning the land is just for a bicycle track. Most tracks in a park are in areas not zoned for business. But the variance is easy sometimes. You can talk to the local zoning board before buying if you want to be certain. Take pictures of local tracks and use them for references.
    That piecce of land is next to watershed looking at the google pics. And it is behind a business. many things cant be built next to water for environmental or insurance reasons. BMX tracks are often built in flood plains however. Yuba City in California is one example.

    Let them know if push comes to shove you will have loaner bikes and helmets for low income kids so no one has to sit the bench.

    If you start raising money for the Mullica Track I will be the first to pledge money. Thats not far from Hammonton and believe it or not that area has NEVER had a BMX track. Just dont build it for Experts, build it for the largest number of kids, Beginners.
    BTW i used the loan calculator function.
    With 20% down (around $2,500) monthly payment for 10 year loan is around $100.

    I found a bunch of companies that cover BMX. Plus if you go NBL or ABA they come with Insurance, ABAs is better BTW.
    If you go non sanctioned you pay more for insurance but you have no sanction costs.

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    Dave will be back hes a BMXr at heart.
    Beside how else can he start making his P… Bars?

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    Thanks Craig. See so think how inexpensive some of those South Jersey land buys would be. And remember the land is equity based, add a business like a track and the value increases.

    Yup in North Jersey the cheapest lot that may work was $39K. Still thats around say $500 a month and its on a main thruway that goes all the way down thru Flemington into Trenton. Depending on the down payment you may even get those lots for under $500 a month up North. Or go in halves. Sign an agreement that the land will be sold once the track closes or when both partners agree. If its a bigger lot like 5 acres then it could easily be subdivided upon the partnership disolving so the one wanting out can sell the half the tracks not on.

    So just get two grownups that can afford say $250 a month plus and partner up!!! The cost of a car payment.

    Just trying to get people to think outside the box. Nothing Im suggesting isnt practical or do-able.

    in reply to: well #47931

    See if you guys just would have let Dave wear spandex at the track none of this woulda happened. Besides he had to get into road bikes, the BALCO pharmacy called and his shipment is in.

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    I forget who but one of you guys is a realtor.
    What would a $10,000 lot cost per month using a 10 or 15 year loan?
    How much would a $20,000 lot cost per month using a 10 or 15 year loan?

    Remember the track has 3 main revenue streams. Entry Fees, Snack Bar and Pro Shop. Other then Electric it doesnt really have any monthly bills and you can run a track without electric. People just cant get stuck on doing things the regular way. If you have an electric gate and lights great, if not, no biggie. Kids just want to play in the dirt. I don’t think any racer has ever not gotten into BMX because when he went to the track BITD it had a manual gate. In fact I think the electric gate may actually intimidate alot of new riders.

    Tons of us showed up each week to have Mr Rowland, drop the gate for us. None of us said ‘screw Vineland its not real BMX, tracks in CA have Electric gates. BMX sucks, lets go play soccer, who has my BeeGees tape?’

    Again you would be suprised how easy it is to find someone who is an electrical contractor to help install the electric lines and gate etc or a mason to help build a platform or a carpenter to help build some bleachers or a tower. And remember a track isnt really about all those luxuries anyway. Its about you getting to ride and hanging out with family and friends and drinking a ice cold Mountain Dew.

    in reply to: I am really liking the ABA more and……… #47883

    A guy I met thru work is there. His son is like 8X and top ten NAG. and is soo close to a factory ride from Redman or Answer. He said it is awesome place for a race. The Hotel and tack are in the same building. You can eat at one of several restaurants, even go see a movie and never have to leave the facility.

    in reply to: MYSPACE #47881

    Im on myspace also but lol almsot never ever visit it till a thread like this comes up.

    in reply to: Of BMX tracks, Lumberton and bitching-moaning #47813

    I also started racing Flemington in 1979, so my roots go back like Bretts. I never really left the sport though and raced in every decade.
    I dont believe riders from SJ or the Jersey shore should be worrying about helping a track so far away. They would be better off getting more tracks going closer to home.

    I used to sometimes help rake or sweep turns at Vineland or Deptford. But I never worried about helping them run it since I believe thats up to the locals and more importantly up to those taking in the money.

    Ive volunteered to announce and little things like that as you can, are enough.
    Ive passed out trophy cards at ABA nationals with Gork. But I bet not a single person knows that. Sometimes riders do help and no one notices.

    Turnout is small for many reasons. Remember that big Track out here in Socal that got bought for around $100,000. I told you guys, if you scroll back, that he was making a bad move. Well I was talking to someone who has been out there and its still getting like under 10 motos a race. This is in SoCal the birthplace of modern BMX. Its ABA.
    Just think had he used that 100,000 to buy 3 pieces of property in NJ and build 3 tracks. Bet he’d make more money AND he would actually own the land he could later sell. He coulda made all three BMXL tracks and helped start something big.

    I heard an interview the other day with this rodeo clown. No one would invest in a Professional Rodeo Association so he and 19 friends each chipped in just $1,000 and with that 20K started a now Multi-Multi Million Dollar Sanction.
    When I said rodeo clown I wasnt joking. He was just a rodeo clown but liek the other 19 investors they loved Rodeo and knew the sport and believed in what it could be. They think it will get even bigger then it is. He said he wont be satisfied if its not routinely on ESPN or ABC like other sports.

    What if a bunch of us put some money together along with some silent investors. Started a sanction that bought land and built tracks that had ramp areas. We held races and freestyle contests and our investment is partially if not fully backed by the land (Assuming it appreciates or we sell it as a business and not unimproved land).

    Tap, Tap, Tap, is this thing on? Sorry, I’m just feeling as if life is coming to an end for me. NJ Pros that used to race like Charlie Litsky and Lee Veale
    have already passed away. Tons of people complain about BMX and yet everyone just continues to feed the into the ABA and NBL and not into new venues for BMX. Will I die and never see BMX become popular. I want to die knowing at least I tried to change BMX. I can tell you if someone doesnt step up BMX will not grow they are simply doing it wrong.

    in reply to: Stacey "Lupfer" Ricketts #47727

    Hey thanks. The track was lengthed some. BITD there wasnt an S turn and if I remember the one video of it correctly after turn 3 it was the finish straight. The 4th turn was added after the early 80s.

    in reply to: Freestylin and Ride Magazines #47726

    $5 each plus shipping but if you cant afford that, then tell me what you can. Since your a friend of Robs.
    BTW they are like new.
    I will also throw in one free ’92 issue in GO Tear Sheets.
    Tear sheets are what the magazine gets for proofing. Uncut and unstapled with registration marks for the printer.

    in reply to: Freestylin and Ride Magazines #47723

    I have some Id sell. But I live in Cal so there’d be some shipping also.

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