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    There is a third option.
    Start a new sanction, the first new sanction in 20 years!!

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    Yeah i bet it wasnt locals- my bad. Im sure it was kids from Chicago.
    They were in Egg Harbor for a rap concert and then drove around looking for something to vandalize before they got back in the car and headed back to Chi-town. My bad, sorry Egg Harbor Township, your local kids are not like kids everyhwere else in the Nation that get bored and look for something to do.

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    I bet it is locals.
    Who else would have access to it and be able to get away quick?
    Its not like its viewable from tourist areas or the GS Parkway or something.
    Whoever does it most likely lives within walking or skating or biking distance.
    At least locals that can drive there to get stoned or “party”

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    copy and paste my post about him. He has tons of people that remmber him.
    I had no idea he owned General. Did you also know Phil Finkle?
    He was one of my closest freinds racing before I moved to California.
    He rode for General also, may have even been a TM.

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    This is exactly why the NBL makes me mad lol.
    ok go to the Points then National Points.
    Go to 35X
    If you didnt make the Grands you automatically finshed behind anyone that did. WTF?

    Look if you dont make the grands you loose a chance for more points but why punish them further by placing say Rich Farside behind riders that finished the year with less points than he did. Rich finished National #44.
    Had they went by Points he woulda finished #26.
    Way to punish a rider who may be injured or not able to take off work or just too broke to make that one race. Isnt it bad enough those riders loose out at one last chance to get points?

    Wonder if the ABA does that? Not.

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    Yeah Jenny is good people but a traitor, she is now into … gasp Mountain Bikes. I know, say it aint so. The Woodworths also traded in their Vans for clips long before the BMXrs did the same. To the deepest Banzai pit of burning ash may they all fall.

    Just kidding lol.
    Ok here is an idea hold an old school picnic at the track Howell so its central.
    invite Harry, maybe call down to Vineland and find Sal and Terry (Jenny lives in CO). Maybe drive up to the old craigmeur site to talk with Harry and record it all on video tape, invite thru VBMX OS BMX and these forums all the guys that remember Craigmeur and or raced in Nor Jersey.

    Swapmeet of parts and bikes, scrapbooks of memorys and story telling. Wont cost a dime but some gas and some hot dogs on the bbq etc everyone bring something, like a pot luck 🙂

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    Dave Thompsen lol how could I forget him, hes the dude that had the cool convertible pickup right? He rode for our team. *&^%
    Man my memory sucks sometimes. I was ABA #1 one year right? I think I beat Stu for the title.

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    Post em!!
    Between Brett, Dave and the rest of you chainheads we will get every track that ever raced listed and on the Catalog of BMX I will finally finish the NJ section and start finishing up on PA, MD, NY and CA.
    I already have a good start on those states (most states)if you havent looked.
    Wonder how I know so much about BMX tracks?
    1978-81 BMX was everything to me.
    1981 rode a BMX bike across America going from ABA track to ABA track.
    1989/90 Was teamates with the Legendary Caveman and we dominated the NJ,PA,MD scene
    1992 when I was a partner in Hyper I toured the USA doing clinics from Alberta Canada to California to Michigan
    1997 when I was the owner of American Bicycles I toured the USA doing clincs from Utah to Delaware, I think I did 25 states that summer.

    I want every track ever listed on my site with pictures and track layouts etc.
    Lets get NJ the first state ever to have a full History then me and Brett can write a book and donate all the profits (I dont want a cent) to NJ BMX and Breast Cancer Research in honor of my mom who when alive took me to my first race ever (Vineland NJ 1978) and countless races untill she died at a very young age in 1980. Love you mom.

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    Dave I left in 81 but from that list these tracks may never have existed.
    I had to go to maryland alot to make ABA races so I know they werent running ABA races for sure in 1980 or 81.

    Make sure some of the peeps actually raced the track to ensure it actually existed. Like I never heard of or saw Kinnelon or Teanack. But at least one person says that they seen Kinnelon so I believe that track actually existed.

    *** May Not have ever run sanctioned races

    North Bergen- Braddock Raceway (home to Nationals all ABA)
    Jersey City Armory- Indoor think it may always have run ABA
    Kinnelon- Was it ABA? what was the tracks name etc????
    West Milford- Lake Melody downhill
    Teaneck- *** details anyone??
    Vineland- Home to many Nationals (NBA and ABA)
    Bargaintown EHT- Still going strong
    Deptford- Started by Action Wheels after closing Woodbury?
    Clayton- Never saw it but know Clay raced it alot
    Ventnor- *** details anyone??
    Cape May Court House-
    Brigantine- *** details anyone?? Waretown- which was located in Waretown on Rt 9 behind a store
    Egg Harbor City- *** details anyone??
    Toms River- Ran ABA from around 1982-83

    There were two Millville Tracks.
    The first one I raced was along a fence in a Park like setting, the first turn was a left hander. It is where I met Paul Stephens, one of the fastest racers in NJ in those days (rode for Petes Bike shop).

    Then my last race at Millville was in a Fairgrounds inside a race track with grandstands. That track I cant remember its first turn but it had one turn that was off-camber. ( a very frustrating turn lol).

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    Im almost certain that the Hacketstown track never opened for races. But I may have it confused with a track run by Sam Conti – Piscataway
    that never opened. Both the ABA and NBL listed tracks that never actually opened. Sometimes they leave tracks listed after they have closed.

    In 1981 the year I moved to California this is the tracks I know were open that year or close to it. I was racing all ABA by 81 so I could be wrong and the tracks switched sanctions so much I may have that off a bit also:

    ABA in 81-
    Bargaintown*** (Aka EHT)

    NBL in 81
    Millville*** (cant remmber if it closed in 80 or 81 or?)
    Hunterdon County (Believe it had switched from Petes to Library in 81)
    [FYI Flemington also had a Non-sanctiond track in the 80s behind the Flemington YMCA]

    WWBMXA in 81? (Old NBA turned NBMXA tracks) I nver raced a WWBMXA race so no clue on that.
    Vernon Valley?

    ***I believe these tracks were both ABA and NBL at one time.
    I know in 1978 Vineland was NBA then I think it went NBL then ABA and then back to NBL. Jenny would know for sure.

    Greg Ferguson (Wooden Wheels), Richard Farside (Checkered Flag, his dads auto lot, Hutch and Mike Lynch (SE then Cyclecraft) all raced a ton back then also.

    Dave if you and others ever seriously want to try to start a new sanction Im down ( I have one guy in Texas said hes down). Bigggest issue is getting Insurance. We could piggy back on another sanction like MX or GoCart Racing or just get lucky and find a goodinsurance underwriting deal.

    in reply to: Google map of Howell #34520

    Vineland BMX,+nj&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=39.481578,-74.965982&spn=0.003958,0.010815&t=h&om=1

    All thats left of the track is the patch of sand at the center of the screen 🙁

    Nice find on the Mullica Hill track, Dave. who started that track again? Mr taylor and another Action Wheels riders dad if I remember.

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    And on the new $3 bill it will say “In Dave We Trust”

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    The ABA national (indoors) in Guthrie OK had a Pro section kinda.
    It was open to any rider with the guts to jump it.
    (Thats very very bad idea- Im not a lawyer but I’d sue the hell out of the ABA if my client gets hurt on a Pro section that they let a 14 or 15 year old minor, non pro, ride).

    The old Vineland NJ track had a Expert section on the last straight. (That track basically was 2 straights (was M shapped but the 2nd and 3rd straight were very short).

    But see it takes more work to make expert and pro sections and you have to have enough room and enough dirt.

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    Yeah I raced Bargaintown aka EHT.
    Thanks for the input Craig I already had these

    20. Englishtown, NJ – WWBA –
    23. Great Meadows, NJ – WWBA -(Island Dragway)

    From what I rmemeber as NBA was dying they changed names to NBMXA.
    May have had something to do witht he Basketball Association and they just dint mention that lol.
    Then in like 1980 or 81 the NBL and NBA merged in some weird way.

    I think those against the merger or after NBMXA died formed
    WWBMXA or WWBA. But I cant find anyone that has a image of the WWBMXA newspaper (or if they even published one) or points and if they had any nationals or it was just a small regional thing with a big name.

    Anyone here have any old WWBMXA Flyers or info????

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    The answer to more technical tracks isnt that hard.
    Have Expert and Pro sections. Beginners, inters girls and cruisers can race the regular sections and experts and pros get to hit the expert section.
    Pros get to hit the Pro section.

    You could even make it so the expert and Pro section has its own inside berm so the line is much shorter than the regular section. This way for new Pros and experts there is a decision maker, ‘ dont think your ready to hit that section? take the longer route’.

    Heres a sample of how I would rebuild Egg Harbor. (for ideas only not to scale, plans not exact and subject to change)

    I would use the dirt from the am sections to border up to the Pro/expert sections to use less dirt and help keep the sides up.

    The sides of all jumps should have enough backside so riders going over dont run a high risk of injury. the fronts and backsides of all jumps should also have enough dirt to enable rolling for Novices without too much circling the drain, but enough lip to let top riders launch so they dont have to roll step ups etc.

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