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    in the most recent BT they had in the Elite vs Industry they had
    Random Gates. Good or Bad

    i was wondering how everyone feels and thinks about it


    Ive never raced a random gate but here is my 2 cents. It may change to 3.
    One of my strong points is my gate. Practice, practice and more practice.
    Why punish those that have trained and worked hard to get a snap.

    Id simply make the gate taller or the platform shorter so roll backs could be limited.


    is it really gonna end slingshotting?


    I agree with Erick


    I’m all for random gates – no offense to Tim S., but I hate having a slingshotter in the gate next to me.

    Like everything else, we’ll all adapt. (except for clips, ha-ha)


    It is not random in the sense that it will mess up a good gate. You still have your 4 lights/horns and the gate still falls at the same time in unison with the lights/horns.

    The only thing random is the time from the starters call ends (Riders ready, watch the lights) until the lights/horns start. From the first light/horn it is identical to a “non-random” gate start.

    As long as your normal gate does not start before the first light/horn (like a big slingshot) you are still going to have the same gate.

    Random gives the wrong impression of how the new cadence works.


    Yea, I really don’t get what the big deal is.
    Lead, do you remember the old aba random gate when the light could go green at anytime?
    Those were the days…
    Man, how many people did I flip over when I was running the gate during practice up at Braddock….. 😈


    Now that was a “Random Gate”. 😆


    ^^ its the fact that i makes gates a shear reaction thing…. some people might not have the best reaction time but out of knowing the cadence so much can geta good gate… think of all the people that cant catch a ball bc of late reations and then look at there gates.. .they will suffer…. im talkinf from the point of view of never trying a random gate so i dont know what its like…. once ppl feel it im sure oppinons will be better formed.


    didnt they used to have rubberband starts?

    on your mark -get set… bang!


    jeesh, that was pre…us.
    Ah those were the days, before sanctions, when the riders controlled everything and Scott B was letting kids ride his motox track…
    LOL, could you imagine parents today dealing with a rubber band start…


    i thought they were kidding when they told me about the rubberbands…

    thats it im calling dyfus!!!


    here’s a thought…
    Jesse brought it up on another site…..
    What would something like…dyfus.. say if you , well, let’s say…

    took a small child,
    attached their feet to the pedals of their bicycle,
    put them on a rather large hill,
    and let them go down it as fast as possible,
    with a jump at the bottom of the hill that was bigger than they are,
    Knowing that the childs feet where not easily releasable from the pedals…

    I think that is the BMX “Thought of the day”.


    Eh i think it should be left the same. Yes I hate having sligshotters next to me in the gate sometimes, although I am guilty of doing it myself. Basically there’s no really good way the perfect the timing with the motion of it so snappers have an advantage with consistancy. I’ll just say it like this snappers will snap the same on a random gate, and sligshotter will still find a way to slig it. There’s always a way. Phil slings but he doesn’t leave until the first beep if you watch close enough. I snap on first beep and have the same gate, only difference is he has more momentum from a few more inches, training hard can fix that no matter who you are.

    Mr. whipple


    Ok thanks for the details Lead Sled.
    I thought it meant it dropped at a random time.
    Still prefer not using clips and so I see no reason to have the random but now my opinion has changed to it may not be a big deal.

    Hey my second race ever was on a non sanctioned track with a rubber band start. I couldnt tell you how my starts where that first year. The race action
    was just a blur to a noob.

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