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    9 – 11 images are still fresh




    yeah i can still picture the smoke from the 2 buildings.. even tho i was 9 miles away.. it was still crazy


    My car radio was busted at the time so I had no clue what was going on. I drop my then 7 month old son off at day care, and they casually mentioned something about a plane hitting a building in NYC. They did not have a tv there, so they didn’t know much either, and were too tied up with the kids to pay attention to the radio much. I thought, gee, some poor guy in a cesna I bet. Little did I know.

    By the time I drove the few miles to my office, you would have thought World War III had just started. I worked at a large office, and moms and dad and just about everyone else were running around like crazy, calling their daycare centers, schools, babysitters, etc. Once I heard what had really happened, I left as fast as I could to get back to the daycare and get my son. By then things had gone bananas.

    My wife was a teacher in Saddle Brook at the time, so she was 20 miles away and the school was on lock down, she could not leave until every last kid was picked up. Until then, they had to go about their business as best as possible. How do you explain to a kid everything is okay when half the kids just got picked up in mad rush?

    I remember getting home, put my son down to play, and turned on the tv. I watched the replay of what happened in horror, and then watched the towers come down. I just could not believe what was happening was less then 40 miles away from me, and from certain hills in my area, you could see the smoke blowing north for miles. It was all to surreal.

    Since cell phones lines were either not working or overloaded, I had no choice but to just wait for my wife to eventually get home that day. Boy was she a mess. I was very proud of her, she took care of the kids at school and told me she never got upset in front of them. She was very strong for them.

    I am blessed that this is all me and my family experienced from this terrible tragedy. We were lucky. I am blessed that we live in a great county, even with all its flaws, that did not let something like this stop us from moving forward.

    Many many families were affected by this and I cannot imagine the horror many faced. God bless them.



    Just dont forget who caused 9/11. It was not an accident or mistake.


    that day was hectic. i remember being in the bikeshop watching it over and over again.
    this day is also my brothers birthday. and two weeks after this happend, my dad broke his leg.
    i’ll never forget about 9/11.
    my condolences go out to the familes who were affected.

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