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    I gave myself the nickname “Keystone Kid”
    Although I raced mostly in NJ my house was on the PA side of the river.
    I got the idea from Kevin Mcneals “Corona Kid”.

    I had 3 letters published between 79-81 in “Bicycle Mototcross Action” first one I just signed “Keystone Kid” second one i signed both the nickname and my real name. Last one just my real name. One asked about SAL Zeuner (it was the issue he got the cover), One was a poem and the last was I think asking about east coast coverage but I lost all my mags so I cant look it up.

    The name never stuck. Now I just like to be called Stud or Your Highness but those dont seem to stick either.

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    Yeah I owned 3 Quads back when I raced 20. It is by far my fave 20 ever. I rode one half way across America in 1981 before DB sponsored me.

    I just in fact emailed SE to make it in 24 and in the choice of old school colors
    Remember they had tan, brown, light blue (like the 20 shown) and dark blue.
    Along with like everyone else Black and maybe some other colors.

    Here is their email if you want to ask them to make a 24 also:

    I dont like the Floval Flyer. I raced one breifly and hated it. Their current (Flovla) bike has way to low a seat post/top tube junction. That makes the center of gravity too low. It is good however if you switch back and forth from 20 to 24 .

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    John Saleme was from New jersey right? If so I can add him to the list of pros.

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    Im not sure if I would use clips. My Redline crusier doesnt have them and Im sure if I trained a bit I could beat many riders my age (not top riders) even if they have them. NO Dave I couldnt beat you even if I trained darn it!

    But I cant try clips as I live with a torn ACL and my knee goes out way to easy to chance clips. I have Insurance but the surgery means going on disability and filling out forms and I dont even know where to start on all that.

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    LOL if you raced Pro once you were a Pro!!!!
    I turned Pro the second year I was in california, but couldnt afford to throw my money away racing Mike Miranda, Andy Zirzow, Denny Davidow, Stu Thompsen etc at the local races. Man I shoulda raced just once to say I raced Pro.
    Your so lucky.

    Besides. Luscombe and Brunner were insanely good. I met Brunner when he stoped by my clinic (or after it for a race) in Ft Collins when I owned American Bicycles. Colorado had some hella fast pros over the years. many of them moved to California only to find out like me that hurt their career in BMX. Guys like Richard Fleming (Robinson- great guy). Mike Darnley (Still tearing it up), Richard Long (quickly went back to AM and dominated on cruiser), Robert Raymonde (still races sometimes) and others whos names escape me.

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    Ok so say you have 7 at a local thats no main, but at a national those 7 race all three motos and the last place rider doesnt make the main of 6. Simple enuf, thanks Craig.

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    OK I dont race NBL so please explain.
    If a class has 7 riders thats one gate of 7 right?
    Then say you get first aall three motos, no main you get 3×6= 18 points for first overall.

    If a class has 9 riders thats two gates, one of 4 and 5.
    Then say you get 1st all three motos and win the main thats 3×6=18+100 so total is 118 points.

    I cant be doing that right, first with 7 riders is 18 points and first with 9 is 118?

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    Robbie Morales was definately from Long Island NY, Ive been to his house.
    ROBBIE MIRANDA was from Virginia.

    in reply to: Number of NBL tracks in NJ in 83 #34874

    Yeah Craig I raced Waretown a few times in 1981.
    I can remember the track vaguely as the shopping center it was behind wasnt much bigger then the track.
    I remember the starting hill was good sized and the gate faced the riders away from Rt9 and the first turn went right.
    I cant remember anything else about the track cept it was sandy.

    I used to race a guy (we were freinds and I even gave him a ride home once) I think his name was Ed Maier or something like that, he lived in Medford Lakes and I think was also 16x. Alot of times 16X and N were combined.

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    I have nver met Brett (that I know of). But I can tell he does way more for BMX than he is getting credit for. None of you know or remember me but Dave and I think he can attest to my dedication to BMX over the years.
    Dave on the other hand is only dedicated to seeing the “Spice Girls” reuninon happen. He calls London all the time, trying to get them to make a comeback so he can launch his new cologne “Caveman Spice”

    in reply to: We’re going in a new direction. #34872

    Mac what part of PA? When I raced NJ i lived in Bucks County right on the Delaware. Raced a few SE PA tracks over the years.
    First was Lakeside Amusement Park
    Then came Supertrack
    Then Bensalem
    I also raced the Philly Convention Center race run by a PA NBL track director Bob Tedesco. Cant remember if I was 16x or novice.

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    OK Craig I’ll add Toms River soon to the master list at
    What sanction was it and what years did it run do you remember?
    Any pics from it anyone? Anyone have any drawings they made bitd of any of the tracks or ones they can do from memory.

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    Rayner was the only guy that could pull me on crusier at Columbia. I remember once trying to keep up with him over the triple step up (i always rolled it) I tried to jump it.

    I almost cleared it but my front wheel barely clipped the top and made me nosedive down that huge backside till I got near the bottom before touching down. A pure white knuckle moment, I will never forget, as I was just along for the ride and too scared to bail.
    I rode out of it but that was the last time I ever tried to jump it.
    I had my bike stolen on the way down to the Columbia national and was so bummed. Action Wheels kicked ass even without me. You gotta admit dave that year our team was awesome, you still got that old jersey?

    I remember meeting Jason I think at Bensalem with that other guy you hung out with dave and went to Mcds. They were both older and I think Jason had just got one of the first Roadkills bikes or plates.

    in reply to: A lesson in marketing power. #34847

    Heres one synopsis.
    ABA used to have a nice points section in the ABA Action newspaper. Then they renamed it American BMXr and tried to make it magazine like. If it were a small sanction, that would work but for ABAs size, you need a magnifying glass to read the points. Plus with 50 states and some states having over 20 districts no one really cares as much about district number 1.

    NBL. Track Points. Local Points. State Points. National Points. 3rd Moto Points if its raining.

    New Sanction. – would have large enough font you can actually read the points, clearly laid out like the USBA was, so you can find the section your looking for easily. Points that matter, States limited to 3 districts: North, South and Central or East, West and Central (Huge states like NY, PA, TX and CA could have 4 or 5 districts maybe.

    New Jersey would be North, South and Central
    EHT – South (Mullica Hill, Deptford etc)
    Howell – Central (Flemington, Lawrenceville etc)
    None- North (Craigmuer, Vernon Valley, Oakland etc)

    Points go to where the rider lives. You can tell where a rider is from cause like the old NBA youd have a big distrct decal like 10s for South etc.
    A second decal on the plate would have the State.
    All riders must have approved plates that are clean, meet crtiterium of number size etc and have on the new sanctions state and district decal.

    can you imagine watching a football or baseball game , even at your High School and all the players could do whatever they wanted on their uniforms. Wouldnt look dialed in at all. BMX to get national support and become an event the racers must treat it like an event. The new sanction must enforce its own rules, if the sanction doesnt take the sport seriously why should the riders?

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    Phill Downell
    Jason Wetherhold – PA i think
    George Salzmann
    Robbie Morales – NY
    Rayner Mathews – MD if that was the Boss guy
    Ronnie Gaska – NY
    Mark Sterious

    So Andy was Pro lol my memory sucks sometimes. Does he still run the bike shop and are his trails still there?

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