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    Well that isn’t entirely correct. Maybe not until August, but the property owner, has several pieces availible to us, and we will have it running by August.
    Location, real close to the Rockaway Mall
    Sanction, ABA, why, cause I don’t want the commitee mentality, I want an idea to to come to fruition quickly, not take monthes
    Status, NON-PROFIT, the officers know who they are!!!!!!
    Race Day, Sundays, but late enough you can get from Church to the track

    Stay Tuned Cause I have some sponsors all ready

    And what kind of moron would say there will never be an ABA track in New Jersey


    Game on.
    So there you have it folks the next track in NJ.
    Couple questions for Bill that I already know the answer to but should be interesting for everyone to hear.

    Who will be running it?
    Who will the track cater too?

    I look forward to covering the building of the next BMX track in NJ.

    Man, crazy how history repeats itself, Harry Myers was the man in NNJ back in the day, looks like things are happening again.


    Bill I thought I was the touble maker on this site. I surrender my title to you. Can you imagine what is being said amongst the lurkers!!!!!!!!


    Could care less what they think, half of those people couldn’t work for me!!!!!! As far as the property owner, they know me well, and know what we, meaning the riders involved bring to the table.
    The operator. Diane Hayden
    Cater to, riders


    Debbie – we got our wish!! NORTH JERSEY.

    Bill – u da man!


    Can ya tell the guys over at the aba to lighten up on me now!

    A bomb just went off in NNJ today.
    Love to have you at the next state meeting for nbl njbmx, you can sit with all us riders.

    Would you be interested in being part of our (meaning the riders) pro-am series?


    You’d have to ask the operator. We are securing money for an event, for a BIG pro-am to attract riders


    Bill, I’d love to work with the TO.
    It seems I just happen to have my hand in 2 organizations right now….

    It would seem that NJ is about to do what we have kept saying it is going to do, start a revolution.

    I’m on boards all over the place. 😈


    Bill now we need one in EDSION!!!!!! Will talk to you. We have the land, City Property. Now i have to talk to al. Also trying to do the deal at raceway park.


    yipee for north jersey…. cudos to mr bill..

    although edison is a little closer..not milage maybe but traffic on a sunday..

    bill will have to give out the top secret hidden back roads directions…

    wait a min…is this going to cost me another license? oh great…!!!


    all ready have the aba license ,good job on getin the track approved and good luck hope to get there for opening day but that depends on my son .we are not doin alot if any racin this year. he wants to do other sports this year but im sure he”ll be back soon.


    wait till we get a series rolling that will hit all the tracks.

    this ain’t about the nbl or aba, its about BMX.

    Hell, we’ll drop a little jam into Pete’s place too…



    And the backyard too


    Can I ask a stupid question?
    What is the difference between NBL and ABA?
    and I’m assuming that you can do both 🙄


    Why do both, when you can do one and do it well!!!! Here’s a ggod one, knowing that this track was coming to be, I was still involved pushing the grant for the NBL tracks, why would I do that? It’s for the kids, now on other hand, one of the current board members was quoted as saying ” there will never be an ABA track in NJ”, I guess they are in it for the power they percieve they have, We are in it for the kids, ABA, or NBL, but since I believe the ABA does a better job promoting the sport, ABA

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 55 total)
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