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    i have a sweet tnt mini stem ill sell you for 75$


    Mark Z is checking to see if he has any mini’s left over…If not I would be interested.



    no problem.. its in super good shape


    march of 1984 at the dustbowl won my first moto and went to the main.got second in the main.I have to say bmx was the best time I had in my life,played footbal and baseball,was all catholic in both sports but the feeling of winning the 88 east coast nationals in howard county has never been matched,regret giving it up but glad im back!!!!!!!


    First race was at Burdette park in Evansville. My uncle joe raced so I rode his bike. I was 8 and he was 15 so his bike was way too big for me. I raced two other girls and got last by a mile. What a way to start! But it didn’t last long, I got my own bike and started to get better. Back then there was a local girl that raced nationals, when I started to beat her we started to go. The first year i got national number 10. In 3 years i was number 2. Then number one and never looked back! I wish I knew then what an accomplishment it was, but I just loved to race. It’s in my blood and never went away! I’m looking forward to it again!


    @tommydone wrote:

    …the feeling of winning the 88 east coast nationals in howard county has never been matched,regret giving it up but glad im back!!!!!!!

    I think I was at that race. What class were you racing Tommy?


    17 intermediate won both days got second on friday night/


    1982 (83?) Oakland NJ 5th Dimension race track.
    I was 11 or 12 with my Supergoose.
    I think the entry fee was $5 for Beginner; my weeks allowance. I asked the older lady if she could give me number 11. She did. The number plate was a paper plate with black magic marker #11.

    4th slot on the gate (how do you remember these things?). Doing a fantastic job of balancing waiting for the guy to move the lever that would drop the gate. I had been practicing just with my front tire against our brick house until dinner was called. I looked around and some kids were struggling and some kids who looked way older and way bigger then me looked like pros from Bicycle Motorcross Action (?) to me.

    No time to think! The gate drops and I’m going forward with the pedal my front tire rises as the gate drops slightly. I get a good start. Down the gate hill there is a HUGE tabletop jump. Lot of kids waste time getting air. I don’t because I know it wastes time and I’m afraid to get so much air. There is a left turn with a HUGE bank. I go high but then zip down cutting off everyone. I’m in first and pick my way through the whoop-dee-doos. I’m in first all the way to the finish line.

    2nd heat!
    I do the same thing but the two older kids cut off everyone with me and I get 3rd place.

    3rd heat!
    I still manage to cut everyone off coming down the bank. But the older kids didn’t waste anytime in the air. The pack is all on top of each other. I can’t tell when place I’m in. I’m pedaling so quickly. My front tire is rubbing someones back tire. Through the whoop-dee-doos the kid in front of me makes a mistake and puts his feet down. My friends use to make fun of me when I didn’t have a BMX bike we’d be on our home made track and I’d be on it with my Ross Blue Flame Banana seat street bike using my feet to push me around. So I never take my feet off the pedals. I go around him in the final turn and sprint to the finish. 2nd place!

    1,3,2 = 5

    I do the quick math and think I got 3rd place. None of my friends have done as well. trophy time I take home a little 3rd place trophy I have to this day still.



    Oakland. I think that was one of NJs first tracks.
    What sanction was it in 82? WWBMXA?


    Yep, it was WWBMA, the last track director was a guy named chip, and his right hand was my brother. Chris wasn’t old enough to drive, so Chip would pick him up in the morning on race day and take him. My parents didn’t want to do the BMX anymore. If I felt like it I would cuise down there too. The last day they raced (it was the last day because of events that unfolded), I didn’t feel like racing I had the jumps next to the house to ride. There was a shoot out at the park the track was in, and Chip just said that was it.


    1st race was the 1985 Fall Classic @ HC BMX on my Schwinn Predator.

    Got 4th place overall (forget the moto finishes) man i was pissed because i got a ribbon and not a trophy (trophies to 3rd only)

    I vowed to get a trophy the next week. Next week my friend and I got driven to CJBMX and I wound up getting 1 1 1….got my trophy.

    To this day its the only trophy i have out.


    So where exactly was the Oakland track?
    Im sure it was open BITD cause I remember talking to people that raced it. But I never raced NBA so I never went to it.

    Can you find Chip. See if he has any old flyers or pics etc. Stories about WWBMXA and its history etc. Im so mad at myself for not racing NBA and hitting nationals instead of chasing state and district points.


    My first race was Vineland 82 at 6 yrs old. I raced all over the state including nationals until 93. I had a brief comeback in 97 which was ended with a broken wrist during friday night practice at the south park national
    Dan Williams


    Welcome back brutha.


    i remember danny williams

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