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    First, regarding Rich’s post about “if a 40yr old can clear them…” well, when I was next to you Rich on the starting hill at EHT – I swear I was hearing the same sounds as I used to watching “The $6 Million Dollar Man” BITD. LOL. 😆

    As far as making the track’s easier…we’re on a slippery slope here. Braddock was cake…and the moto counts still went down and suffered. So I applaud Brett for being at a show talking it up. Its not just the jumps but the whole package we need to be concerned with. Since I am just back in, I am not here to criticize anyone, but just stating this to keep that in everyone’s mind, not unlike the drum Brett’s been beating for some time.

    Still, as someone who was off the track for 16 years and off a bike for the last 10 I felt like a newbie. (yeah, I stopped riding. Wife, job, kids, all the excuses. How do you think I got fat?) For a near newbie (or rusty old semi-pro) I gotta agree the 4 jumps in the 2nd straight at EHT had me huffin and puffin. Yeah, I not in the shape I need to be yet but I felt like I had no time to pedal in between the jumps. And then all the jumps in the last straight (after I recovered from the third straight) was just too much, but thats me.

    I haven’t been to CJBMX yet (ever) and am looking forward to seeing the monster jump as I’ve heard it called. And I am not looking forward to the quarry dust at Flemington, especially since this is the closest track to me right now.

    Rich – you’re the bionic man – I commend you for being in incredible shape and racing at a very high level – 40 is only a number. But I’m in concensus here that the track has to reflect our local needs. More motos equals more opportunities for everyone involved – period.

    And for those who might feel that if the local track isn’t national grade it hurts our riders – well, the nationals are supposed to be tougher than locals – they always were BITD – you go to enough you get better – and then you OWN your local track.


    I wounder if a jump like that would work in like the second or third straight
    after the race is a little more played out ???
    The risk will always be there ( someone from our class took a pretty good fall at eht on sat) at the same time you got to put something out there so those that can will improve????


    Hey the new Honda goldwing has a air bag,maybe the hyper dudes can rig something up for me 😆 😆


    I no longer have an opinon on this topic. Have fun.


    that jump is the deciding factor in winning a race or not
    if you can jump it its almost guaranteed you can win your moto
    otherwise you have everyone else either hitting their brakes coming up to it or just trying to manual or even survive over it and just dropping out of the sky over it. vinnie said he was making it more manualable ( if thats even a word lol ) but all he did was raise the lip about a foot and a half and put a little dirt on the downside. that doesnt help.

    is it bad when i have a track 25 mins away from my house that should be my local track and i want to go to flemmington or EHT because of the changes that were made at cj?


    I have not seen the jump but wonder if they cant make half of it rideable and the other half jumpable. I assume the inside line is the best. Make the inside jumping only and the outside rideable. Like a decision maker? Just a thought.

    Paul Carroll


    Go big or go home pertains to top expert and pro freestyle riders.
    Go faster than the other guy or lose pertains to racing.

    We either have a race or a jumping contest.

    Bill Hayden was a TRACK BUILDER for the ABA, if he is saying that thing is a little too radical I tend to believe him.

    You have got to look at OUR tracks in the eyes of a 10-13 TRUE beginner and think what is the happy medium.
    Catering to the same riders we always have, catering to the hardcore crew, is not ever going to grow the sport of BMX.

    Craig is correct in saying that it’s not just the “jumps” that have brought down ridership, I can name about 5 other things that are currently contributing to the decline in racing, but I’m not going off topic on this.

    I can think of 15-20 that will help grow it again. But I’ll wait till someone actually wants to hear from a guy with 27 years of BMX only experience.

    Again, the final words on this and I got this from Kevin Mark, an intelligent, responsible teacher and father, are these “we are having a BMX RACE not a BMX JUMPING contest.”


    Round out the lip a little and fill the middle in a little and all would be good. What is the sense of racing, when you have nobody to race. Metallica sums it up best. “with your crown came nothing”


    I haven’t even seen the thing yet, I’m only going on a few that I know who have. The same thing happened for the Southpark Nat last year, I told someone that was a fun track, they called me and told me I was nuts, I found out later the track was redone and is now losing locals. Right now I think EHT is the best riding track we have in the state. HCBMX will go through some big changes next week.


    The deal is people who have no idea or experience are the ones buliding the tracks.


    I think that some people think if the sport is more supercross it will atract more attention, YES if it is at a pro level. Think of it this way, you don’t start racing Nascar right off the bat. You start at go-carts, sprint cars and such and work your way up. In our sport, we all race the same track, so there has to be a happy medium. I’m fortunate enough to have trails in the backyard, some however want to turn the tracks into trails, it won’t work, it will only lesson our ability to draw riders


    Maybe the can make it like a pro section ???
    just let the open class run that section


    ok.. lets see.. bmx= bicycle moto cross.. now what is that.. when it 1st started it was little kiddies pretending they were racing motorcycles..now look at a motocross track.. do they have little itty bitty jumps.. noooooo.. bmx should have JUMPS.. its not a jumping contest.. but its also not a dumb drag race


    South Park was fricken nutz last year. I rode it during the Hyper clinic but didn’t race because the shoulder was still busted. I jumped everything but the pro jump and I was really not interested in racing that track with 7 other meatheads going ballz out, especially with the shoulder the way it was.

    If my 6 year old (5 at the time) can get air on that track you know the lips were big.

    One thing I noticed at EHT was the lips they added in the second straight. While not over the top there is too much on the first double. You land in the flat everytime due to the speed out of the corner and the size of the lip on it. My son almost cleared it in his 3rd moto. He put his front tire into the second peak and almost went over the bars.

    We had some new people show up at Blue Diamond yesterday when we were rebuilding the track. They were real hesitant (especially the parents) about the jumps on the track. We had to explain to them that you do not jump everything. They are obsticals, and only jumps if you jump them.

    I’m sure the size of the jumps spooked them also as we had not rolled them yet 😆 .

    Rich, my wife sent Jud a case of those things and from what I hear he has used them all. 😉


    It’s a race with obstacles in the way.
    The doubles at CJ are no good.
    Begin to fix the tracks or continue to lose ridership.

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