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    I’m in Rich, you know that.

    My goal was winning the main at the Grands, and boy did I come close. But, for some reason I am having trubs keeping my starts consistent through a whole weekend, so I am all for Greg coming back. BMX Underground got a pic of my main coming over the tabletop in the first straight. I am in the middle of the pack, but my first straight pull improved so much I was able to dive into the turn with more speed and come out second. I need more help to put the complete package together to do battle in 35X next year (I may just focus on the 20″, we’ll see)

    I came home with a banged up shoulder and leg, both on the right side, so I am just getting back on the bike as it is, but hope in a week to be ready enough for Woodward.

    Not going to the ABA Grands, but I know if I make the trip next month to Delaware for the East Coast Nats (ABA), my novice days are over. So I know I got my work cut out for me.

    Thinking about a new frame Rich. I love the DB, but maybe thinking going XXL 22″ TT. Formula maybe? What’s Felt got? You seem to do just fine on yours. Let me know.


    Well, I have been sticking with it and getting faster each time I ride. I did fall short of my goal though. First moto of the Grands went great (1st) and then I had problems from there out on the first jump. (4th, 4th, then 5th in semi)

    I am going to take it up another notch. I have been also racing with the 17 and 18 Xs locally and they push me a lot harder. I have more fun racing them. You will be surprised at what you can do when you have to do it. 😆


    Back in the saddle again…

    Today was the first serious day of training since Kentucky. I needed to give my leg and shoulder a break, but gotta kick myself for not doing more cardio during that time. I could have ate better these last couple of weeks, too.

    Did 2 sets of 20 crunches and 2 sets of 20 & 15 push ups, plus a full stretching session and then did one set of 15 vert leaps and one set of 6. The 15 was too much the first round. Still, it felt good. That was midday.

    Starting at 5pm it took 1-1/2 hours to mow my back yard. This was not easy as I let it get to super jungle height. I’d consider this mild to medium cardio work with a good calorie burn.

    Finished up tonight by going out for a 1 hour ride that included a round of 25yd sprints and some rolling 100’s. Had a lot of sidewalks and driveways to practice manuals and such. 2 weeks off will hurt ya a little, so I’ll be back out again tomorrow hard, then easier the rest of the week leading up to Woodward.


    Anyone here use rollers ??? some have resistance devices some don’t (do you need resistance?)
    I have the type that lift the back wheel off the ground but I am thinking the rollers will help my son with his spin and balance


    i have a set of rollers and i love them— no resistance on minie although there are one’s with resistance available–if i want added resistance i just put on an old set of comp III’s.

    i haven’t been using them much latelly and have been thinki8ng back to wht has worked best for me in the past training wise and the season that i used the rollers was at the top of the list


    Found a set for under $100 http://www.nashbar.com/index.cfm

    They are going for 70 and up on E-bay


    my son uses them. they are great for balance. Although it takes some time to adjust to them. He started with 3 min steady followed by 30 second sprint then 3 min cooldown. then he worked up to 5 min 50 seconds 5 min.


    we got our son a set last christmas classic from one of the vendors. best purchase we ever made. on the rainy days when you cant do your sprints its great..small enough to fold and slide under the bed and easily pops out to work out infront of the tv… it does take getting used to but only like a day or 2 ..he even brings it to the nats for sunday early am warm up( no practice) to get the legs moving…

    def recommend it. we have the alum ones very light wt and folds in half for storage… pretty cheap about $160+ tax i think… andy prob carries them or can order them for ya


    Rollers are great for winter tranning,but make sure you DO NOT BOUNCE while riding them as this can hurt your back. Spin smooth,and accellerate while making good circles. See you at the fall classic.


    P.S. do not change your gear, it wont help.


    That is the biggest thing with rollers. You want to have good clean circles. The smother you can get on rollers the better you will be on the track.

    If you want to get a good set of rollers this would be the ones that I would recommend.
    Minoura Rollers


    OK, I have been working out with dumbbells and doing sit ups ,push ups consistently 5days a week, also doing vert leaps (3sets @25 )
    I am going to start this week 1/2HR on the rollers 2 time a week.
    I have been watching what i am eating no more Mc D . I just got to quit the wings and bud on the weekend!

    I need to ride more . felt strong at the president’s cup but no confidence in my riding. I plan on building some jumps in the yard so i can ride after work
    The new eht track is helping but one day a week is not enough !!


    @GregHill wrote:

    I figured I would jump in and add to this list:

    Yesterday I did verticle leap jumps..

    set 1 = 45lbs dumbbells just did 10 squats (no jump) for warm up.

    sets 2-5 = 45lbs dumbbells 20 reps each with 4 minutes rest between sets.

    Legs are coming back to life…


    is he doing JUMPS while holding 2, 45lb dumbbells ?? 😯


    when are you hitting eht?– i need help over the big dubs


    @CWCCRIDER wrote:

    is he doing JUMPS while holding 2, 45lb dumbbells ?? 😯

    I start out with 2, 20lbs dumbbells and work my way up.

    Dave we were down there Saturday getting some track time in. Let me know if you want to go.


    Mix of sun and clouds. Highs in the upper 30s and lows in the upper 20s.

    Looks like good weather for some pump lap’s !!!!

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