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    Heres my list of all New Jersey tracks. this was done from memory and help from others. I raced BMX from 1978-1990 then toured the USA several times after promoting two Bike companies I started Hyper tour 1992 (with Rob Dolecki) and American Bicycles tour 1997 (with several Pros none from NJ).

    I raced New Jersey in 1978-81 and again in 1989-90. The other years I was living out west.


    hope you find it interesting.

    Im slowly playing with the site, very slowly lol as i have a full time job and run a online business as well.


    I like you already. cool site ya got there.


    As the official Historian of NJ BMX ant-dog I thought you might.
    did you notice this section

    Im gonna do a Hall of fame also.

    here who will be in for sure any other suggestions?
    Sal Zeuner, Jenny Zeuner, Mike Lynch, Rich Farside

    On the bubble:
    Chriss Williams (Torker East, Thruster), Terry Zeuner (SE), Mike Mayes (SE), Amon Emeka(sp?)(Jag- A former World Champion?), Franco Perrino (Thurster), Kathy Schakel (Shimano), Mark Lopez (MCS), Jarret Justice (CW), Steve Cohen (Jag)

    Harry Meyers (TO), Sal Zeuner Sr. (TO), Mrs. Zeuner (TO), Mark Zalewski (Founder TNT). Clay Goldsmid (Co-Founder Hyper), Erick Weinstetter (Co-Founder Hyper).

    On the bubble:
    Lee Veale Sr.(TO, President NJ BMX Association, Owner AER team)
    Marty Wolfgang (TO, Owner Martys Bike Shop)
    Mr and Mrs. Gleason (TO, Owners Bicycle World)
    Chuck DeRoche (TO, Island Raceway in Great Meadows)


    I am historian in titile only. You are a TRUE historian. I bow before thee.


    That list is missing the Island Dragway track, in Great Meadows, that Chuck DeRoche ran in the 80’s I think 83 to 84


    hmmm, we shall have to get a title to Eric….


    I’d have to suggest the Gleasons from Bicycle World.


    What about the track that was at Englishtown for a while. It was a WWBA or IBMXA track, wasn’t it?

    Also, Egg Harbor was originally known as Bargaintown BMX and was ABA before going NBL. I raced the 1983 ABA East Coast Nats there.


    Yeah I raced Bargaintown aka EHT.
    Thanks for the input Craig I already had these

    20. Englishtown, NJ – WWBA –
    23. Great Meadows, NJ – WWBA -(Island Dragway)

    From what I rmemeber as NBA was dying they changed names to NBMXA.
    May have had something to do witht he Basketball Association and they just dint mention that lol.
    Then in like 1980 or 81 the NBL and NBA merged in some weird way.

    I think those against the merger or after NBMXA died formed
    WWBMXA or WWBA. But I cant find anyone that has a image of the WWBMXA newspaper (or if they even published one) or points and if they had any nationals or it was just a small regional thing with a big name.

    Anyone here have any old WWBMXA Flyers or info????


    Check out this thread I posted:
    Looks like you’re missing a few. I got an answer to my question on Vintage BMX. The 83 NBL paper showed four tracks in NJ. They were:
    Doesn’t say much about the NBL if the ABA had 14 tracks in NJ while they only had four and they were headquartered here.

    So that makes 18 tracks in NJ at one time. I imagine that was the height of it. When I started a mere three years later there were four. That dropped to two in 90. Pretty pathetic huh?

    Everybody gives their reasons why BMX died. Freestyle, skateboarding, video games, insurance troubles, real estate boom, etc. It’s taken me 18 years to come to a new conclusion. This is the sanction’s business. They are the ones that make money off it. It’s their livelihood. They are the ones that let it die. They dropped the ball. If you’ve got good business sense you will make your business grow no matter what the circumstances.

    I could preach for days about that. I won’t.


    Im almost certain that the Hacketstown track never opened for races. But I may have it confused with a track run by Sam Conti – Piscataway
    that never opened. Both the ABA and NBL listed tracks that never actually opened. Sometimes they leave tracks listed after they have closed.

    In 1981 the year I moved to California this is the tracks I know were open that year or close to it. I was racing all ABA by 81 so I could be wrong and the tracks switched sanctions so much I may have that off a bit also:

    ABA in 81-
    Bargaintown*** (Aka EHT)

    NBL in 81
    Millville*** (cant remmber if it closed in 80 or 81 or?)
    Hunterdon County (Believe it had switched from Petes to Library in 81)
    [FYI Flemington also had a Non-sanctiond track in the 80s behind the Flemington YMCA]

    WWBMXA in 81? (Old NBA turned NBMXA tracks) I nver raced a WWBMXA race so no clue on that.
    Vernon Valley?

    ***I believe these tracks were both ABA and NBL at one time.
    I know in 1978 Vineland was NBA then I think it went NBL then ABA and then back to NBL. Jenny would know for sure.

    Greg Ferguson (Wooden Wheels), Richard Farside (Checkered Flag, his dads auto lot, Hutch and Mike Lynch (SE then Cyclecraft) all raced a ton back then also.

    Dave if you and others ever seriously want to try to start a new sanction Im down ( I have one guy in Texas said hes down). Bigggest issue is getting Insurance. We could piggy back on another sanction like MX or GoCart Racing or just get lucky and find a goodinsurance underwriting deal.


    We are SO down.


    Vernon Valley was a one weekend track, for a Nat, I have some pics


    Post em!!
    Between Brett, Dave and the rest of you chainheads we will get every track that ever raced listed and on the Catalog of BMX I will finally finish the NJ section and start finishing up on PA, MD, NY and CA.
    I already have a good start on those states (most states)if you havent looked.
    Wonder how I know so much about BMX tracks?
    1978-81 BMX was everything to me.
    1981 rode a BMX bike across America going from ABA track to ABA track.
    1989/90 Was teamates with the Legendary Caveman and we dominated the NJ,PA,MD scene
    1992 when I was a partner in Hyper I toured the USA doing clinics from Alberta Canada to California to Michigan
    1997 when I was the owner of American Bicycles I toured the USA doing clincs from Utah to Delaware, I think I did 25 states that summer.

    I want every track ever listed on my site with pictures and track layouts etc.
    Lets get NJ the first state ever to have a full History then me and Brett can write a book and donate all the profits (I dont want a cent) to NJ BMX and Breast Cancer Research in honor of my mom who when alive took me to my first race ever (Vineland NJ 1978) and countless races untill she died at a very young age in 1980. Love you mom.


    Chainheads….I like that, that’s f-ing original!
    Erick the only way for things to get better in racing is if guys like yourself step up and get things going again. That’s what Cave and the rest of us are starting to do here in NJ.

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