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    great race at pottstown but i would like an opinion as to how many racers are in that much of a hurry that 90 motos have to be finished and out the door by 10 am?

    i know the local pottstown ppl are not to blame for this as the nbl runs the show but when i spoke to erma today about it i wondered who decides that you run 2 motos at a time during the mains? i think that is pathetic. these kids work hard to get there and the mains were ALWAYS done one at a time as long as we have been involved in bmx. yesterday was surely run too fast.

    look at 17-24x class they had 1/4’s… now add in money opens if you like..many of them race the open as well. ( that was the big moto pull for this race i believe they had over 122 motos yest, lots of cash and great prizes for the younger open races too) now all these ppl come to the race and drive the distance to RACE… not to hurry up and finish… i know of at least 3 racks of the 17-24x who had to tell the gate starter “hold the gate” as they werent even clipped in and he was starting the cadence… they had 11 rounds of races to do on sat. yes thats correct. imagine racing 11 times( counting both mains) in about 3 hrs…( 3 motos, 1/4,semi main, 3 motos semi main=11) all this in about 90 degree heat mind you.i know dan would barely make it back in time to catch his breath, get a drink and back up( moto 20 and 53 should be plenty of time to rest between)…

    so what was the hurry? it wasnt that the ppl from ohio were in a hurry to get back today as bt wasnt even there today… so cant blame it on him. erma tried to slow them down but to no avail…

    when is the last time you heard jeff marston( announcer) who is terrific and never misses a beat… say “oh sorry guys.. missed the last moto”. 4 straights long and he missed announcing a moto?? ( esp in mains)

    mrs knapper couldnt understand it either. i had to go to the nbl trailer to see what the rush was all about. no one knew… i know a few of the open riders said they arent doing opens next season if this continues. our 40 moto state race at flemington was run longer than todays 91 moto national. thats a fact.

    and they want to know why some stop racing cruiser?


    I for one was a little dazed today as to how fast they were running the motos. I was at the finish line table doing the finishes and at one point we couldn’t keep up but we managed.


    god question.. i have NO idea why they rush the races.. or why it has to start at 8am on sunday and have 2 moto system.. its 50 bux to race 2 motos and a main.. its gay


    They were going so fast that the announcer couldn’t even keep up.


    while still loading his bike into the gate for the 14x main they started the cadence on my son, he hadn’t even gotten his feet on the pedals and they were half way through the cadence. He kept yelling not yet hold the gate, starter payed absolutely no attention whatsoever. Aside from that, excellent job Trilogy park gang


    heheheeh. My wife has taken notice of aloy of the crap that is wrong in bmx racing. And you thought I was trouble. 😈

    I will say this she thinks the womens class get’s screwed. How come the boy’s get a rookie nov and ex class but the girls dp not? I told her that their is not enough women, Well her thinking is it is UNFAIR,(BTW I am really trying to get her on the track. )


    Quick answer.

    I know I have been lagging this year in “stirring the pot”.
    But trust me….
    I am nowhere near done.

    Now start to complain to the nbl enmass.

    And just and FYI, the aba does the same thing.

    Gimme your 50, now move your ass and go home.


    the only one who has the answer is the nbl.

    maybe a few hundred phone calls would open some eyes in ohio. i was also told that when we were in trumbul they were telling the officials to “get it moving”( hand signals like lets get going) why??? my friend who was the referee there sais he ignored that request.( or pretended that his mic wasnt working…lol) good thing.

    i thougt it was just me but i dont agree with the 2 moto ” buy 3 get 2 sunday race” if they are in such a hurry to get it over with then dont volunteer, just stay home. im sure someone else would be happy to help.

    the other thing is it cant be good for the tracks. how did concession sell any food for lunch when the campers were pulling out at 10:30 am on a sunday?

    not good for the local tracks at all. it cant be.


    I asked about C.C. being in jersey. Noone could give me an answer. Personalyy i think they are scared of us,


    i am sorry in all my ranting i forgot to thank the knappers and all the other ppl who helped out with the national and all its “extras”…. they offered for the racers and families… the chinese auction( sorry if its not pc) was my personal favorite from the baskets to the 50/50 winnings total…i didnt win 😥 i was really impressed how they sold so many tickets ( i know the secret but my lips are sealed…lol) that guy was top notch..to the other events for the riders after the race and the extra cash for the opens..the prizes for the younger open riders were awesome as well..that takes alot of work and seeing all the riders there from as far as fla is proof of its success…


    We would like to thank everyone who came out to our first national and to all the volunteers who made this race such a huge success.

    We would also like to congradulate all of the riders who won the open prizes/money on Saturday. It was some of the best racing I have seen in a long time.

    We hope everyone enjoyed themselve and had a great time.

    Once again, Thank you.

    Glen Knapper
    Track Director


    the knapper family f’n RULES


    Thanks to Mr. Pawson for running the bunny hop contest.

    Dave was such a professional that he didnt drink or smoke till after the contest was over…….when do you every think that would happen.

    Thanks again Dave…….the BMX Legend rules.


    Don’t be fooled, he was just waiting for his body temp to go down, it was so friggin’ hot out Saturday! LOL 😆


    haha.. glen thank YOU for allowing me to run that contest.. it was awesome..i really hope the kids liked the prizes and the 14 and over got money ..hopefully next year it will be bigger and better

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