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    most of the main videos are up on vintage you can see jeremys and anyone elses… thanks to whoever taped them….


    So where does one get to run this new National #1 they just earned?
    Something just seems fishy with all this uci, usac stuff man, like they have been sticking their noses in something they don’t understand.

    I’m not saying that these guys and gals didn’t bust ass and get the job done but it just seems flaky that usac says, ok, here is one more national championship race to attend, in case you didn’t attend the other world championship qualifiers.


    personally i think they should have kept the whatever national standings you got from the year before( like it used to be top 16national can go) if you are aba or nbl whatever you have to do a certain number of races thats it simple no confusion…

    this was totally confusing… first it was your best 3 uci races… top 8 for points..then they said top 8 for points even if you only have 2 races… (after you go and make sure you have 3)

    i love how nothing is ever in writing… we never meant that you HAD to have 3… when i asked the head usac guy in michigan how can they take someone who only had 2 vs 3 they said they never said mandatory 3 uci races that only your BEST 3 would count… meaning max 3 but nothing in writing saying that. i ( and 90% of everyone else from what i heard) thought it was like the nbl grands… they take your best 6 and take the best scores..if you have 4 you go to the bottom of the pile/list and if your points are higher with 4 then too bad.. sorry thats the way the nbl is so i assumed…. well you know what happens next when you assume…

    enlightning conversation but it teaches you to ask questions for next time…

    i agree we want the best points to go to the worlds but if someone said your best 3 races most would think oh i need 3 …right? DUH

    my complaint for the day…now i am done..i think….

    there were other rules we are not aware of… no jeans in usac…no ankle socks( have to be covered) they didnt enforce this… thought it was a riot all the little kids running around with high socks on… gloves are a must you cant get on the track without them… some i was aware of like no leaving your lane till the end of the hill, no changing your position ( side to side) after the last jump and before the finish line( impeding the progress of the rider behind you) in other words no blocking right before the finish line…. some rules they were strict with, some they were not. oh and i was told you cannot protest like in nbl…the usac officials(corner people) have to initiate the protest.. if they dont see it it didnt happen…

    interesting…i wish i was there for the whole meeting they had before the race started.. lots of riders who didnt hear the announcement missed it. we just happened to see a crowd forming and went to see what it was about. would have been nice to get all this in writing in the packet they handed out with the number plate( i know there is an online rule book but a pamphlet with “differences betw usac and nbl rules” would have been sufficient.


    barring Mike King, have any of these usac or uci officials ever raced BMX bikes?
    Ah, who cares, apparently racers just follow this stuff around like it’s the greatest thing in the world.

    Maybe it could be explained like that old paper, rock, scissors thing.
    aba beats nbl unless it’s a uci.
    uci beats nbl unless it’s the aba grands…
    racing is so confusing for those expensive number plates.


    The answer TRAILS 😀


    @bmiddaugh wrote:

    barring Mike King, have any of these usac or uci officials ever raced BMX bikes?
    Ah, who cares, apparently racers just follow this stuff around like it’s the greatest thing in the world.
    racing is so confusing for those expensive number plates.

    Grant it the number plate and the jersey are just eye candy, but how can you take a thread about kids who are just trying to have fun and putting there heart into a race and turn it into a sanction bashing thread.

    I know with us that qualifing for the worlds was all we had in mind when we went to this race, as I would be sure that everyone else had the same intentions. My son made the decision to try and go the worlds this year because he wanted to be able to say “hey I did that”, not because of some “expensive number plate”.

    I just want to show you what this race was all about for a couple of the riders that attended…..

    Notice the smiles…….


    I was also told they did a crappy job with the rules. On the videos of practice I was looking at all you heard was anoncements about the rules but yet no one follwed them and they werent enforced. Other than that it was one of those races where kids threaten other kids and th eofficials dont do anything. What a way to put on the 1st race of its kind. Oh well just goes to show they will do what ever it takes to get the money there but once that part is over they just dont give a crap.


    my intention was not to bash anyone…just point out that the rules were not clear from the beginning and they waited too long to let us know about them.

    obviously many riders wanted to do this race or there would have been no motos….

    the kids/ younger riders dont even think about the number plate thing$$$ each and every rider has his /her own reasons for wanting to go and race. once you go to the worlds its an experience that will stick with you and for some is worth trying to repeat…..

    everyone has their own opinion but those who do go and qualify will represent this country well… and the jersey boys/girls will be no different( yea jeremy is officiallly a jersey boy now!!)


    I’m not taking away from the fact that they raced and busted ass…I think I said that before. PLUS this race was age specific and not broken down by class, making it even tougher.
    I’m not questioning the people who raced.
    I’m questioning why we need 3 national championships.
    I should have put up the quote I was commenting on with my comment it was Debbie’s:

    some rules they were strict with, some they were not. oh and i was told you cannot protest like in nbl…the usac officials(corner people) have to initiate the protest..

    I would also question whether or not the usac sat down with a group of riders and asked them “how should we run a new national championship race?”

    Come on man, I wasn’t bashing a sanction, I was asking questions. From what I have heard the event was actually run very well.

    According to the Brett Middaugh school of BMX racing. If I just won a national championship race that goes across sanction lines, I should be able to race my new #1 plate any place I wanted. I really want to know where you can run the plate.

    Never take my disdain for people constantly touting new and better titles for the riders as me thinking that the riders deserve everything they can get from the people who are charging them money to race their races.


    I like how they handed out “goody bags” every bag had a surprise in it, surprise its loaded up with expired power bars. Oh yhea thats real nice.
    I just had to get that one out there.
    Every video I have ever watched from a world event since we started bmx, we saw every moto the riders stay in there lane until they got to the bottom of the hill then they did there one thing. Thats becuase its THE RULE. But not this time no right out of the gates you have people everywhere. Oh well its the one big question you have to ask yourself anymore. Do i break the rules and risk getting cought or race fair and loose to the ones who break em.

    But like the subject was started congrats to everyone that made it out there and tryed there best!


    the joy of beginning to race bmx, and the agony of doing it for so many years and watching it go down the drain


    thats one of the rules i did hear the officials talk about at the riders meeting. no c utting over right off the gate… the bleachers were full of riders and parents so i know alot of people heard that rule . i for one didnt see alot of cutting over but then again we were on the opposite side of the track and my eyesight what it is…well ??

    i guess when they have all these plates ( i didnt even know you got a #1 plate for this event as it is a qualifier) you can choose when and where you use it? like chocolate and vanilla?

    it was a nice event the facility was top notch the food was great ( and very reasonably priced) on a lighter side..parking was convenient and tent space along with camping areas were plenty…

    like i said i would have liked to see the rules given out ahead of time instead of 10 mins before the start. maybe the ones that cut over didnt go to the meeting or know about it?

    i have to say that i had an issue i had to deal with while i was there and consulted the tedescos about it and got alot of help with it. the track people who were in chage were also very helpful in assisting with resolving the problem. i was very impressed ( it takes a lot to impress me ya know)


    um, I made a mistake here because I wasn’t thinking outside the box.

    Could someone explain to people in other states that there needs to be a “brokenspokesesque” site in every state.
    PA is pretty big, maybe there should be one there as well…
    Be that as it may, if you guys could check THE FRONT PAGE OF THE SITE in about 5-10 mins.



    yhea first round no cutting off, second moto it seemed like they forgot everything. Oh well theres still the grands for us. It was just dissapointing victor dedicating the race to his dad and ended up making a couple wrong decisions like doing the pro section. That seemed to be his highlight of the weekend.


    normally when I get wind of someone doing well, I put that shit on the frontpage and ask questions here.
    I did the reverse this time.

    Why can’t all the states have a site where you can go and get the scoop on everything BMX in that state? aba, nbl, freestyle, lifestyle, whatever.

    And I’m gonna say it for the last time, if the guys and gals who won these races can’t run them at all events, I think the nbl or usac or uci or who the hell ever made a booboo.

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