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    ok i posted this on vintage to see what the riders are really eating on race d ay/ weekends and suprisingly enough most seem to be eating healthy..

    my reason for asking is i over heard a conversation with the older experts/ new pros and some have a reg routine pre race/ pre national weekend while others just eat the “track high fat breakfast” of bacon/eggs etc… then we have the riders who cant eat anything betw motos till after the race is over..

    what is your race diet routine esp during the nationals when there is an early wake up and practice( 7am)? how long before you practice do you eat- if anything at all? i know its impt to hydrate the week before esp with a hot one like we had last weekend, they all seem to be drinking alot but is watered down gateraide better than plain water? opinions needed here…

    i am curious as to what fuel the average fast rider is taking in on race day and the timing of it…. i saw anything from fruit all day in small amts to skittles before a moto…lol someone also posted sardines…



    I see food and eat it!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


    i try to eat more than two , but less than four hours before a race.

    and if you eat healthy all the time– there is no reason to change on race day.
    between motos i have watered down gatotrade– the theory behind gatorade is great– but it has too much sugar and sodium– so i water it down– to still get replacement of the good stuff.

    no carb loading– in a 45 second race you will never use it.

    i also stay away from acidic fruits like oranges and apples, especially on race day or hard training days

    thge best advise i have heard to date on nutrition was this

    “don’t be fat,”

    and that was it



    drink beer


    From what i have heard, only drinking water will not cut it. Once you get to a certain point after drinking water your body make be tricked into thinking it is hydrated when it is not. Gatorade gives you the electrolytes that you need. Water is good, but it doesn’t have some of the essential stuff needed.


    alcohol and weed and then pedal your a s s off !!!!!


    I win with Gin


    vintage.. HAHAHA… your trying to get nutrient advise from a bunch of 35+ novice motofillers!! your best bet is to email romero or greg hill


    just trying to get an overall HONEST poll of what riders actually eat. its one thing to say oh i eat this and that but what do you ACTUALLY consume during a race… i was suprised to see the crap that went in these riders mouths… some were serious and had thier concoctions all mixed up ( secret formula i assume) and others were just sucking down fruit and water melon and gateraide… i have heard that whole grain crackers w/peanut butter but i cant imagine eating that high fat of a snack before a moto… i know dan cant stand anything in his stom that is heavy betw motos… i saw some on the skittles diet as well..lol

    its the what do you eat the morning of a race which i was curious about. i used to watch larry devries eat his moms pancake and bacon breakfast and get out there and kill it…. bitd. so i guess to each his own but its interesting to see what the routines are… dan has his own and he is quite picky so there is nothing normal there…lol

    oh i saw a kid eating pickles all day..i guess for na replenishment with all that sweating… go figure!


    Matt has eggs with that skillet meals stuff mixed in. (bacon, peppers, onions, cheese) and a banana. During the races he either eats Clif bars or bananas. And alternating Gatoraide and water. He also takes a good multi vitamin and Glutemine tablet each morning.


    Well I’m diabetic so its a little rough but I have to eat b4 practice otherwise my sugar drops too low, so its ussually a egg sandwich. But during the day I just cant have anything untill I’m done it just slows me down too much. But I can kill Gatorade all day long and my sugar wont spike or anything cause of the no food thing, I might eat a muscle sandwich bar but thats it. I only let my 9yo have nachos (no cheese) between motos. He get visibly slower if he gets a burger or somthin.


    protein shakes and water and fruit like bananas and sutff


    lots of riders dont eat at all during the race ( gateraide only) thats why i was curious. every older rider i asked said the same thing…most kids just eat whatever mom /dad makes them without effects…

    thats fine for locals as its a short race but at nationals where you may have a few yrs your glycogen stores have to be depleted rather quickly.. thanks for the input someone should do a formal study for bmx racers and come up with book or something.. it seems so diverse being bmx is so different than the long distance cycling… i imagine it would be like short distance sprinters( runners) diet if anyone did that i would be interested in seeing what they ate before a race…


    bmx training, a scientific approach

    i believe you find it on http://www.ultimate-exercise.com

    by dr. doug mcguff


    nevermind– the nutrition section in the book is very short and general.

    but the rest is pretty interesting, very bmx specific training

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