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    and Dave P

    and I …
    thank you.
    Dave gets more stickers and zines at the next race…


    Honestly my whole reason for that post is to say – for the effort to make NJ BMX better, count me in.

    My attitude up to this point has been screw it, it’s NBL, it can’t be helped and if you wanted to make changes there are people who would fight you tooth and nail. I race the local races and go to my ABA nationals and I’m satisfied.

    But I’ve changed my mind. I’m tired of having that defeatist attitude that says it will never work. This is my state, why should I give up on it?

    About the ABA thing, I’m not saying that should be the first order of business and we go into the state meeting hell bent on turning ABA but I don’t like the attitude of that one person I referred to that would shoot it down without thinking about it. (Don’t worry about who I’m talking about, if you want to know, come to the meeting on Saturday)

    I’m not saying turning ABA should be our first priority. Maybe that shouldn’t be even brought up at this meeting. I’m saying we shouldn’t give up on the idea because we think we might meet resistance.

    However if a good chunk of money was spent to send people to the Competition Congress then I think it was wasted and could have gone towards something that would actually make NJ BMX better like a good PA system. That IS something I would like to bring up.


    Hold on, Caveman, did you say that you think that NJBMX paid for six people to go to Vegas for that congress party thing? Wow, put me on the board. And you wonder why you have no PA system.



    It wasn’t six.
    2 from the njbmx assoc.
    and others from the tracks.
    njbmx paid 2.


    6,2, what did the riders get out of it?
    Oh that’s right
    What happens in Vagas stays in Vagas!


    Okay, two people. That makes me feel better but it was still wasted. What did that cost? $1000?

    I definitely want to push for sending no one to Vegas and putting the money towards a PA system. That will be ONE order of business.

    See you all at Brett’s tomorrow.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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