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    …PUT YOUR FREAKIN HELMETS ON!!! I witnessed a GRUESOME accident yesterday that didn’t have to happen if the guy had his helmet on…I know some of you are just way too cool to cruise around the track with your helmet on … but I hope to never again have to hold tshirts up to a non existant face to soak up the gallons of blood oosing from it while waiting from the paramedics arrive…again….WEAR YOUR DAMN HELMET. thanks!


    where’d that happen???


    i’m wearing my helmet right now


    EHT…in the last strait… the guy was just riding around with his kids…


    be careful out there.


    or at least be drunk so youll have an excuse why you didnt have a helmet on. people are morons


    There is a thread on vintage where Tony Spencer found this out the hard way:



    when i first read this post i wa really shocked.. then.. i talked to my girlfriend… listen to this one… down her street there is this guy who races dirtbikes sons 7 races too. Mom wants son to start racing BMX. So My gf and i went over there house a few months back to talk bmx… they were really interested gave them a free race flyer and told him hoped to see him at the track. So He has been going for a few weeks and then my g/f came to me and was like he fell on the track and broke all the bones in his face… i was like who… she was like my neighbor.. i was agast! Small world….


    Why was the guy allowed on the track with no helmet? Was this a non race day and he snuck on? Is he ok now?


    snuck on? the eht track is open to ride 24/7 forever.. …. he can go on any given day and ride w/o a helmet… none of the kids there ride with helmets.. its a shame…..


    hes been in the hospital for the past week he hasa treac because he pretty much broke every bone in his face…..


    What did he do to crash so hard big jump , flip , what ????


    he fell in the last striaght on the new rollers…


    so this is the same guy then…


    EHT is open all the time…with posts all over stating you need equipment on to ride the track…but really, does that even need to be posted…shouldn’t that just be common sense…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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