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    brett can you explain how the gleasons ran dual sanction? i got that from the dvd they ran aba races on one day and nbl races on another. is dual sanction considered the same race accepting both nbl and aba licences on registration? why not? if its an insurance thing what is the difference betw both policies?

    can you post in a nutshell the diff with the 2 sanctions running races( not points but the actual behind the scenes?

    back when jeff morgan did the clash race with flemington and bensalem we had to have both a nbl and aba licence and when you raced at flem it was nbl rules and bensalem it was aba rules ( points/ moto group etc)

    it sounds like in order to merge one side has to concede to the other or adopt a “new” system which not to sound pessimistic i honestly dont see either one budging.

    can you somehow do a poll nation-wide to see how many riders would be interested in this “merged system?” like someone said the numbers may shake some up and if a total rider poll was taken nationall and sent to the 2 heads of each sanction it may open some eyes?

    sounds too simple but maybe i am missing something?

    maybe bmxmania website /who supports both sanctions can do a poll for like 30 days to give everyone a chance to vote?? just a suggestion.


    Yo Lamb,
    We NEED you.
    Call Carolan.


    One day they ran all nbl rules and ins…etc.
    The other day they ran all aba rules and ins…etc.

    Eventually the aba and nbl said us or them and she went with the nbl.

    ANY new track that opens now needs to be built first BEFORE it is sanctioned to make the sanctions compete for business.
    These “promoters of BMX” need to figure out how to run a track under both sanctions.

    A BMX track, I am sure if it was looked at by the correct people would fall under the same laws as skateparks.
    A place to have kids ride, apparently it’s already being done…LUMBERTON..
    Build the track.
    Get in contact with a 3rd party (US GUYS) who knows BMX inside and out.
    Have that 3rd party mediate the best deal for the track that is built.

    Are you ready for the newest industry that is gonna open up?
    Well, you have people that build skateparks right?

    Well, now you are gonna have people that go around building local BMX “tracks”.

    Forget sanctions.
    Start thinking BMX.


    you mean like eht has the track in a sports complex? also like binghamton with their town pool and skatepark and track all in one place?

    seems like building near pre existing sports facilities would be a good draw but then again look at the probs eht has with parking and scheduling during baseball season.

    pros and cons but at least ideas are flowing

    would love to see the 2 sanctions in a locked room until a compromise is reached….as long as it takes …lol

    brett you can hold onto the key for them, ok?


    I’d be in the room with
    Rich “The Enforcer” Farside
    And Bill “No Holds Barred” Hayden, LOL!

    BITD, EHT was alone in that area and there was a lot more parking.
    But yea, we need…actually
    I already do think of BMX “tracks” beyond just being racing facilities and look at them as youth sports rec facilities.


    Ant can hold the key. —


    I am in Brett. Shoot me an e mail and I will get back to you ASAP. I will call Carolan as well. The race J Morgan ran was a great concept a few years back but I remember there was a struggle trying to get that done. Heck with getting approval from the other sanctions. I know most of the people in place at both sanctions. you have a better chance of negotiating with the squirrel in the back of your house.. You guys have the right idea start it slow and pick up the pace. I am tight with Jerry at BMXMANIA. You guys compose something and i will talk to Jerry to help get an acurate count of what the RIDERS THINK.. I think we all know the sanctions wont budge. They think they have it figured out and honestly some of them probably have good ideas and or intentions. BMX needs to continue to evolve. We have a perfect opportunity to ride the last big wave with the introduction of BMX to the Olympics. If we miss this set it will probably be some time till the next set comes along..


    Emails and the like will be going out this evening.

    We have the Lamb – Carolan team back in.


    This has never been done before.

    That’s why it’s going to work.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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