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    anyone care to teach them how?
    Anyone want to break free of this stupid nbl vs aba mentality?
    Anyone want to say, I don’t give a shit what the sanctions want me to do.
    Is anyone awake in the follow the leader world of BMX racing?

    I can see a few who are taking a look lately…


    nice idea– too bad it will never happen– best we can hope for is bmxl to leave the ground



    nice idea– too bad it will never happen–

    I gotta disagree with you. If enough people (And not just us) The whole bmx community world wide would work together, I am sure it could happen. I do forsee a problem getting the the whole bmx world together.
    How come freestylers can do there thing but we can’t. As T.M. The one thing i will instill is we (racers) do not bow down to the sanctions, they bow to us.


    It’s already happening.
    You guys don’t believe their B.S. anymore, others will follow.
    You just watch…
    Dave is right though, without some earth shattering BMX event to make these 2 see the error of their ways it won’t happen.

    ….earth shattering event….


    its been 30 years they been around and the almost 20 years I raced they never gave in and never will.


    they’ve given in before.
    I have documented proof.

    They’ll give in again…. 😈


    Brett.. the concept is a great one and as with you and many before you have brought up the valid points that are pure facts. Without unity that will never happen and without certain people sticking there heads out there saying HEY. This never will change. Its a shame that BMX is going to extinguish itself. Its funny how after all these years that BMX is an Olympic sport and we are doing nothing to ride that wave. Race count locally is down and instead of making the sport look cool on a National and local basis they are making it look like a joke. Many volunteers now and prior have done alot to do what they can to help grow the sport but ts just a shame that the organiztions couldn’t work together and PUT BMX back on the map.. Both organizations need to get the right people in place and once those people are in place the need to surround themselves with more right people and all have one thing in mind Making BMX what it was and needs to be…


    wOot someone remembers there is always a third option. A new sanction.
    Thats the hardest though so Im sure it will just always be NBL and ABA. But Im still working on BMXL, we have a connection now for insurance and trophies and even membership cards. Still have to work it all out and it probably wont happen so maybe I should just give up now. Im not giving up on my vison, dont you guys either. I’ll just keep getting on the gate and sooner or later Ill get a holeshot. I think that what Brett is trying to say, just keep trying guys, maybe it will work and maybe not, just dont give up so easy.

    Dave’s lol going yeah right Erick, you get a holeshot… sigh.. how soon he forgets. I’m going to train Caveman just as soon as I put down this twinkie!


    The split away … was spurred by a group of activist … who had grown disenchanted with what they saw as an inept sanctioning body. Complaining of poor promotion and small purses, this group coalesced around …what came to be known as the “…White Paper”, the blueprint for an organization …. . The white paper called for the owners to form an advocacy group to promote … national championship, doing the job where the sanctioning body wouldn’t. The group would also work to negotiate television rights and race purses, and ideally hold seats on …(the) governing body. … team owners… took their demands to (the)board and the proposal was rejected.

    rejection of the proposal led to the three owners to form a new series … under the principles laid out in the White Paper. The new series quickly gained the support of the majority of team and track owners, …

    Who? What? CART-Championship Auto Racing Teams. While in the end it didn’t quite turn out the way it could have, here was a group of car owners who had enough and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
    nuff said.


    In 1981 Carol Gleason had CJBMX run under a dual sanction.
    CJBMX had attendance rivaling that of ORANGE YMCA IN CALI.
    Both wanted a piece of that.
    It can be done again, there is no doubt.
    People have to be willing to take a risk.

    The guys who come here are not kids, they are men with business backgrounds who are people who believe in achieving the impossible.
    It’s time to learn from the past… 🙄


    I broke my arm before I even started racing.
    I fixed it and started racing.

    I fell numerous times during my stint as a racer, got run over, the whole nine.
    I kept going.

    I started freestyling.
    No one had teams to promote stuff in NJ.
    I started one, gathered riders and got to work.

    One person was doing contests in the area.
    I helped him, because he helped the riders.
    Things grew.

    Then it died.
    There were no contests, no places to ride.

    With a friend in a bike shop, I opened a ramp park and held contests.
    When everyone said BMX was dead.
    During this time, I blew out both my knees.
    I kept going.

    I am sure all those “I’s” can be replaced with we because that is what we do as BMXers, we keep going.
    We get kicked, knocked down, hurt, but we get back up and try again.
    It is the price you pay for being an individual and a free thinker.
    Get over what people say can’t be done and realize that we can do anything.

    Renny Roker is proposing a 100,000 pro series.
    What are we proposing?


    eric—- no no no no. wait– there is no “giving up” brett said that we need an earth shatering event to shake things up. had i gotten back top this thread sooner, my response was going to be that the bmxl could be just that event. i said it on your site and i will say it here, it can alll happen with one track that can make people look twice. you’ve got some great ideas brewing around in that noggin of yours, don’t let them fade away. you have a contact for insurance– looks to me like you just cross the biggest hurdle.

    no giving up– i won’t here of it. when you get your holeshot, it will be on a bmxl track



    i said it on your site and i will say it here, it can alll happen with one track that can make people look twice.

    This has merit…


    Eric’s site is blowing up over there.
    You should check it out…


    You know I just checked out your BMXL site. I have to say this is a great concept. You are right it could work but it needs one person to or shall i say one or two tracks to take the leep and then make it succeed and start global domination one step at a time. With the right people in place this could work. It really could. i think one of the posts put it right its just going to take one track and build from there. The kids that grew up racing BMX that stuck around and the ones that returned because they missed the passion all are in positions to help make this work. its going to take a united front to make this come together. You need anything at all you contact me i know alot of people that could help make this thing work from both inside the industry as well as outside. A few good corporate sponsors could make the other organizations really take another look at this. With the propper media exposure and other such plans in place could really put BMX in the position it needs to be in.. Especially with the Olympics coming. You shoud see what the other countries are doing for they’re teams… You know what I am saying. you need anything you let me know..

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