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    The 2nd place guy gets the title cause he/she made the effort and earned it. The guy who hits umpteen races but can’t be bothered, or is unable for other reasons to qualify earns the hi-point award.
    Never ever going make everyone happy no matter what you do.
    No qualifications=someone is going to be unhappy cause it isn’t earned.
    Few qualifications=someone is going to be unhappy cause they don’t think they should have to “qualify.”
    Lots to qualify=someone is going to be unhappy cause they can’t make the required number.
    Every state does the best they can to strike an acceptable middle ground.
    As you can see above we are somewhere in the middle of all the states that I looked up.
    Also, according to the rules-NBL-you have to have qualifiers and a designated championship. The rest is up to each state. And agree with them or not, they are our sanctioning body and we must abide by the rules.

    Each rider must decide for themselves if they want to run the State Series, Regionals, Nationals, etc. Unfortunately due to the number of hours, days, etc. that there are in a calendar, nobody is going to be able to do it all to their very best. It’s up to you (the rider) to decide what is your priority.

    This year is the easiest on record for qualifying, but if anyone can tell me the perfect schedule, one that every rider, parent, track director, etc. will agree and adhere to, I will be the first to propose it to the board.

    To play a little devil’s advocate here, how many of you or your kids ever played soccer, little league, ballet, or any other sport, or activity? Was their schedule always convenient? Did you occassionally have to rearrange your schedule to make it to a game or tournament, recital or rehearsal? Did you always agree with the way that the teams qualified for the tournaments? Did you always agree with who got the lead in the recital or play? Chances are no. I know on my end, practices were certainly at inconvenient times, had to reschedule a few vacations for tournaments. Couldn’t believe that Team B made the playoffs when Team A had a better record, but missed the one qualifying game due to a couple key players being injured. But, it wasn’t life or death. We got over it and moved on. And we made the schedule adjustments because while involved, the practices, games, tournaments, etc. were the priority.


    State Series Rules from other states:

    um…this is the point Bill and I are trying to make…there should be a unified way of doing this.
    nbl = disorganized
    and we don’t mean you Janeen!
    In fact if you were running the nbl we would probably have way better organization.


    Last year there was certainly some problems, but frankly, I don’t find this years state series all that difficult to figure out.

    To throw something new into the mix, IF we end up with 2 new ABA tracks in the state, is there anything saying we couldnt include them in the state series? I imagine this is WAY out of the box, but why not?

    As for Regional/National, the Regional series should be for most of us chumps who want more than the state series, but are not going to travel all over the country. The National series should be for what I would consider ‘national level’ riders, ie experts and pros, but this is a whole other rant.

    Janeen, thanks. Nuff said.


    i love it when Loren is fired up…
    aba tracks eh….
    spirit of cooperation eh…
    THAT is the goal.


    Loern, I don’t think it would be a recognized state plate, but a battle of the tracks or a series wouldn’t be out


    Jeff Morgan organized an NBL vs ABA series a couple years ago between Flemington and Bensalem. Wasn’t able to attend but heard it was fun.


    it was called “the clash” and it was neat i think we raced at flem and at bensalem. i forget how we earned the points but all in all points/trophies or not it was a fun experience. nbl rules and transfer system at flem and aba at bensalem…

    was definitley a ground breaking event (plus ruffled a few feathers in the upper organizations in the process)

    you would have to ask jeff about the specifics…


    I know i’m relatively new to this site and the local bmx scene but, i’ve been sitting back reading and would like to make a few comments. I like Raiden’s idea of a set min/max setup, not neccessarily the amount of races. Maybe just a few more on the max side. It could make the championship more interesting to watch both from a rider perspective as well as a spectator view. You could potentially have 3 or 4 riders coming into the Chamionship race in a points tie or atleast close enough that it would all come down to who performs at the finish line. Close races spark interest, sparking interest brings spectators, bringing spectators brings NEW riders. And I think that is one of the goals, to increase the rider counts. It may seem far fetched but along with all the other things in the works to promote the sport, it wouldn’t hurt.

    again this is why we need more state meetings so we can come up with stuff….
    and absolfreakinglutely no running out if it starts “raining”.
    That BLEW Dale and myself AWAY!
    Like do you care about this sport or what?

    Brett, I think you know how I feel about this sport by now. I was one of those that walked out that day, I do care a great deal about this sport (devoted 27 years to it, both ABA & NBL, east coast and west coast), but unfortunately I also have 2 kids ages 6 and 2 that were out there in the rain and I would hope you understand putting them before the state meeting. As an added preperation to the next meeting, I’m bringing my RV and I will be able to stay as long as it takes to get the meeting complete. 😛 There should be a concrete agenda so we can keep the meeting flowing, and that looks like it’s already underway in another thread.

    Janeen, we can’t lose you!!!! You are tooo valuable to this state and sport. Please, if there is anything I or we can do to make your job easier and more tollerable, let us know. I know you had a bad few weeks and i’m sorry I was not there the other night to help out. What I heard about it was a disgrace! I wish there was more I could do about it. You and i will talk more about that at a later time. I think you might be in need of one of Brett’s hug’s!!! 😆


    hell yea man, I didn’t mean to offend with that off the cuff comment, (knowing you though, I’m sure I didn’t 😉 )
    I think it was more the, gotta go, see ya later thing, that a lot of people did that bummed us out. But it’s like I was talking to Dale about. That was our first real state meeting in probably like a year or more where everyone showed up and sat down and talked and were actual real decent human beings to each other.
    I’d like to add that I believe it went smoothly because many of the people that were there were riders and ex-riders like Dale and you and Rich… etc. etc.
    Like you said we all know how we feel about this. (for you parents who never raced who might be reading this, that’s one of the reasons responses like Chris’s never begin with, “Brett, you a**, I have kids is that a PROBLEM with you?”, lol) So strangely enough you can put 10 guys who race each other in a room to make a decision and we’ll come out with something to agree on, because of that love for the sport.
    Great things are ahead for NJ and BMX…might be a few rough spots though for the nbl, now that NJ has woken up again…


    remind me to fix the code on that smily icon….

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