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    Registration and Race Start Times:
    Self explanatory.

    Race Fees:
    If you want a memento of running the State Series, YOU MUST BUY A PLAQUE. Trophies are not given out at State Races, just small plates to put on the 7 race State Series Plaque that will be available at EVERY State Race for an additional fee of $20.00 above the entry fee. You only need one folks so grab it and stick on those plates.
    $20.00 to race class for the day.
    $10.00 for 16 & over open (you also have to race class if you intend to race the open class)
    $25.00 to race the Championship at CJBMX. (Last year they had some great trophies for the participants.)

    You HAVE to race the following:
    4 Locals at ANY track
    1 State Qualifier at ANY track
    The State Championship at CJBMX.
    If you DON’T race the 4 locals and 1 Qualifier you can’t race class at the championship. Personally I would open up the championship to anyone who wants to race that day, but the board has spoken and we shall abide.

    Your points going into the State Championship are determined by:
    Your TEN BEST single point local races,
    Your FOUR BEST double point state qualifiers,
    Your ONE BEST Warnicke race good for double points,
    and The State Championship which is single points.
    The more you race the better your chance at getting the most amount of points but you only need 4 locals and 1 qualifier to race the championship.
    If you are short 1 local race you can substitute a State Qualifier or Warnicke race to get your minimum amount of locals in. (but it will only count as single points)

    If you have anymore questions feel free to reply to this post, or contact Janeen (pm bmxgirlmom) and I personally guarantee she will repsond ASAP.

    Have fun in ’06 and look for your crazy mugs on this website!
    Go ride yo byke!


    Actually, anyone can race the Championship, but only in open if they didn’t qualify.
    We made qualifying super easy this year so we hope to see a lot more riders at the Championship. Even our most die-hard National riders (those who didn’t race much locally) made around 5-6 races last year.
    Each track (3) runs about 30 races per season with most of them occuring before August 19th. So out of nearly 90 races, we figured every rider could make 5 and the Championship. And since of the 5 only 1 has to be a qualifier, that makes it even easier. It makes it real easy on the kids that start late too. Last year the kids that came in late in June or July were pressed to make the count, but this year it will be easy for them.


    I noticed that you made qualifing easier this year too Janeen,
    I’ll be sure to put the hardcore press on all riders, so they know what they need to race the championship.
    As ya know Janeen, some things have to be said…persistantly… 😉


    Since I could not find my name on the latest point standings for 35 and over novice, I went to see if I was on the list of people needing additional race(s) to qualify. Yes, I found that I still need one local according to the states records.

    I checked my schedule and I was counting a regional at CJBMX as local.
    This was incorrect according to Janeen. She said regional never counted towards the championship.

    I thought I could use the regional as a single points local to qualify. It was local race in New Jersey? What a bunch of BS! I can find no mention in the state qualifications about regionals at all. Maybe this should be clarified in the future.

    I would not have even raced the regional if I knew it was not going to count for something in NJ! What a waste.


    yea Paul the pre-race counts as a local but the regional doesn’t count.
    You can ask Janeen though…bmxgirlmom.
    I thought you had at least 4 locals in this year?
    Let me know what she says,


    Brett, for the last two years, there has NOT been a clear determination of what don’t and do count !!!! This is one reason why I have given up on the state series. The rules should be clear and consise from the get go, but even this year ther have been a few instatnces in which things have come to light as not fully explained


    I’m sorry everyone found the rules unclear. I guess that too is my fault. I was under the assumption that most everyone knew the difference between a Local Race, a State Qualifier Race, a Regional Race, and a National race.
    I will be sure next year, if I am involved, to be precise to the most minute detail on every aspect of the State Series.


    This just goes back to that other post I put up. Because the nbl itself does not define what a state should do to run a state series it runs into the “each state is different” problem.
    I guess some people just figured that if you race a race in NJ then it will count towards NJ points.
    At least everyone stuck by thier guns and said the regional doesn’t count. It’s unfortunate for Paul but it’s just a learning experience for everyone.
    It’s sorta like we’re coming out of the haze of the early 00’s and clearly setting a path here that was started in 05.
    the next state meeting for NJ is after the championship and we are always looking for people to help, so if you want to hang with everyone afterwards… 😀


    I know sometimes you come on here and must get nutty over some of the stuff we post, but I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty obvious that you care about BMX and all of us, otherwise, well…quite frankly you wouldn’t even be here doing it.
    I just wanted to say to ya thanks again…

    and add this…
    a lot of the guys who come on here are 25+,
    there is no one in NJ that is saying we can’t “be on the board”, help out, make rules…etc.
    Just gotta show up at meetings.
    10 of you did at CJ, it was a start.
    Next one is August 19th.
    Step up and let’s keep making the great progress that was started in 2005.

    Can you bring a copy of the by-laws to the state meeting on Aug. 19th?


    I don’t have a copy, but can get one. Every track has a copy (if they can find them).


    I am seriously considering stepping down next year though.
    Love the sport, will continue to attend when daughter has time, but just tired…


    Ya gotta do what’s best for you, but you really carried us through some rough times here…
    You kept this site in particular up to date and informed all year and that was above and beyond the call of duty.


    Just figure everyone is ready for me to go. I can’t live up to the expectations of the riders and parents. I’m obviously not meticulous enough in stating rules, times, dates, etc.
    Hopefully if I do step down, the next clerk will be as willing to do everything that I do, plus the “so much more” that everyone wants. And will have a hide as thick as is needed to do this job. Mine is wearing thin.


    Sorry. It’s been a rough couple weeks on the clerking front.


    Janeen, from what I can see, you are the rare person who is capable of taking on all this stuff and getting it all done. Unfortunately, there are always going to be people that only hear what they want to hear and just never seem to (or want to) understand that you have better things to do than take their cr*p. (No Paul, I am not referring to you, you’re cool bro.)

    I wish there was someway we could get word out to every rider and parent in the state that if THEY know a better way, then hey – Volunteer!! Or attend a state meeting, etc. That is why I don’t b*tch (about much 😀 ), because I have limited time to volunteer due to my distance from the tracks.

    Paul, I am not bagging on you. But, regarding the regional, I think it is technically an NBL event, not a state or local event, so that should have at least raised the question sooner. I hope to see you at the Championship, so come on down to EHT on the 15th, there are usually a few of us on most nights to make a class!

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