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    the worst thing that the nbl could do was to extend the amount of move ups a rookie needs to move up to novice. It used to be 8 and you would move up quick but now 15 thats a joke. especially that they only get one for every local win. novices get 20 until they move up to expert. honestly when you turn 16 they should have a certain amount that you would get while beeing expert to move up to a lower pro grade. there is alot of super fast experts out there that wont ever even try to move up to a pro class just becuase they have it easy in there class. thats the main reason why most older novices wont go up. I honestly dont care when i move up, now if only everyone raced there hardest everytime there out on the RACE TRACK then we wouldnt have this problem. Why race if your gona just pull on the brakes and loose on purpose. It seems like thats what makes you the best of the best in the nbl. and thats by haveing the unfair advantage.


    this is very simple they could do what we all had to do race the nationals in novice class hell thats what i had to do. you can still be a rookie but when you go to a nat you race in the novice class. rookie used to be called beginer and thats just what it is .how many times do you have to race before your not a beginner i say maybe ten or 15 times.when i was a kid (still am at heart ) nobody wanted to be a factory novice all decked out in 200 hundred dollars worth of team blah .yeah im top 5 in the nation in rookie or even novice hello its time to move up. i dont think theres to many pros who were in novice for 3 years.race faster kids and youl get faster. theres to many out there that just cant deal with losing so they just stay nov cause the feel good about beating less experinced riders.


    if you wanna stay rookie and sandbag then go ahead thats never gunna get you a factory ride thats how i look at it, if you stay rookie or nov longer then you know you should and you sandbag then you will never become the racer you wanna be so why even come to races your not gaining anything/ making yourself look better, theres no mag pics of nov/ rookies or ad’s or REAL team rides so move up stop being a wuss. and everyone complainign about the nbl should chill for a sec and just be happy there is anything in nj if your complaining about the nbl then dont show up to any nbl locals, there might as wel be no racing for you in nj at all, nbl is what we have in nj so deal with it, dont complain just be happy we have someplace to race. and for local programs the riders only come to have fun, if the track isn’t fun then thats killing your turn outs, dont blame the nbl foryour problems its the ppl who run the tracks, if you have someone who comes to the track and wants be there and interacts wit riders, has rewards, changes formats, lets the motos run takes a break in between, lets riders hangotu and interact wit other riders, maybe hold a special open race for younger/ or older riders for prizes, and the all around fun time. then more people are gunna want to show up, dont rush a local so its over in 25 mins okay nobodys gunna drive an hour to a local and race and be there for a half hour then leave, in my eyes its not worth it.


    new rule no rookies on team nbl for nationals ( or regionals i assume)

    i bet that takes the wind out of some tm’s sails big time.

    i agree if they are good enough to be on a team let them go novice first.


    I will give the NBL an A+ for that new rule.


    Does that qualify as a step forward or backward…
    It’s actually a step slightly backward…in time, to a point when….
    Oh jeesh, I am so tired of this crap man!
    Why can’t teams just have top experts and pros again so I know where the good riders are…


    But now that they don’t let team managers use rookies on team sheets maybe that will give then a reason to want to move up. I think it is a step forward.

Viewing 7 posts - 91 through 97 (of 97 total)
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