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    Some would say some of the states problems lie in conflicting personalities. I would say yes personalities wil conflict, but when they do, do you want people that hide, or remove themselves, and make themselves unavailbe? NO

    Some would say that the current crop are too immature too handle things. Define maturity, the behavior, of maikg rules up to fit YOUR needs, the inability to take constructive critism, and the lack of willingness to hear of try new ideas, I would call immature.

    Some would say communtication is the problem, well when no announcement are made in places because they wish not to be part of them, even though there is a large follwing, is a problem of communication on the other parties part. PETTY

    Some would say lack of the ability to keep accurate records as to the accounting is a prblem. Well, when people don’t wish to discuss something, it is usaully for two reasons, they haven’t done what is needed in relation to the topic, or are hiding something. Which is it? Unknown, but when it is found out that members of an organization have paid themselves, without a resolution in the by-laws stating that this is an allowable practice , kinda makes you wonder?

    The most important thing,is that all of these are things that can be overcome, but only if people start questioning?

    Lastly, if someone uses the excuse that these people that want to help today, may not stick around. I say SO WHAT, wouldn’t a season of great ideas be better than years of no ideas at all!!!!!


    It is my point of view that no one questioned anything going on in BMX for a long time.
    People seem to have come up with an “ask someone else the rules”. Instead of asking themselves, “what should the rules be?”

    I was told at one point this year that I was not, at 40 years of age, mature enough to handle a BMX racing website. I took these lumps because I felt it was best for NJ BMX, who cares if my ego gets beat up a bit in the process.

    I really have no understanding of the way things are run in this “racing” part of the BMX world. Freestylers forge ahead and progress and try new things, I figured racers, i.e. BMXers had the same ideals.
    They do, but they look to others for “permission” to do what is, without a doubt in my mind, the right thing.
    This “revolution” started at CJBMX, because the riders, the track operator and volunteers, and those who actually STARTED the whole damn thing, took it upon themselves to act in unison to start a wave that will progress from Howell, across NJ, and will not stop till the people who are running BMX listen to those who ride BMX.

    Yea, I type a lot, no I can’t be at every track raking every turn, but SOMEONE out there has to be looking out for BMX and making the people who ARE raking turns, racing, announcing, and doing the doing, feel like they ARE DOING SOMETHING SPECIAL.
    CJ took a chance and opened up to what I was about with open arms. The people on this site have the same ideals and they are ALL OVER NJ. Welcome them and things will take a quantum leap in a positive direction.
    How many times this year did I hear, “we don’t have enough volunteers”…
    How much promotion was put into getting people to help.
    I hear “I’m ready to quit”. Damn, even I say it…but I say it because I WANT POSITIVE CHANGE to happen sooner than later and it gets very frustrating waiting for those who don’t want to do what they are doing to get it rolling.
    If you’re ready to quit because you get critiscized then quite frankly, Bill is right, you are not mature enough to handle being in charge.

    Because being in charge puts you in a position to GET YOUR ASS CHEWED OUT, by the general public.
    I should know, I was the chewee in september (did I just make a star wars referance?).
    I sucked it up.
    Cause it didn’t matter.
    BMX mattered.


    You know, maybe I shoudn’t step into this mess, but the more I follow this thread, and problems surrounding the state organization and the NBL by-laws, or the lack thereof….a simple solution to this problem as far as accountability problem…each member of the NBL over the age of 18 has this power, since the Nj organization I am assuming is a Non-Profit” organization and files under the US IRS tax code of 501-C-3, all you have to do is ask for a presentation of the financial records. These must be surrendered on demand..no questions asked, no exceptions granted, period.

    Faulure to comply will result in the loss of non profit status and a audit by the IRS and any illegal activities that are not covered will result in some pretty hefty fines. Also, anyone being paid thru the organization must record, both the payee and the payer, that payment either with a W-2 that shows income taxes witheld (Must also present proof of a W-4 record) or a 1099 MISC.

    Very simple gentlemen…show them just how “Mature” you really are.


    PS…. if they fail to comply to your request, just make a visit to your local IRS office and let them know…they WILL make them comply, and then most likley pull an audit. Remember,..Al Capone thought he was a tough guy until he ran into the IRS. CAn you say “Alcatraz”? 😯


    I shall ask for this to be present at the january meeting because I am sure I will need it to get the donations from the foundation I have solicited to give us money for the things we need.


    Futher more, anyone not recording their recieved money is now a felon with the IRS, can you say SILVERBRACELETS


    passion !!!I can taste it


    so I gather there is a problem at eht and flemington?


    Not really at HC, guess this is directed at higher up the food chain


    There is a problem in keeping proper records of financial dealings yes.
    Whether it is indicative of anything else remains to be seen for the time being.


    “THEY” claim the books are to the “T” and had proof at the secret meeting soooooo inventory and an inventory checker , would maybe work….. Hmmmm if they have it written down than whats the problem ?Do the other tracks that dont have a national bring in more $ what the deal!!!


    i’m sorry, secret meeting? Who are they? What are we talking about?


    couldn’t figure out what he was talking about either with the inventory stuff


    well…. your trying to say money is missing right?


    hayden wrote that they failed to keep accurate records.


    We are saying, at this point that due to the innability to come up with where or how, we are unsure, plus if they hae been doing the returns late, again, unknown at this time!!! Point, is that people have asked why some things couldn’t be bought, like bigger tropies an new PA system, things that would enhance the state program, money for flyers. I guess there is either no money or it dissapears, Oh but wait the REFERRE, and CLERK OF COARSE get some MONEY. thats neet, hey how come the state jerseys may be late? How bout that, maybe that person feels they aren’t paid enough? Then quite, or do your job right!!!!!!
    Qoute of an old boss
    “one coincidence, a coincidence, two coincidences, a pattern”

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