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    It’s all good Craig


    You know it is!!

    The one and only thing I hate about posts and email is you’ll never hear the vocal inflection or emotion of the person writing. So just know that I’m having as much fun as you and yes, it’s all good!! Just having fun throwing it back & forth. Call it “verbal elbows” Ha-ha. 😆


    im super old skool… i refuse to run a full face helmet.. never run clip pedals.. but now i run some new skool stuff.. like a 25-9 gear ratio..euro bottom bracket…but id love to race my cyclecraft with my tnt hubs with the 7x rims, inverted tnt stem, cyclecraft dirt legs forks, and mu nice bradny new redline 401;s with unsealed bottom bracket..


    Dave I remember a crash about 7 years ago that took you out for awhile, and you still won’t wear a full-face?


    never ever will i run a full face.. bmx isnt suposed to be all about saftey.. haha..


    I used to think that…but now when I crash it F’n hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!



    @Kmart wrote:


    The wheels are no longer made of wood and they are the same size now, no more of that huge wheel up front and the little one out back. Makes them easier to get on….

    Seems like the new bikes are lower, longer and use Canti brakes and seem to run their handlebars narrower. The 24s ride a lot like 20s. I raced an old school Cyclecraft 24″ a few years ago and it looked about 3 feet taller then the new school rides….still got the job done though. Oh yea, dare I mention the fact that a lot of guys are running clipless pedals….you must have some old school hardware kicking around still, dust it off and take it out.

    Also as far as the “sponge MTB” goes, get yourself a rigid single speed. You’ll never go back to a full sus bike after that. I converted over this year and my sus bike has not left the garage.

    Kenny Martin


    You still got the Cycle Craft.. Mine is back in Phoenix at my grandparents house and I want another one. The geometry on that frame was so nice for my long torso short legs..?



    Personally I dont like the new school cruisers.
    I have a 2005 redline and its ok, but not as good riding as my Boss or Profile.
    I also liked the old school Limo cruiser and JMC 24 better then these new cruisers.

    I still dont use clips and wont, ever. But I have switched to a full face. I got a good deal on a Answer Carbon Fiber and its liiight.

    Carbon forks? Can you say flex and age poorly. None of the Pros would use them if they didnt get them for free.

    Seems to me like Chromo is making a comeback, but I do like the Alum fames as much, of course I dont jump.

    Shimano Saint (and now a BMX version called MXR or something) cranks have replaced Flights and Profiles as the choice crank.


    I’m cro-mo all the way!!! Supercross Devo 24 pro, I have three, and they are a mix of old school and new school, and I think they are they best I have riden


    those saint cranks are GARBAGE


    Ill have to check out the SX cruiser then.
    I really want a SE cruiser cause im digging the retro jersey they released and can get Aeros made to match, buy some brown and blue vans and live out the SE dream i never fullfilled.

    But the SE cruiser is the new school style and looks like it rides like crap.
    Id feel silly using SE gear on a SX though 🙁


    Old school bikes are nice to look at period. The new school bikes are where it’s at if you plan on racing. Come on its 2006, times have changed.


    @4130forlife wrote:

    those saint cranks are GARBAGE

    Best cranks ever. End of story.

    Or maybe you would like to use those recycled beer cans that are called profiles or was that flights?


    I dont think new school bikes suck. I think most of the new school cruiser suck.
    I own a 2005 Redline and it sucks. But lol its up to everyones riding style and taste. Like I hated my Nickle Patterson BITD and loved my Quadangle, yet others loved the Patterson and hated the Quad.

    Personally I love how low profile bikes look, but hate how they handle.
    The center of gravity is just too low for me.
    I’m all for the new era, just looking for a cruiser that handles as well as my old Boss or Profile cruiser. If its a 2007 model then thats ok with me, my helmet is carbon fiber, so i love new school stuff it it works well.

    Now Rich Farside never sucked and can ride a pogo stick and still ride well, but us riders with Zero natural talent lol need all the help we can get.
    For those that only met Rich when he was a factory Superstar on Hutch or DB, I’ve watched him race since he was on Checkered Flag and he was amazing and the man to beat even then. Rich was the East Coast Pete Loncarevich, all talent.[/u]


    @ErickWeinstetter wrote:

    Carbon forks? Can you say flex

    Can you say age poorly

    None of the Pros would use them if they didnt get them for free.

    I will try. No


    And I don’t know about that.

    Carbon fork are the way to go. Remember it is 2006 now.

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