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    yes, i know i am entering into adulthood.
    and i hope i do get to ride for six more years. i just want to expericence different things and make new friend that ride bikes.

    and yeah, even though i am 18, i still have to sneak out to ride my bike. i wait everynight for my dad to go to bed around 10, and then i ride until about 1 or 2 in the am.

    and antdog, my last name is orth, why?


    Give yourself up for adoption… do you like to clean????


    no i don’t like to clean. and i don’t want to follow the path of nig nug.


    Bill ,I know it shouldnt be about the money, but like most parents I think that his dad is just trying to keep him on course for financial success… Im not saying I agree or disagree but I can see the mindset. The major problem I think us older guys and gals are not seeing is that HE IS LIVING AT HOME….adult or not he is living under dads roof… My idea on showing his dad people like Matt Hoffman, Dave Mirra even Art Thompson (works for NASA).is that with BMX you can have the whole package : career,friends,oppurtunity,education ….his dad only sees half of what BMX has to offer


    adam is pretty much right. my dad doesn’t see the other half of the argument and doesn’t care about the other half of the argument. he just wants me done riding and getting ready for the real world. it sucks, it really does.


    um– have you used the succesfull adults on this site as a reference/

    sure mirra and hoffman make big bucks– but you pop knows that’s a one ina million shot—

    the guys on here all still ride and have good lives

    dave pawlowski– jaguar mechanic, riding since age 6, bought first house at 20. family man–married 8 years w/ two daughters, bringing home the bacon at about 55gs a year

    proof that bmx can keep you on the straight and narrow

    use examples like this–

    call me if you need to



    I am so happy that everyone is taking the opportunity that this site offers to extend support to a fellow rider when needed. Stay true to your passion…it will keep you balanced in life! Good luck, Lou.
    BTW….Dave Pawlowski when will the GHP team meet your family??? Or have I just missed them???
    –Pam Yuhas


    nah yo havenet missed them– now that the weather is finally breaking and the baby has reached the 6 month mark– mare will start attending a few races– with anyrace being an hour or more away she doesn’t hit too many– she likes eht becaus ethey have the playground near by for maia.

    she might come with me to howel as my father’s day gift– we’ll see



    ant told me about what was going on and im sorry to hear this happens to anyone. take it from someone who knows (kinda) what you are going through….

    this might sound ramblish in some spots, but im just gonna start typing.

    circa 1983…. ive got a cool bmx bike and i take it over to the empty lots in town were we have jumps set up and ride my bike. sure im on a baseball team and a soccer team but most people in small southern NJ towns were back then….. anyway
    come around 84 or so, joe moved down from jersey city, bringing tales of racing at braddock and the armory, bmx had now become most of my life, i wasnt into the team sports anymore i liked the freedom of being on my bike.
    1985 saw the beginning of freestyle for me and YES, i had now found what i loved. by about 86 i was super into riding my bike and would do so every chance i could, it was around this time my little brother started skating and hangin with a different “crowd”, for some reason my parents decided that skating was a more acceptable sport and did nothing to support or encourage me with my riding. even after they found him growing weed….. i still got the slack for being on my bike
    i would get “that bikes not gonna get you anywhere”, “your riding that damn bike again” and other such negativity.

    i kept riding

    i went to a king of street contest in NYC in 88 and when i got back i was grounded. i kept riding.

    fast forward to 94 or so……. im still riding my bike, i now know alot more people that ride then ever before including rodney and adam….. ive recently started talking with my folks after a few years of not. (i moved out of the house just after graduating high school and moved into NYC) my father is now into riding mtn bikes and is actually starting to race them.

    they see how im still riding and how it makes me happy and finally have the courage to apologize to me for not understanding how much it meant to me and for not backing me when i wanted to go to contests or shows…… only because they can now relate to how much being on a bike means….

    i still ride, my parents both ride mtn and road bikes, mom even worked in a bike shop for a bit. my lil bro still skates and the whole family now gets together and chills.

    in a nutshell, i was harassed growing up by my folks because of riding, probly also because of the music i listened to and the way i dressed… i guess mohawks are a bit unnerving. but they now realize that it was just who i was and they are now and have said to me that they are proud that i didnt give in to them and stop riding……

    lou, maybe your dad will realize that too.

    and to go with daves post
    brian pleva
    VW dealership parts manager
    married with 2 kids
    own my house and 4 cars
    wife has a masters degree in music history
    still ride bikes and have a pretty extensive collection of old bikes too

    hope it makes some sense


    extensive isnt the right word for it

    he has a “sh!tload” of bikes


    Riding & building bikes since the 70’s, raced 81-90, 2006-?

    Craig Wilson
    39 Years Old
    Wife (masters in music education) & two kids
    Own my own home and 3 vehicles in Parsippany, NJ
    Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS)
    Heckuva nice guy 😀


    thanks again for everything, but if you see my other thread, my dad and i came to a compromise. so everythings cool now.

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