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    That your muscles went into spasm and you thought you might die?

    Went for a 53 mile organized road ride with some ungodly hills on Saturday and I didn’t have my oatmeal that morning. Me and my friend push each other too hard as usual and our legs were starting to cramp towards the end of the ride. With 1/4 mile to go both my legs absolutely convulsed and locked up straight as my quads went into spasm. Looking down at them was pretty scary as they were spazzing so much it seemed as if they’d pull off the bone. They finally subsided and I was able to bend my legs, get back on and make it to the finish and get some food.

    God that hurt. Ever have that happen?


    53 miles is entirly to far to ride on a bike.. cmon…

    raod bikes are wacky


    I know exactly what your talking about dave, I started to feel it on my 55 mile saturday ride with 16 miles or so to go by myself. Drink lots of water the night before and put the miles on the legs. Cramping up uncontrollaby is not fun,


    i broke my hand once riding flatland. that sucked. andnow my hand always hurts if i hit it the wrong way, because i took off the cast thing a week early, because i wanted to ride so bad.


    What is it with you road bike guys !!!!

    My legs are cramping

    there is glass on the road

    a car cut me off

    to many hills

    not enough hills

    i got a flat
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    they are girlie men


    Dave’s anniversary thing was better, but you forgot
    I didn’t bring enough energy bars
    Need more water
    Air pressure must be wrong


    you need to drink a couple of bottles of pedialyte( get the small bottles/ 6pk) the night before and bring a couple with you for the ride. you most likely depleted your potassium stores/ and if you drink too much water without replacing the sodium you were def out of balance( overhydration with water but low on sodium i think they call it hyponatremia) anyway dan had the same prob during wrestling season last yr( they call it salty sweating syndrome) and the sports med doc diagnosed cheese its( haha i know i didnt believe it myself) and pedialite to replace the electrolytes.. he had calf cramps several times and had to forfeit 2 matches and couldnt walk for 2 days afterwards.. not a fun thing… if you sweat too much and dont replace/ or dont preload in prep for the ride that can easliy happen.. also calcium suppliments can help with muscle recovery.. on a daily basis just get the calcium w/mag and use ca citrate ( easier on the gut)

    dave you are too old for that many miles anyway… stick to the track


    i used to loose feeling in my hands from dehydration during wrestling season– i think back now to cutting 15-20 lbs a week and wonder how i did it for so long


    I was riding 60 and 90 miles every day in Spain with some taller climbs but we were eating like thoroughbreds so I had no problem.

    This day I was running late so I didn’t have time to make my oatmeal in the morning. I grabbed a banana and some bread and water on the run. That was the problem. On the ride I was drinking gatorade and cytomax(which tastes like dishwater) and I tried to make up for the lack of breakfast by eating plenty at the first stop but it was too little too late. I needed my oatmeal.

    We were also pushing each other because every time we’d pass a group of riders they’d try to hop on and we couldn’t allow that. Nobody was hanging with us.

    In the past I’ve bonked and even suffered heat stroke but never cramped up. That’s a first. I guess cramping is what happens when you keep pushing even after you’ve bonked.


    Lose feeling in the hands? That’s different.

    Chris, that was pretty good. Now I must kill you.

    And Debbie, Danny’s brain is gonna cramp up when he sees this 37 year old pulling his ass!


    I had something like that happen after I hiked The Batona Trail last summer.. 50 miles 2 days in the summer…Most likely your sodium levels were real low from sweating….Try taking in more fluids with electrolites or mix in a can of coke and a bananna .I know it sounds crazy but it works….


    I grabbed a banana

    Nope, I’m not going there…


    i know what dave did with that bananna… but do i dare ask what does the oatmeal do??

    serious question… besides sticking to your ribs/ long acting carbs i am curious..ll( not being sarcastic here dave)

    oh and i look fwd to seeing you in the open on sat right? at pottstown??


    i got so dehydrated once at mullica hill– after my hands went numb– my forearms cramped and curled my hands in– almost like my arms were dying flowers– it was nuts– this story is longer but i’m a little short on time


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