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    hey what a beautiful trip over…cant stay on long there is a line waiting to use the lobbypc. have to arm wrestle these 10 yr olds who are on 24/7 webkinz site…lol

    heading over to 1st practice. went to see the track last night/// top secret no one allowed in they were working on it apparently 7 days straight of rain so they had their hands full so i was told. we did see the starting hill which is steep. there is a small aba track next to a velodrome right there at the site venue. usa practice is 1:30-2:55 today and to morrow 11:30-12:55. jerseys are sweet, everything here is pretty pricey(13% tax total on everything but food- 6% national + 6% province tax) but the scenery is awesome. did whale boating yesterday, un friggin believable!!

    will take some pics today if i can, dont know how to post them but will try to get some 10 yr old to help me later…haha


    awesome, I’m gonna get a way to get your posts on the front page of the site tonight so everyone can get your updates.
    Here we go.


    Just keep an eye on Mighty Mindy Teel, she races 19 girls, and cruiser.


    someone from vintage posted a video of practice.

    That track is kinda nice. Dan bring home some gold!!!!!!



    Heard you guys got the “no gates” crap too. Happened in 05 and 06 to the US team. Last year we had to go ride a small track in a park for ride time. It even had a full manual gate. A local guy would hold the bar for us and release it. In case you haven’t noticed, the UCI doesn’t like us too much.


    They like the money we bring to the worlds.


    Funny last night at the meeting the discussion was about, how the people there (Americans) are volunteers and be nice to them. Then when asked about why they didn’t opt to get some of the stuff the other countries got for their riders, it was because they needed more volunteers!!!! Sounds like competition congress, a free party on the riders DIME!!!!!! Plates still aren’t there. Some of the countries have nice shirts and jackets made up, not USA, where’d our money go?????


    I’m gonna keep this thread positive…so I hope to hear from Debbie soon…
    But I like what Bill just made light off, I think that warrants another thread…


    bill is correct. we didnt get tshirts or hats as in years past( at least the last time we went) was told that the extra “support staff” such as medical and volunteers( who are not paid so go figure) anyway jackie and frank young had a limited amt of tshirts made so some of us got them. i could prob make a million if i had some american flags to sell thats for sure. you cant get anything but canada stuff here. we were the only ones ( thanks to big dan) who brought a flag to put up on the stand area. we wanted to get a pic of team usa and they said they would take one sometime this weekend… but we didnt want to depend on them so yesterday we had them make several announcements and voila… team usa pic about 200 in the stands. hope to have them up on photobucket this evening. there is a teenager with a laptop she and i will meet later to download what i have for all to enjoy and take what you like…

    today the little guys raced( under 14) and every moto had at least 2 usa riders it was awesome. we are looking real good…. keep your fingers crossed…

    got the number plates last night so thats good.

    hubby went salmon fishing today ( had to let him have some fun..lol) when we went to the track. its nice about 75-80. i can honestly say the opening ceremonies were disapointing. they only allowed 2 riders from ea c ountry and honestly our presidents cup parade of states was more organized imo. they played some music ( sounded like island music) and in 15 mins it was over. not very impressive.

    the people here are very nice i can honestly say. very friendly and helpful. riders on bikes everywhere you go. dan got lost a few times but its easy to find your way back ( follow the water)

    barret jackson is here on his yacht for an antique car ( pre 50’s deuce coupe) show on sunday…all i can say is WOW! maybe get some pics of that tonight.

    tomorrow is d-day keep your fingers crossed for our riders…

    the pro section still looks lke it needs work. dan said the surface is not great lots of ruts and the rhythm is too deep in the last straight . that seems to be the biggest complaint so far.


    Worlds update for friday:

    *Matt Kelty finished with a 3rd or 4th (close at the finish line)
    *Phil Potosnak (30 & over) from Philadelphia area finished 6th, after getting caught up in a crash.
    *Bill Young finished 3rd.
    *Danny Smith got tied up down the first straight and didnt make it out of his 1/8ths. He rode hard all day and was looking really good.

    Thats all I have for now, I am sure Debbie has some more info that she will post.

    Cruiser go off on Sunday.


    billy young.. proudly sponsored by BMX Legend


    aj bontorno told me that some french kid that won 25-29 boys mooned the crowed and got the DQ.. so he got last place which means billy young is world #2 instead of # 3


    aj bontorno told me that some french kid that won 25-29 boys mooned the crowed and got the DQ

    That’s awesome, that’s so BMX, and anti-establishment.
    I don’t care if he’s french, that took balls. Rock on! He won and told the world to kiss his azz, lol!


    yes a disapointing day for us for sure. dan was having trouble with the gate all morning.. kept timing it wrong( has a pause where normally there isnt one and the lights not in sync or something) anyway he would come out 4th or worse and pick them off on the last straight( he had the rhythm dialed pretty good) got all 1st at the line that way but in the 1/8s he was 4th into the 1st turn after hitting the gate and then went outside on the 2nd turn went into last then tried but not good enough… passed 3 in the last straight but only good enough for 5th…

    kelty got 6th, there were 3 other usa riders in 17-24men also..

    yes the frenchman did a little moon for us..haha got d/q’s and billy got the 2nd. plus i think he cut over on him in the start which is a no no on the hill. you cant block on the last straight either which is weird..

    off to watch the pros..sorry bill i didnt see mindy yest they mixed up the order for the races and it was hard to follow your own moto as they had maybe 20 mins in betw rounds thats it!!!

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