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    Hey everyone, its 3am in the morning and here I am at my computer. I got into Louisville at 1am, checked in, got into my room, and have spent the last hour or so working (gotta pay the bills!).

    I am going to do my best to put in updates over the next four days to try and keep everyone up to date on whats happening down here. I did not bring my camcorder, but my hotel is right by a Walmart, maybe I can pick up something reasonable.

    Time to go get some sleep, first practice is at Noon tomorrow, but I gotta get up and do some work on the bikes first.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Jersey represent! Please let me know who you know is down here from Jersey so I can try to get updates on everyone. Full names and their class please.

    I know Farside is supposed to be here, as well as Philly D. (of course). Legend adn Gulich are here and I’ll be on the lookout for Whiley and his crew.



    HI Craig,

    It’s lisa. My son, Jeffery is there with James Rempkowski, Kenny Meleta, and Tom Martin. They have a video camera if you need. It is good to hear that someone will be sending home some updates. The kids don’t remember to tell us anything. Good luck to you and to all there.


    obviously you have a laptop,.. go to walmart, and get a webcam!!!


    wait,.. what am I saying?!?!?!?!?


    Jeffery Heath 16 Novice
    Kenny Meleta 17 Novice
    Tom Martin 17 Expert
    James Rempkowski 45 and over cruiser

    I really appreciate it.



    Hey Craig, I saw you out there on the track today. I got in at 5am and then jumped into the Hyper clinic. Went back to the hotel to get some sleep and skipped the practice sessions. I’ll see you out there tomorrow at 8. Got a sticker from Dave for my plate.



    Day 1 Practice

    Track was spongy in spots but dried pretty well. If the rain holds out, we’ll have some fast racing this weekend. It was overcast all day and I thought it might just rain a couple of times, but never did. I have seen a couple of riders get hurt, someone even told me Danny Smith was one of them, Deb can you confirm?

    I am hanging with James Rempkowski and crew. Jim was nice enough to store my cruiser and some stuff in his trailer. Still gotta work on the 20″ tonight. Vinnie Mannino Sr & Jr are with us, along with Frank Young and his wife. Mike Smith was hanging with us too for a little while. I also saw Chris Wiley and the bunch he came with as I parked right next to them.

    Dave Pawson & Chris Gulich are here, of course! I’m seeing a lot of BMX Legend stickers!!

    Philly D. is in the house, although he banged up his arm and shoulder at the Score at the Shore. It does not appear to be slowing him down. If you got your new BMX Today look towards the back where they showcase some of the possible showdowns of the weekend. Nice write up on Phil.

    Rich Farside is here with Taylor and his wife. He looks a lot better, but I have not seen him on the track yet, but he says he is going to race cautiously. Don’t tell his doc!!

    I know I am missing lots of folks here, I apologize if I did.

    Pro Practice:

    They built a nice new pro section for the weekend – four sets of nice dubs in a row coming out of turn two. Only one major wreck so far, but it claimed the bike, not the rider. There is no mistaking the sound of chromoly forks snapping in two right at the bottom of the steerer tube. Yeah, that pro case the big dub (#3) HARD. 😯

    Thats it for now! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some pics.


    @LeadSled1 wrote:

    Hey Craig, I saw you out there on the track today. I got in at 5am and then jumped into the Hyper clinic. Went back to the hotel to get some sleep and skipped the practice sessions. I’ll see you out there tomorrow at 8. Got a sticker from Dave for my plate.


    Jess – how’d I look out there? 😀

    Sorry I didn’t see you today. We are right behind the bleachers that are behind turn 1 overlooking the third straight. Just go straight back behind them, maybe a little to the left.


    Hmmm…. Kind of looked expertly to me. 😆

    I’m right by you at the Hyper tent. I’ll stop by and say hello. I’m wearing my yellow and black fox gear in practice.

    Taking a nap at the hotel room right now.


    Its coming Jess, I promise.


    Day Two Practice:

    The skies threatened all day, but somehow it never rained, and even the sun peaked through a couple of times. The track is running real fast and folks were getting dialed in today.

    Little Rezskowski going big as usual. That kid’s got more quiet confidence than a lot of grown ups I know. We could all learn from this dude!

    Injury Report:

    I got it confirmed at the track that Danny Smith took a tumble yesterday but it was the four dudes who ran over him that broke his wrist. I was told he was in the pits sporting a full cast today.

    Also, Tom McFillin (hope I spelled it right), a 17 Nov, re-broke his collar bone in practice.

    Jim Rempkowski took a tumble in turn one and tweaked his elbow a little, but he says he’s good enough to race. He’ll have it in the ice bucket tonight for sure.

    Farside been practicing pretty good all day. I asked him how he felt, and he said iffy, but he looks like he will contend this weekend.

    Thats all for today, I left before pro practice. Gotta get some sleep now.


    Craig thanx for the updates, tell remkowski that he better get better quick, other wise he is gonna deal with me!LOL I hope all the jersey clan does well. And i mean that dude! DAmn i wish i was there. btw if farside is at 50 percent he is on. Tell tom martin Pa rider (he is hanging with jeff heath) I said if he don’t win i am gonna give him a noogie!


    EGADS!!!! that was one long day!!! 8 am to 8 pm. 453 motos.


    Yessiree folks, 453 Motos. Wow.

    They pushed the third round of Pro Open to first thing tomorrow at 8am and then will start running 1/16ths, 1/8ths, 1/4s, semis & mains after that. It will be another long day.

    Racing updates:

    Kenny Meleta – in
    Tom Martin – out (go easy on him Ant, he did good, got some bad breaks)
    Jeff Heath – out
    Jim Mulhern (Jr.?) – possibly in, waiting to here.
    Sean Mulhern – he is here, I think he is racing, but dont know
    Jim Mulhern Sr – not sure, but my gut says yeah.
    Jim Rempkowski – ya know, I forgot to ask. Ooops. Our motos were too close.
    Jesse Guilbault – in
    Tom McMurray – in (and was looking good)
    Vinnie Mannino – I did not get his 3rd moto result. He was 5-5 at that point.
    Rezskowski – whaddya think? Of course – in
    Chris Wiley did not race, still tweaked from the CaveFlip but I did not get status on Chris Jr., they are sitting in a different area.
    Chris Gulich?
    Eddie Haller – in
    Vic Behm – in on both 20 & cruiser. He was running good all day. But, when you see him, ask about him almost tackling the hay bale at the finish line in his 1st moto.
    Mike Smith – in
    Taylor Farside – I believe she made it
    Rich Farside: 1-1-1 Yup, perfect in cruiser, but did not run 20.
    Anthony DeRosa – need you ask?
    Jimmie Moore – don’t know
    Matt Cranmer – don’t know (sorry!)
    Jeff Tatum – in (90% sure)
    Little Michael Gelsomine – his dad has been smiling all day, so I guess he’s doing good.
    Niall Bridgeman – registered, but I believe he was unable to make it down.
    Heather Haugh – pretty sure she is in
    Frank Young: he is sitting right next to us, yet I do not know, but he’s been looking good.
    Philly D – another “need you ask?” Looking good, even with a tweaked shoulder. He’s all business this weekend.

    What? How did I do?
    Cruiser – out
    35+ Novice: 1-1-1 (Yeah baby!)

    I know I have missed some folks here, but its only because I genuinely do not know every single rider in Jersey yet. I know Gary (the carpenter) from Flemington is here, but I do not know his kid (sorry!).

    If I missed you or your kid, I apologize. Please let us know how he did. MacDaddy – how did your son do?

    Thats all folks – I gotta get some sleep.


    Craig look out for brandon perez if you can. 13 or 14 rookiie. He is one of aus (cjl local)


    Did Brandon go? His bike was at the shop the other day He lives 5 minutes from me

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