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    Alright, since this thread is picking back up again with more of the old General crew coming on board and Phil Finkle peeking the ol noodle in here, ‘m gonna throw in a few more memories….

    So we get the crew back together and head up to Massachussetts. The shop we were heading to was more in the west central area of Mass, so we hightailed it up the NY border and rolled into the flea bite motel to stay the night.
    We get up the next day and hit our destination.
    To answer Erick’s question…yea that’s me in the cap during my “I think I’m Brian Johnson from AC DC stage”. The guys, now consisting of Roger Sullivan as well are shredding the course and I’m sitting there chilling. Kids start coming up to me and asking me for my autograph. I’m like WTF? Seems the kids thought I was R.L, which explained the weird looks when they looked at the signature.
    Strangely enough one of our locals at CJ now, Rolando Carballo, busts my chops and calls me RL all the time, LOL.
    So Jeff cruises past and says, Dude, all you gotta do is sit there and you get to sign autographs, we gotta go out and die in this heat to get people to want us to sign, LOL.
    Yea, I was a real celebrity.
    Gotta say though the guys always pushed it hard as they could during the shows.
    I think we had one or two other uneventful shows in the New England area, hitting up the NH, Mass coast for a session with I think Darren Pelio but I can’t quite remember…
    Good times though…

    Oh, I do remember one funny moment when we all chilled at Brandon Morgan’s house and we all crashed downstairs.
    His mom comes down the following morning and asks us, “Do you guys wear shoes all the time?”.
    We’re all like yea….
    She goes on to say that explains all the tan legs and pure white feet.
    Thanks to the Morgans for letting us smelly guys invade your home back then! LOL.

    Let’s see I guess that pretty much concludes what I can remember from what went on during the 88 tour.
    We had a bunch of team changes over the winter and it was a whole new world for 89. Which I think I will save for the new ver3 of brokenspokes.net at bmxnj.com.
    See ya in a couple months.

    Guys, anything you can add to this would be awesome!


    So….what’s coming up?

    Blow up sex dolls.

    Lingerie shows.

    No A/C.

    Early..naughty tapes….

    Cool locals.

    Cancelled shows.

    Weird pizza.

    “You’re a winner”

    Brett’s a jerk.

    I quit.

    and more…


    the only thin i can add.
    is that i was born in 1989.


    hahaha!! damn youngins


    i can’t believe i’m going to be 19 in two months.


    I have underwear older then you haha!! when ya coming up for that BB change son


    I’ve been diggin’ this site for a while. If your a 4-H contest, General Bikes, or Ramp-ateria vet like myself then this is the place to be. Reading this stuff makes me feel like jumping on the bike and going out to get hurt. Got many General stories like when Harry Meyers had me do an IN a Minute show for the USA Network filmed in the parking lot at the General factory. Once in a while I’ll throw the tape in the VCR. Sort of painful to watch. I think that was in ’88. I’m still friends with Jeff Crawn and a few other Ramp-ateria alumni. Branden Morgan moved to Hollywood a bunch of years ago and has had a lot of small roles in big movies under his belt. Last year he was the star in a short film called Keeping up with the Jonesers acting with non-other than Rick Thorne. Small world.
    What museum is your AC/DC hat in? I may want to go check it out. That and the indestructible General Suburban, trailer, and High Voltage Trick Team ramps. 8)


    LOL, dude…it’s funny man, back then I’d be all stressing on what was going down and now I look back and just how incredible it was to be doing that…
    AC/DC hats are all gone, and….gut the hair to a managable length!
    Ramp-Ateria is long gone, and I was surprised anyone even remembered it, I have Jeff’s video he sent me like a year ago, it was fucking great to hear from him. He was such a good kid back then man. Seriously and funny as hell.
    Jeff get your ass on this site and drive me crazy like ya used to BITD!

    I think this pretty much wraps up the fact that we need to have something going down at my house this summer..


    i’m coming to your house in the summer brett.
    and rodney, i may be coming up thursday to get my BB changed out.
    you got any videos for me to watch?


    old school bbq at Bretts house but maybe only the 4-h ,ramp ateria ,or high voltage people plus friends, OH I dont know, but getting some of the old riders back together would be nuts…… tom, jay, jeff, chris, the list is huge


    who remembers the 1987 general scooter series at braddock.. i still have a trophy from that series


    never got into the scooter craze ,just not my thing


    how about those stupid gravity bike things … isnt that what killed them had way to many and could not sell um …or something hahaha!!!!


    Too much too soon killed General.
    And the madison square garden comp didn’t help.

    I will call Harry in March and get that interview.


    man that trophy is 21 years old

    i need to scan some pics from the 80’s and early 90’s

    braddock, shoreham, the bowl in clifton, saddle brook trails, 93 grands, drexelbrook trails, sterrits, eht, flemington, jump for joy contests, my props footage from 95, yes i was in props before anyone around here was, haha

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