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    all i was saying is that i’ve seen more people who were not loacl riders vandalizing then local kids. so they shouldnt get all the blame


    😯 vandals hmm yeah ok! are we all sure its not a lack of help or people with nbl lisences to run it. I dont get it cj runs so smooth, great web site with up to date pics and info. Not everyone can afford to travel with the price of gas. So this track for the south jersey area bmx enthusiest is great. This is getting a little old !!! EHT was a booming Track. What The f is going on!! its a free township track , free f’n free how much easier can it get . I know if hockey canceld games and practice after a parent spent all the money on equipment. oh wait but that dosnt happen!!!! You want more kids, update the web page, invite people to work parties, get some pizza etc make it fun!! the damn politics of this track sucks! . To those helping im sorry!!! I spend to much money for this nosense!


    I’ve talked to everyone involved with this track, and they have given me nothing but respect. In order to get that you must give that.
    Call an emergency meeting and I will guarentee you will see renewed enthusiasm to solve any matters that are occuring, and if for some bizarre reason it once again takes me showing up to keep everyone relaxed I’ll be there.


    if what racerx says is true…

    that he has “seen” more ppl who were NOT local riders… who these people are i have no idea… local means they live close… it has to be people who live close. do you think kids just get in thier car on any given day and just say ..oh lets drive 30 mins and spend 20 bucks on gas to the track and do some damage?… i dont think so… nowadays everyone has a digital camera…(or keep a disposable one in your glove box of your car just in case) next time you “see” some of thse folks you can take a picture from a distance and get some proof if thats what they need… most digital cameras have a zoom that you can do it from your car there are ways to be discreet…. but get some proof.. then hand it over to the police.

    just a thought


    I just made 25 copies of the free bmx race flyer. I will hit the local bike shops at lunch time

    EHT needs help!!!!!! S.Jersey is out there we just got to go wake them up


    this thread is getting out of hand now. with what started as blamming people ( doesnt matter about if theres proof or was proof or just guessing) is now leading to argueing. theres no reason for argueing when your trying to find a solution to a problem like this that is never gonna end. People can hold grudges or just not like someone i dont really care but if anyone on here who has been posting cares as much for bmx like the are saying or are trying to pretend or w.e, should just drop it. its getting to nothing but b.s, all its hurting is the kids that wanna race and the future of the sport. especially for eht, i mean does anyone seriously wanna see that track go. Ive been riding there since i was alittle kid. and i for one dotn wanna see nothing happen to it. So enough is enough its time to start thinking of ways we can fix the problems TOGETHER.


    Right on BMXER901! Now let’s get out those flyer’s for the fall october fest fund raiser barbecue at the EHT track. 😛


    I will contact some people I trust completely, in this matter.
    Chris and Frank have the best idea. Go promote BMX.
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Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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