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    😆 your funny. bottom line is the proof is there. thats it now its time to do somthing about it.


    Yeah i bet it wasnt locals- my bad. Im sure it was kids from Chicago.
    They were in Egg Harbor for a rap concert and then drove around looking for something to vandalize before they got back in the car and headed back to Chi-town. My bad, sorry Egg Harbor Township, your local kids are not like kids everyhwere else in the Nation that get bored and look for something to do.


    The debate between locals and out-of-towners…. it’s probably locals…. but, local racers and local riders…… i doubt the racers. If you cut the wires to the gate lights, you pretty much know, you’re not going to race on the next race day, do to cancelation….. however, a non racer wouldn’t care one way or the other. As far as knowing who did it and not saying anything about it…. do you think Les and the other volunteers, myself included, that come out and fix the vandelized track really enjoy coming back again and again to redo everything….. NO. There is NO concrete proof… other then speculation and hearsay……. and you can’t prosecute on that alone. Do people know who is probably doing it, I’m betting yes, but someone has to step up and come forward with good evidence, and they can’t really get in trouble unless they’re caught in the act, or as in the past, admit it… good luck on that one again.
    You can’t close a public recreation park, the local police have been asked to step up thier patrols multiple times, but if these vandals are remotely smart they scatter as soon as they show up. As far as surveilance….. where’s the money for that gonna come from? not to mention who ever is tearing everything up, already loves to cut wires. The only good thing that came out of the gate light problem is, whoever cut the 120 line gave themselves a hell of a shock by the looks of it!
    The bigger problem is this…. if more reports come in to the township about vandals and the like, it’ll only look bad for the track….. yes the track…. which, in the townships eyes, is only a pile of dirt in the way of two more hockey rinks or one more baseball field!! Don’t believe me, ask around to anyone not connected to the track.

    I do like the sign idea, I’ll see if I can come up with something.

    Bottom line, if we knew who was doing it and had proof that would hold up, the complaint would be filed. If you’re out at the track and see someone doing something that you know is wrong, use a cell and report it. Don’t try and take matters into your own hands, we don’t need people that are helping out the track getting locked up, we need wrong do’ers getting locked up or getting repremanded in some kind of way.

    This is not, in any way, an attack on ANYONE. I know i’ll catch some flack for this post but I had to vent.

    Chris V.


    I think the EHT staff along with others knows who is doing this. It is the same thing time after time. When ever you have a problem with a certain person at the track you get the same result. What do they get out of this?


    @bmxer901 wrote:

    😆 your funny. bottom line is the proof is there.

    If the proof is there do the right thing.


    the problem is that ok the conclusion is its most likely the locals. but who exactly out of the group it is, is the problem. no one exactly which ones it could be theres only guesses and like chris said you cant go on that. We have to catch them in the act and they wont do somthing like cut the lines or break the fence right in front of someone.


    So then where is your proof? Or is there a reason why you can’t tell us?


    c’mon guys, stop the argument okay. I think what BMX901 means is from what everyone can see it should be pretty obvious who (meaning a certain group) is probably doing this.

    I am trying to be a referee here, not taking sides. I live 135 miles away from EHT but do care about it since it was technically my home track this year if you go by number of races I did there (more at EHT than CJ & HC combined).

    My one major complaint about forums is you can not hear voice inflection so you never truly know the other person’s full intent when they wrote their post. We all try to infer the meaning and then arguments start. No, I am not expecting everyone to be nicey-nicey here, but if ya gotta beef with someone, pm them and try and have a conversation off line.

    If we all work together we stand a better chance of stopping the vandalism at EHT. Its a public park, so its impossible to completely stop it, but lets keep trying.

    Chris, I know you said the town blames it on the track and some residents would love to find an excuse to replace it, but do you think its worth some publicity? I know when stuff like this happens to any other public place in my area, I usually see a photo with a caption and maybe even a short story in my local paper to help bring awareness to the problem. If the right picture is painted, hopefully more residents will keep their eyes open.

    But, lets all agree, its gotta be someone or a group with relative proximity to the track.

    But Chris, one other thing you said makes me wonder: you’re saying the wires to the starting hill are “hot” all the time? There is no switch to turn that off? If so, then as you said, whoever cut it either got shocked and might have needed a trip to a hospital, or someone had the proper insulated tools. How clean was the “cut”? Just curious.


    That’s the problem Craig you are guessing what he is saying.


    why when ever somthing is said imwatchin has tro chime in and start arguements. The bottom line is we have no single proof to confront any single person. all we can do is confront them as a group and just start by asking if they have seen anything happen. Obviously they wont say because they stick up for each other. yes imwatchin they stick up for each other as a group. you know how most racers always stick up for each other and not start arguements when problems are trying to be solved. Who do you think might have been doing all of this??? This shouldnt be an arguement this should be alot of people working together to try to fix a problem that could in fact become major. Every body that goes to that track at one time has seen the local riders do somthing wrong to that track at one time or another.


    pm. exchange numbers, do what has to be done.
    Barring that, do watch duty everyone takes turns.
    Otherwise it will be, and then there was 2.


    No need to PM—-No need to do watch duty

    Just do the right thing

    It is very easy.


    I know what I would be doing if I had a place to ride within biking distance of my house.
    But then again I know electronics….
    And before this escalates….
    remember that there will be people watching this site beyond us in a short enough time (us meaning, the board and BMXers) that will want to see how BMX people interact, remember all those good things I said in the paper about how we AREN’T LIKE SOCCER PARENTS.
    Do the right thing.


    heres an idea i think the track should have someone elected for security at the track. i vote for imwatchin.
    (since they seem to know everything)


    just tear the track down..haha..

    or put up a damn fence with electrical current running thru it

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