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    Is it the same people that run this track the ones that shot down the bike hangers? Maybe they should make a bike hangers that says ” You just bought a BMX bike now go to EHTBMX and give it a try!, Our track is always open. (helmet not required, First aid kit a must have, In case of searius injury, have someone drag your ass away from the track and dial 911) this message approved by the ones that are in it for all the wrong reasons.


    Dooooh, kill shot


    I believe EHT is all about the bike hangers now, correct?…


    Yes they are. The hang tags are a great idea but if they want to do this they will have to do it on there own.


    @RFarside wrote:

    Good job Craig. Thank god you didn’t go to the hospital. That would have made 10 people since the rebuild.

    Are you serious? Ouch.

    I’m not lying about mine Rich – total freak accident – but yeah, good thing I didn’t have to go. But, I can see how some locals might get hurt if they are not careful. The turns are lose right now, but I should have expected that. Otherwise, the new layout is cool.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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