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    …by me.

    If anyone talks to Jeff Tantum, re-apologize for me that I bailed on his bike yesterday at EHT.

    Okay, now that I peaked your curiosity, here’s the scoop.

    I decided to give my wife a surprise by asking my brother and his family (Exit 74 on GSP) watch our kids Friday night so I could take my wife down to AC overnight. We had a great time, and Saturday morning I said “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to check out the EHT rebuild”. Needless to say my wife was luke warm on the idea, she wanted to do some shopping, and Boscovs was having a monster sale. Still, I said lets hit the track first, maybe I’ll take some pics, etc, I’ll be quick.

    I get to the track, she waits in the van, and I see a bunch of dads there with their kids on Walmart bikes having some fun. I introduce myself, chat it up a bit, and start giving out the website, telling them about the Jack Frost and the National in April, etc. While this is going on Jeff Tantum is there boosting the new dubs going into the new turn two. Sweet. I should have grabbed my video cam but instead, I ask if I can borrow his ride to get a feel of the track.

    Well, I’m wearing casual rubber sole shoes, so I can’t do much, but his bike rides sweet, and I am having a good time pumping over the jumps, etc.

    Until turn 2.

    I have never ridden on newly paved turns before with A LOT of loose asphalt, etc.

    And I wasn’t going that fast


    I go into turn two, and without warning the front tire washes out right from under me sending me straight to the track.

    No helmet

    No pads



    Needless to say the back of my right hand looks like you ran a cheese grater over it HARD. Not to mention the skin I ripped off my left palm. The scrape on my forearm. Ripped some scar tissue open on my right elbow. Cut my right knee. Bruised the left. My shoulder is sore. And I even scraped my chin.

    And here I was trying to get some little dudes interested in racing. While blood is dripping off my hand big time.

    The wife was NOT happy.

    But we still made it to Boscovs.

    And I still gave out my cell# and the websites to a couple of dads.

    I never stopped smiling.

    All in the name of BMX, right?

    Happy New Year everyone!!





    Only a highly skilled athlete with years of training can take a hard digger like that without safety gear and walk away.

    Let that be a lesson to ya kids, wear your equipment.


    I too checked the track out on Friday when visiting the in-laws. I thought the track looked good. My first thought was someone is going to slide out as soon as they hit the first turn. I did not quite understsnd all the loose stones/asphalt on the turns. You could barley walk up the bank on the first turn without slipping. I assume these stones will be broomed off prior to the season opener. Someone/kids could really get hurt out with the track in that condition. I never saw asphalt paving turn out like that. I do like the work that was done.


    all the stones will pop out of the turns, the track needs to be ridden a bit and it will smooth out. By the time the jack frost race comes around the turns will be smooth to ride. I think the turns look great and turn one is a monster of a turn!


    first of all how c ome i keep getting this message “gateway time out”

    2nd of all NO HELMET>>> im sure you are hurting enough so you dont have to hear my ranting on the wearing of safety gear… nuff said on that

    3rd of all.. did anyone get pics? can you post if you have them? thanks

    Happy new year everyone!!


    Yeah Deb – I can hear you loud and clear, remember, I am only 3 or 4 towns away. 😀

    One thing that I forgot to say is I really like the new first and second straights and turns, even if one did eat me for lunch. Once the new work smooths out, its gonna rock!






    Look at it this way, think of all the injuries I saved everyone by pre-testing the track. 🙄


    Craig, I can just imagine what all the perspective parents were thinking, when you did your evil knievel improv!!!!!


    You took one for the team!


    @RaidenHayden wrote:

    Craig, I can just imagine what all the perspective parents were thinking, when you did your evil knievel improv!!!!!

    I think they were all 50/50 in their view on things. They were all very helpful grabbing first aid kits to help me. And I think it impressed them that I was out on the bike and looked like I knew what I was doing. But then the blood dripping off the mangled hand… Well, 2 out of 3 aint bad, right?

    All the kids came up to me to check out the carnage as I was cleaning up. The one comment I clearly remember was “Gross!”. Still, the dads took down the website info as I dictated it and I gave them the date for the Jack Frost. Hopefully they will come on out.


    @guinnessextreme wrote:


    Hey teammate, 35X is waiting for you. 😈


    Good job Craig. Thank god you didn’t go to the hospital. That would have made 10 people since the rebuild.

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