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    Whan whan whan. You must be really hard up if you want a decent leap plate. Yeah I want a plate I can only use at one track and pay all that money to race as money races as I can to get it. And same with Regional plates. Let me race 63 races to get #1. Getting #1 means beating everyone else not races as many races as possbile. Not to mention you can only use so many single double triple and quadruple races to get a decent regional plate. I thought racing was suppose to be about having fun?


    would you still be saying the same thing if it were the reverse situation and they posted the cancelation the day before and you traveled down there for no race?

    And to talk about a reverse situation. Yeah a few years back when they started racing the regional championship and National at
    Woodward they had to cancel that Friday afternoon for the whole weekend. I don’t remember anyone complaining to bad about that. Now as you stated why would you if they posted the cancelation the day before why would you still travel down there? That would be your fault for not calling or checking the website. You really not need to blame Eht. Big deal they added an extra race. Get over it. Complain about something useful.[/quote]


    What hapened in pottstown with GHP.


    wow, personal attacks, are you sure you’re not adam? I cant have an opinion yet, but i don’t know who you are so i can’t make a personal attack on you. people all seem to disagree with your attack, maybe you need to reassess your opinion. Let’s recap exactly what the differences are.

    last year – cancelled races because of heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – no advance notice for such cancellations.
    – no rescheduling of cancelled races.
    – chasing kid off the track at the national – with a bat-
    – closing the track so work could be done on the track the thursday before the national – now this needs an explanation. My son was cleared to race on the thursday before the nat’l so i called the track – no update, then i checked the website – no update. after travelling 2 1/2 hrs to get a little riding, we were told no. Mr. behm implored them to allow him just a few minutes, again the answer was no.
    – no update on neither their website nor the track phone.

    now this year – rescheduled races for cancelled ones
    – redesigned track(no small feat)
    – redesigned website
    – much more hospitable towards riders and families
    – no yelling and screaming after the national at a track meeting – while there were riders and families all around

    gee i don’t know, on one hand they didn’t give more that a day or two notice to add a race or all of the preceeding….. maybe it’s just me.


    you all have got to be kidding right?

    no one was attacking craig after pottstown… it was all in fun i dont think anyone was serious..( i f you took it seriously you def have a problem)

    yes bill has a big mouth ( i couldnt resist) but i always say i would rather have someone who you know what they are about ( what you see is what you get)..rather than someone who hides behind annonomous posts…

    baseball bats? what the heck??


    @ridinlow wrote:

    @s4lnj wrote:

    ridinlow–the only thing you can do now is hit the front page and vote for GHP —

    After the incident that involved the “team manager” in Pottstown, I don’t think that I would ever want to vote for GHP.

    Hey, I take no offense to what Craig said and he was refering to my son with that remark!

    We all have said something at one time or another that we should have stuck our foot in our mouth.

    Water under the bridge 🙂


    The point with Craig, someone took something he said out of context, he as always had the problem of not re reading what he posts, to see how it will sound. But I assure you he meant nothing ill to anyone. Basicallly it was nothing and Ridinlow was blowing it out of proportion.


    A. Please disregard Macdaddy’s post as he still hasn’t had that inaugural practice lap yet to allow me to hear his opinion, 😆 .

    B. Craig is insane. Hello, “Crazy” Craig Wilson… jeesh.

    C. The nbl point system is a joke. We all know that, but hey Let’s have fun.

    D. Bill Hayden is not his real name, it is Ripmea Anewbewthole. Enough with the incognitis Ripmea.

    E. Ridinlow came on, obviously to see if they could stir some people up. Mission accomplished…man if you guys were fish, you’d all be in Ridin’s fying pan tonight.

    F. BMX racers need to stop taking BMX so seriously. You guys seriously need to hang out at a BMX freestyle contest, breathe the air, relax, it’s fun.

    G. Is for GHP, because they are leading the poll. Which by the way is not fixed, but does go by ip addresses. Tell your buddies to vote for your favorite team and make sure you watch them because as we learned on the X-Files….

    Trust No One… 😯


    liar!!!!!!!!! i was on the track a week ago ask lenny hicks



    Do ve haf peecture mizter Macdaddze?

    (foiled again… 👿 )


    i was going so slow antgod could have passed me….naw not quite that slow…but you could have used a tin type to take a picture


    Das es nicht zehr gut, herr MacDaddy


    yo, i’m irish so speak a language i can understand…irish


    Ok Killlians Red


    i said irish – not poser

    harp, baby

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